Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

I had so much fun with Bread Week, that I decided to 
do a series of muffins.  

These delicious muffins are lemon flavored and stuffed with 
blueberries, then topped with a streusel crunch and 
finished off with a dollop of lemon curd.  What a
flavor combination.

Lemon Blueberry Muffin Recipe

2 C. flour
1 T. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt

Whisk together in a medium sized mixing bowl.

2 eggs
1 C. milk or half and half
1 C. superfine sugar (if you don't have that use regular sugar)
6 T. melted butter or vegetable oil
1 tsp. lemon extract
rind of 1 lemon, grated finely

Whisk the eggs lightly then add the rest of the ingredients.
Blend with the dry ingredients.

1 scant C. fresh blueberries

Gently mix in the blueberries.

1/4 C. softened butter
1/4 C. brown sugar
1/4 C. flour

Mix these together until crumbs for into clumps.

Spoon the batter into 12 regular muffin cups or 6 jumbo 
muffin cups.  We always make the jumbo cups so they
are more like the ones you buy at the store.

Top with streusel.  Bake at 400 - 20 minutes for
the regular sized muffins,  25-27 minutes for the jumbo
sized muffins.

Remove from oven and let cool.  Garnish with a dollop
of lemon curd and a fresh blueberry.

The lemon curd topping adds such a punch of flavor!

(I think I will have to drizzle on more lemon curd!)


I will be posting this with

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  1. Love the combination of the 2 flavors. Long live lemon curd!!

  2. These look delicious. My husband loves blueberry muffins so I will definitely try this recipe!

  3. These muffins look delicious! Two of my favorite flavors: lemon and fresh blueberries. Can't beat that! xo,

  4. Oh gosh these look delicious Jacqueline! I love lemon blueberry muffins and breads- and with a streusel topping.... oh yum!!! :)

  5. Oh YUM...what a delicious combination and the curd on top is the best part! ;D

  6. I think most everything would be good with a dollop of lemon curd! These look wonderful:)

  7. Everything you need in a muffin.

  8. I think lemon and blueberries are a delightful combination! I so enjoyed your 'bread' series and am now looking forward to your delicious muffin recipes!

  9. My goodness woman! I am still trying to walk off bread week! I quit checking my weight loss after the chocolate bread. Now these?! I am so going to have to try these. I am a sucker (LOL) for anything lemon! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  10. Way too good for me! They look spectacular...any way to make them sugar-free?

  11. Bring them over please !!!...i love them !!! ....delicious !!! have a nice day...love Ria....xxx...

  12. Delish--that lemon curd melting over that muffin looks sinful.

  13. I am tasting them virtually, because I started phase one of south beach diet last week. I can have one of those for my birthday in December mayber.

  14. They look great Jacqueline! I still haven't tried to make lemon curd, it's near the top of my list:@)

  15. I look forward to muffin week! These Lemon Blueberry muffins look delicious, and the addition of lemon curd on top, takes it to another level!


  16. Blueberries and lemon are a perfect combination in these muffins. They look scrumptious!

  17. Jacqueline, these look so good!! The crust and then the lemon and blueberry combo!!! I really want to try this out. Thank you for sharing a great recipe:)

  18. You had me at 'lemon curd' - it's heavenly!

  19. oh my goodness. I am such a sucker for lemon. I want these! Sticking it in my lemon file!

  20. I so love lemon & blueberries together! Wishing I had one (or two :-) with my coffee this morning!

  21. Bonjour Jacqueline,
    I just want to take the fork that you offer and Hummmm!
    Have a nice day

  22. Oh, YUM!!!!!!!!
    Blueberry and lemon are a favorite combo of mine!

  23. oh, I am so going to make these. Thanks for sharing the recipe at WUW. I need a link to the party added, please, thanks.

  24. That looks so good, I am going to have to try it. Better yet I think you should just make them for all of us.

  25. These are some of the most beautiful lemon muffins I've ever seen. That lemon curd really sets them apart. I loved your bread week and I'm so excited to see what muffin week will bring.

  26. O.K., this made my mouth water. Lemon and blueberry go so well together. Love the streusel topping and the lemon curd~they push it over the top!

  27. Be still my ♥!! Lemon AND Blueberries in one bite!!! Yummalicious! I can't copy this one down fast enough. LOL

    Thank you again & again & again.


  28. OH yum! Another great muffin recipe...thank you!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  29. O MY LORDY....these look amazing and sound sooo good. I am going to make THESE just as soon as I eat all the PLAIN JANE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS I made the first of the week. Wish I had seen these FIRST...I would just about KILL for Lemon Curd....*sigh


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