Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Bunny Parade And A Giveaway

The bunnies are hopping all over
Purple Chocolat Home
just like an Easter Parade.

Easter will be here before we know it and I
wanted to do a special giveaway before Easter.

My daughter-in-law that you saw me post about
who won the regional Bikram Yoga competition
(she took 9th place in Nationals, by the way!)
has an Etsy shop called
and she is giving away one of her gorgeous

(Isn't she just kissable?  My 3rd grandchild out of 6!)
And such a great model.  Looks like she is ready
for an Easter Parade.

And I am giving away a second one, so that is two
lucky people who will win.

and tell me which headband you would like to win.
These vintage inspired headbands
 would be wonderful to go along with a little
girl's Easter Dress.
2.  You must be a follower, new or old of
Purple Chocolat Home
(Hopefully I will reach 800 followers.)
3.  Winners will be picked randomly.
4.  I have to be able to get your email address to 
let you know you have won and to ship it to you.
5. Giveaway closes at midnight Sunday, April 10, 2011.

The bunnies are all gathered on my baking cabinet
in my kitchen.  This is such a fun place to display seasonal
items or to serve a great buffet.  This is my favorite 
cupboard or cabinet in the kitchen.  It is so fun to dress
up and play around with.

This faux chocolate bunny is great!
No one can bite his ears off!

These elegant ladies are all wrapped up in their fur coats
and finery and look ready for the Easter Parade.

I just adore her fur wrap and her bling.

These little tin bunnies are antique chocolate
molds that my friend Sharon gave me.

This is a great new cake stand in pretty pink.
It holds a jeweled egg box.
I have a thing for cake stands.

A couple of cute fluffy bunnies are 
loved by the little ones.

Joni my sister from Red Couch Recipes gave
me this gorgeous lavender glass egg years

Now that all of the bunnies have hopped out, it is time
to have some entertaining fun.

Hop along now, there is a lot to do before Easter.

I will also be posting this with Heart Of the Home's
Favorite Cupboard.

I will be hopping over to

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I've followed your blog in Google reader for some time and enjoy every visit. Your bunny collection is wonderful. Please enter me to win the blue raspberry tart headband. My granddaughter would love it. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi lovely lady I just love your Beautiful Blog. I see you are having a Great Give-A-Way. My neighbors little girl would love this, she is four years old and her sister is two ~~ Yes Im one of your followers.

    I hope you and your family have a nice day.

  3. I love following you! Your little grand is a doll and my favorite headband is Creme Brulee!

    I love all your cute!

  4. Your blog is amazing! I have been following for a bit now! your granddaughter is adorable! i love the strawberry milkshake headband! so pretty such soft colors! love it! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. OH MY...I have the sweetest grand daughters these would look so cute on them! I love the pink ones and any and all of them! I do follow and I love all the bunnies here too...time to get my Easter things out! Love it all :D

  6. I'm a follower and would pick the Strawberry Milkshake!! Thanks for the opportunity...

  7. An enchanting post with your darling grandaughter being the star:)

    the molds..the bunnies..the decor~
    Such a pretty life:)

  8. Cutest little models ever!! I want a headband for myself, since I don't have any little girls of my own. I love the names of them too-strawberry milkshake or cotton candy-lovely!


  9. Congrats to Audra on her 9th place! That's quite an accomplishment. Those are quite the headbands she makes. I like cotton candy or strawberry milkshake. I, of course, am a follower and have a little grand who would look so cute in one of these. I broke out my bunnies too this past weekend...such a mess they leave. Yours are very cute and varied. Have your ever made a bunny in the antique mold? Joni

  10. Loved all your lovely bunnies. That is a lovely etsy shop and I love the Sugar 'n Spice one. I'm a follower too. Thanks, Donnie


  11. I'll say it...she is kissable!
    You look way too young to be a grandmother...there, did I win? :)

  12. My Favorite is "BlueBerry Muffin"! The colors are incredible! LOVE your models. What Cuties they are! Your post is TOO CUTE! and thank you so much for a chance to win! YES I'm a Very Happy Follower!
    Hugs to you,

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I love your blog and all your cute ideas and yummy recipes! Please enter me to win Fudge Sundae! Thanks!

  15. O, I would love to win the Blueberry Muffin for Cate, my first GREAT-grandgirl. She would look sooo cute in it.
    Your model is absolutely BEAUTIFUL..such a pretty little girl.
    I am a follower to the ends of the earth..:)))
    oxo bj

  16. I love your bunnies, so pretty,but I love your lovely granddaughter even more!...Christine

  17. Oh, I have been a follower for a while now ... I started with your sisters blog... then yours ... you both have amazingly wonderful blogs!!! i adore your glass bunny ... so adorable! If you pull my name (crossing my fingers) I would love Blue Raspberry Truffle!

  18. I follow... love fake bunnies!

  19. Creme Brulee would be the headband that is my favorite.

  20. Beautiful!! Some people are just so very talented!
    (and those models are just the sweetest)

  21. Me oh my, I love all the headbands but I believe my favorite is the Creme Brulee just like the darling little one is wearing.

    I just happen to be a follower of your wonderful blog.

