Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Blossoms Tablescape

Summery blooms filled
 my table today.

Each plate filled with movement
and life, one delicate and pink,
one gorgeously green.

Summer's blossoms are
so short lived.

But oh, the joy they bring.

Feathery and fragile

Grand and majestic

Intricate and delicate

Gathered from nature

Is summer so special because is
comes and goes?

Enjoy a few more

What beauty and awe is inspired 
by the color and
variety of flowers
that God has created.

Oh, the joy of summer,
the joy of flowers,
the joy of sunshine.

"The flower offered of itself
and eloquently spoke
Of Gods
In languages of rainbows
And secret silence..."

Phillip Pulfrey

I will be posting this with

Plates - Tai Pan
Green goblets - Tai Pan
Placemats - Home Goods
Pink water glasses - Home Goods
Green napkins - Home Goods
Napkin rings - Handmade
Pink flatware - Pier I (years ago)
Floral - Sarah's wedding arrangement by Holly


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. WOW Jacqueline! The petals of the flowers or rather, the gorgeous plates MATCH so perfectly with the beauty of God's nature...your photography is just stunning. I tried taking pictures yesterday of my sweet home, but what silly images! I simply cannot get the lighting you have, that LIGHT background that makes the subject just POP with color. What a delicious table you set and I bet eating at your table is a delight of food and friends. Thank you dearest for coming to visit me, and I look forward to reading and seeing your post with the PURPLE header!!!! MUCH LOVE, Anita

  2. Great table Jacqueline! I love the colors and of course the flowers! The plates are pretty, lovin' the great pink pop of the flatware:@)

  3. Jacqueline, beautiful! You have an "artist's eye" for food or tablescape, so pretty!

  4. I love how that one bloom echoes the small dish..

    Lovely life!

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful. All the details are perfect. Love it! xo,

  6. Beautiful, Jacqueline! The wonderful colors you have selected are simply stunning. I would love to sit down at that table.

  7. Oops, that anonymous was me. I pushed the wrong button. I'm having a hard time adjusting to a platform other than Blogger.

  8. I love to set a colourful table in the summertime - this one is so 'happy' looking!

  9. Beautiful table! Loving those plates! I have never seen plates like that before. Way way way cool! Everything looks so beautiful. A gorgeous summer table. Love the centerpiece. Are those flowers from your garden? I bet your gardens are as beautiful too.

  10. Gorgeous Jackie, I LOVE the color combo of pink and green, and your figural dishes are wonderful... I LOVE your perfume bottle there on the table to represent the fragrance of summer! It's a beauty too!!! Your flowers are PRICELESS, no matter how short lived they are! As an extensive gardener, by the time fall comes, I am happy to see the season end and a new one start!
    I have been having blogging troubles getting on your site, I haven't been able to leave comments BUT here I am. I LOVE every one of your posts, sorry I couldn't tell you so!
    Have a wonderful week,

  11. isw beautiful !!! is sooooo hot in Holland darling.,...i am just home from the shop...and sitting outside on the terrace....with a glass of water...almost ready to cook the oven.....and than we are going to sit outsiede the whole evening !!...yes !!..summer is finally arrived.....and it is great !!!

  12. Jacqueline, these photos are amazing! Love the beautiful flower inspired dishes with their yummy colors and delicate look. Perfect summer table! ~ Sarah

  13. Jacqueline, your table is so pretty and your photography is incredible--especially that shot of the petals of the pink tulip! I would really enjoy dining at this table. Not too much fuss, just elegance and beauty and a wonderful combination of colors. Linda

  14. A truly spectacular table! I love the petals on the plates. Love love love the napkin rings. Your centerpiece arrangement is so very pretty. I almost bought those placemats this last weekend,but there were only 4 ;-(! Thanks for the beauty you bring to us, many blessings, marlis

  15. This is so beautiful. I'm reminded of that magic garden in Alice in Wonderland.

  16. some of my fav colors all in one table...pure beauty.

  17. A wonderful floral fantasy! I love the colors..a garden on your table! Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  18. You had me with the first picture! I love the color combination and the way you really did capture the movement and texture of the flowers with the dishes. Perfection. That floral arrangement is stunning! Love it all!!

  19. This is all so pretty...perfect for summer time! ;D

  20. Such a pretty summery table and I love the contrast of the dishes -- such beautiful dishes and so artfully arranged. We are so enjoying dining on the deck. Wish summer could last a lot longer. Did you get the huge wind today -- it pushed my pots off my deck table and broke one.

  21. Forgot to mention how I admire the beautiful flowers :). Joni

  22. What a beautiful summer fresh, so charming! Love the soft pink and yellow here...great colours! Everything looks so perfect..just ideal for a great summer day. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is stunning!!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  23. Beautiful summer table, the pink and green are so complimentary. I love the flowered plates. Your flower arrangement is gorgeous. LOVE!

  24. So pretty! I really like those floral shaped plates and the colour of them! The flower arrangement is the perfect centerpiece. You are right, summer is special because it is so least in our neck of the woods!


  25. This is breathtaking beauty! Adore those plates to bits and your flowers are amazing. This is my favourite table today for sure!!


  26. I am swooning over this tablescape! It's simply luscious!!! Those plates are fabulous, thanks for sharing your table with all of us. :)

  27. Jacqueline, I'm in love with this tablesetting. Each element is absolute perfection.

    I hope to see you this weekend for Pink Saturday.

  28. Just beautiful! I love the plates and centerpeice. You set an amazing table! I love it!
    Blessings My friend,

  29. I was, of course, visiting Susan's. I clicked on my favorite tablescape shot and didn't know it was yours...I should have, though....outstanding! So vivid and lively and fresh and inviting!!!!

  30. lovely dishes and a beautiful table.

  31. So beautiful! The flowers are the crowning touch. Hooray for summer! :) Happy 4th, Jacqueline!

  32. Do you ever do tables for a banquet? My husband and I are caterers and I am forever looking for ideas for the food table. Your table is absolutely beautiful....nothing is more fun than home goods....I remember one time I found some plates they matched something I already had...score! I went back to get them and they were gone! Still love that store...

  33. Bonjour Jacqueline
    It's always an "emerveillement" when I open your beautiful blog
    A bouquet of joy and happiness with this warmful and harmonious colours of flowers on the table. Love the dihes and napkins rings.
    Thank you for this beatiful moment
    Have a nice Week-end

  34. So beautiful!! Love the riot of colors and the dishes are just gorgeous. I'm blown away by all of the colors of everything!

  35. Bonsoir Jacqueline
    I'm around to wish a happy
    4th July
    Have wonderful time with your family

  36. Oh I love your summer blossoms table...I love those ruffled petal dishes and your petals on the table! What a beautiful palette inspired by your bouquet!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my Fairy Cake :-)


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