Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is It Thyme To Plant Yet? - A Spring Tablescape

I have been planning this fun and bright table for
quite some time.

I wanted it to be a garden themed table,

with everything ready to dig in the dirt and plant.

It really is about time!

I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and finally
gave up on the good weather!  

What a spring we have had.  There is global cooling
in our area!!  This is a picture of our weather today - 
cold rain and mists covering the mountains and more snow
in the mountains, maybe some snow in the valleys tonight!

No one is planting yet!

Even though it isn't like spring, we are going to enjoy the beautiful
spring colors and plants on today's table

A stacking of textured white and green plates
made me think of the spring garden.

I layered a beaded napkin between the plates for a fun
casual look.

The flowered bowls hold a scoop and vegetable seeds.

I like the interest of the seeds in the bowls.
It makes you anxious to get planting in the garden.

I paired everything with my creamy flatware
that I bought through Horchow.

Even though the weather was bad, I set this
table up under the deck outside in the garden.
You can see the rain covered walkways
behind the table in this photo.

I filled this wonderful caddy with herbs and
fresh flowers for part of the centerpiece.

It is made of four square glass boxes that fit
into a dark, heavily carved base.  

Notice the
details at the bottom.

If you haven't given herbs a try, plant some.  They are the
easiest things to grow!  We have to plant basil and rosemary
as annuals here because of the frost but most of the other
herbs grow like weeds - and we all know how easy weeds 
are to grow!

The tulips are rain spattered from the garden.

Scalloped tissue covers the plastic planter cups for the herbs.
I am going to have so much fun with this caddy besides using
it for flatware.

The caddy has four compartments, one with thyme, one with
sage and one with rosemary, the final one with fresh flowers.
I have had this arrangement of herbs and flowers
on my counter for some time waiting for 
the weather to warm up.

Such pretty and heavy details on the caddy.

  My friend Rachel
gave this to me for helping with her kitchen remodel.  She got it
at Costco at Christmas time.  I went right away to find one but
they were gone.  She knew I admired hers so after we 
finished her remodel, she surprised me with it!

A wire topiary also fills the center of the table.

Someday soon we hope to be able to
enjoy warm days and to start digging in the soil.

For now though, we are just dreaming.


Thanks for visiting my tablescape today.

Susan at Between Naps On The Porch features
a partyTablescapes Thursday.  Go visit and
get lots of design inspiration for your table.

I will also be posting with

White textured plates - Tai Pan
Green Goblets - Tai Pan
Wire Topiary - Tai Pan
Green bowls and plates - Tai Pan
Flatware - Horchow
Placemats - Home Goods
Scoops - Bosch Store


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  1. I think I might make it as the number one comment! I loved your garden tablecape -- we too have global cooling. The herb centerpiece was one of my favorite elements, but then I loved the bowls and the beaded napkins, not to mention the seed packets and the darling little "dirt scoops," and also the green, which makes me want to go out and plant. Happy Day! Joni

  2. Gee, I sure do hope it gets warmer there soon! I am sure that after the very long winter you all have had that you must be desperate to enjoy the summer sunshine! I am actually desperately waiting for winter to arrive here but it is still so warm.

    Hope you have had a lovely week anyway.

    Best wishes,

  3. It may be Mayvember outside, but it's definitely spring at your table!

  4. This is just gorgeous! I love the planting things in the bowls and the caddy is definitely the star! I love that you used the same dishes that I have too. Well, not all of them. Just the leaf and berry ones. I am saving this for future inspiration. Thanks for the inspiration! Our weather is cold and rainy too by the way.

  5. Thanks for your visit...I love your herbal centerpiece, so pretty and a breath of fresh air! You have the most beautiful dishes ever..love them!
    We had snow this morning too...global warming..what a joke! ;D

  6. Wonderfully beautiful as always!

  7. I would love to sit at your table, no matter the weather, Jacqueline! Love it! We prepared our soil today, and are ready to plant our garden, though we do have a grown lavender bush:) Love your cucumbers~I'm half Armenian:)

  8. Looks like SPRING in your house!!! LOVE everything!

  9. What a amazing post !! i really like it !! great !! beautiful pictures!!...love love love Ria...xxx..

  10. Beautiful post, makes me want to go out and garden, too! Soon you will and I can just imagine how beautiful your gardens will be!Very pretty caddy!

  11. What a gorgeous stack of dishes~ love the relief and decorative edges! Your next to the last photo is DREAMY with the lighting & that pale green in the background! And so creative, how you transformed your caddy with herbs & markers~ what a fun centerpiece! We're have a week of 50 degree temps & rain this week, the weather can't make up its mind~

  12. This is the most lovely spring table setting I have ever seen! I love everything about it.

    I hope your weather changes soon and you can start planting.

  13. Bonjour Jacqueline,
    The "Camaïeu" of green and the associated colours give's douceur on this nice table in the garden.
    As usual I just wish to join you
    and enjoy!
    The napkin on plates...Superbe!
    Have a nice day

  14. Such a pretty setting Jacqueline! Love the colors and the beaded napkin! Cute herb markers! I had to replant my Rosemary this year, sometimes it winters over here, sometimes not:@)

  15. you've inspired me to finally "do" the kitchen cabinet with the glass doors. Since moving in my new place it has been collecting all the stuff that won't go else where.

    Your table is beautiful.

  16. I love this gorgeous Spring theme...afterall, it is my favourite season. The colour palette you've used is perfect too..so many nice greens and borderline pastels. Lovely!

  17. Don't you just love things that do double duty like the flatwear caddy! So pretty all loaded up with flowers and herbs. We too are experiencing a cold long spring. Wet and cold, cold and wet...I'm getting cabin fever bad at this point! Your mountains are just beautiful, Utah is on my list of must see's, have a great day...

  18. Thanks for visiting yesterday. This is my idea of a garden :-)
    I love your plates, the color is gorgeous, and that caddy with the herbs? Love it!!! xo,

  19. What a beautiful tablescape! So light and fresh, anne

  20. oh i love love love this, so fresh and pretty, my heart and soul lives in the garden... i hear you on global cooling, remember i get the weather before you as it heads to ut, its been a winters rain for 3 days, even had the heat on when we would normally be sweltering in 100 degree temps with a/c! i too yearn to get out and play in the garden, dine al fresco, but its still feels like winter to want to play... thank heavens you did and brightened my day, nothing like a joyful table to start your day~

  21. Your photographs are simply stunning! I love the soft colors and textures in your beautiful tablescape. Our weather has been so wet and chilly and we are nowhere near being able to plant anything. But it is fun to dream of warm summer days as I scroll through this lovely post.

  22. Very nice, très classe...j'aime beaucoup...

  23. Jacqueline, your tablesetting is gorgeous. I love a green and white setting. And, you have done it to perfection.

    I am hoping your Spring setting will urge Spring to begin where you live.

  24. Beautiful! I love those seed packets, truly art!

  25. You really have created a fun and bright tablescape! It looks fabulous! I love it!

    ~ Tracy

  26. Where to start.. the mountains even clothes in clouds and dripping with precipitation are magnificent! I love your centerpiece, how great to place the plants in there. Also love the yellow bowl. Those napkins have been trying to jump into my basket lately, they are so pretty. Great table.

  27. Such a CHARMING post and tablescape. This would truly be so fun to have some girlfriends over for. Who wouldn't love some seeds and a garden scoop as a take home favor? Your dishes are beautiful together...and I so love the white and bright green together.


  28. Gorgeous tablescape!!! I love the beautiful EDGES on the plates!!!! Can you share the make, brand of the different plates??? PLEASE:):)I love the bubble glasses, and the caddy is fantastic! I will be on the lookout for something like that now!!!! XO, Pinky

  29. No lack of springtime glory at this table. Absolutely love the stack of yummy whites with a mix of beaded napkins and wonderful relief details on the plates. You know how to zoom in on the best of the it all. Super! ~ sarah

  30. Beautiful. You certainly have a knack for helping spring to arrive.

  31. The spring table is delightful, and I hope that nice weather is just around the corner!

  32. What a glorious salute to Spring!! Even if it IS slow to arrive...same here.

    I adore the color tones of this table...so fresh & different! The little seed packets in the bowls was such a cute idea. Wish I'd thought of it...dang! I must take notes from now on. LOL

    Everything is just lovely, Jacqueline...especially your view of the outside. Heavenly!!
    Thank you so much for sharing both.


  33. Everything is perfection! I LOVE this table. Your dishes, your darling bowls with seed packs and scoops, the centerpiece and the setting. Even though you are not planting outside yet, your wonderful table is a real gardener's delight.
    I agree, herbs are the best to plant. I pick a big bunch of herbs almost daily and keep it on my windowsill to use when I cook. Herbs are such a culinary treat!
    Wonderful post, Jacqueline! Now I want to go out and dig in the dirt.

  34. Very delicate, beautiful tablescape! Love the dishes and accessories.

  35. This is gorgeous. I love the colors of this table! Beautiful theme, too.

  36. Around here, we tend to say, "Global warming, my Aunt Fanny!" It's been cold enough here for coats. I still haven't dared place the beddinig plants. It was quite cool in Italy, too. Your tablescape sings of Spring...no matter what's going on outside. Thank you for sharing another beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  37. wow!!! this is so beautiful I just love the whole theme and the seed packets what a cute idea! It would be so fun to have a nice lunch using this tablescape. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  38. What a wonderful table! LOVE those green plates with the raised pattern. How versatile those will be! The theme is clever and beautifully carried throughout all the elements. May your weather improve soon!

  39. What a stunning garden party! You can certainly see the loving planning that went into every detail. What a special setting, thank you for sharing.

  40. What an elegant setting you have given your herbs. I love the idea of having the seed packets, definitely a nice little take away. Weather will improve! Here it is warm and very dry.

  41. What a pretty little garden table. Love your pretty greens.

  42. Your tablescape is so beautiful, Jacqueline. I love the dish layers and your herb signs are just beautiful. Actually everything on the table is just gorgeous....Christine

  43. I love the shade of green you have in your tablescape. Your photographs are beautiful too.

  44. Jacqueline, I'm back for another visit to this gorgeous table. Can't get enough of these springtime details.
    Love it! ~ Sarah

  45. Amazing photography...just beautiful.
    Love your gardener's table. I can almost smell the thyme and rosemary. This is my favorite time of year, when everything is awakening from the long winter's sleep.

  46. What a lovely color scheme.

  47. this is such a great post...in so many ways, the photos, the concept and all of the lovely vignettes. Really special.

  48. How cute with the little scoops and the seeds! Everything looks wonderful - Jennifer


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