  22. I like all your Easter decorations - your grandchildren are lucky because when they visit your house they'd be in such a gorgeous environment. As for your grandchild, she is stunning! What a gorgeous little thing she is!! I love the first headband the most; but they are both pretty designs.

  23. You have some wonderful bunnies, I like the fancy lady bunnies the best! You have a great cabinet to do all your displays! And your granddaughter is so pretty, what eyes! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  24. Sugar & Spice or Cotton Candy would be adorable on my "other" son's baby. I just sent her a package of pink clothes so these would match perfectly.

    Love all your bunnies! I'm just not into the Easter decorating so will enjoy yours.

    Have a great week!

  25. Oh my, your granddaughter is absolutely precious. She is stunning. Definitely steals the show, however I do love all of your bunnies and your vignettes.

    If you want to change your link, just go to my party and you will see a small red x by your frog. You can click on the x and it will let you delete it and then you can link up again. Hope that helps and thanks tons for linking up. Hugs, Marty

  26. What a sweet doll face you have for a granddaughter! I don't have a granddaughter (yet - who knows!) but when and if I do (I hope), I would love her to have Butterscotch Kiss headband.

    I have to get into bunnies soon!

  27. Hi Jackie!!! You know I'm a follower!! Love the cotton candy head band. Audra is talented like her Mother-in-law!! Hope I'll get a little Grand daughter someday... LOVE your blog!!! Love you!!!

  28. Hippity Hop! I so like all your little bunnies and those head bands are darling. Cute grands, too. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  29. i need a miniature ivory one for isla's blessing! I'm loving the strawberry milkshake and the cotton candy

  30. Wow, you're a grandmother of 6??? (sorry, I didn't know until now as I'm new to your blog...since a week ago). You look amazing and so young!!! Is the chocolate spa your beauty secret? hm....

    I love your daughter-in-law's etsy shop. All the headnands and clothings are gorgeous and it's so hard to pick just one! She is really talented! If I really have to pick, it'll be the Cotton Candy Headband (lovely name, by the way). It's perfect for my baby girl! My daughter would love to wear it every day if I won this for her! :)

    Also, I'm sure you'll hit 800 follower in no time! Congratulations on that in advance! ;)

  31. No little girls in our family, but our neighbor's little Emmy would look darling in the strawberry milkshake headband! Loved my visit today and came away with some great always! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  32. I love the butterscotch kiss or blue truffle headband. So cute and original. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Oh, and I follow via google reader.

  33. Your Grandaughter is adorable. She is quite the model. I have been a follower foreva'. Never miss a post. Your daughter is quite talented. I love the cotton candy headband it is so feminine. ~~Sherry~~

  34. I joined just so you'd reach 800 followers. You only have 5 more to go! My granddaughters are too old for the headbands, but they are exquisite. Your granddaughter, who is modeling, is a doll and she looks like her Nana.

  35. Lovely cupboard....I like all your rabbits...instead of me signing up for the giveaway.
    I want the faux chocolate bunny he's gorgeous:)

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Wow!! they are all gorgeous. I love the Blue Raspberry Truffle and the Cotton Candy. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime but just never joined. I'm sure there are lots of others like me. You're almost to 800. Congratulations! LOVE reading this and you are so creative!

  38. Hi Jackie! OH, what a beautiful little grand daughter you have and those headbands are just precious! Thank you so much for coming to my Favorite Cupboard Party. Oh, I'm just drooling looking at your most gorgeous cupboard filled with all the bunnies!! I love it!
    I'm a follower!! I'll take anything!
    Thanks again for coming to my party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  39. Gorgeous! My favorite is Blue Raspberry Truffle...I've got 4 little girls who would love to share it! I've been a follower for awhile. Have a great day!


  40. What wonderful Easter goodies to look at in your cupboard. Soooo neat! :)

  41. I just love all your Easter bunnies!!! Your little granddaughter is adorable. It was hard to decide from all the beautiful headbands....but, Sugar n' Spice is my fave. You certainly have lots of talented ladies in your family. I am enjoying your blog so much.


  42. I like the pink punch:)

    I'm lovin' your antique molds and the faux chocolate bunnies. Fun!

    Congrats to your daughter-in-law.

  43. Beautiful. If you ever offer an email subscription to your blog I'd love to sign up for it!

  44. I like the Creme Brulee hair bow. Love your blog. I too am a chocolate and purple lover.

  45. I am a follower and have been for awhile. And I agree with Tammigirl that I too would love an email subscription to your blog.

  46. What cute headbands and bunnies. I love both of the headbands, but if I have to choose, please enter me for the blue raspberry truffle headband. Thank you.

  47. I follow on GFC. I LOVE your Easter tablescape and your kitchen is gorgeous! Deb

  48. I think I would choose Cotton Candy for my granddaugher. Deb

  49. I love the sugar and spice, but they are all adorable. Love all the pictures in this post.

  50. I like the blueberry muffin. I think looks like a butterfly in the middle.

  51. I follow. My email is located with my profile.

  52. I would love to win any of the headbands but I really love fudge sundae. I am a NEW follower!! :)

  53. I am a follower and enjoy your blog everytime I visit. I would love to win the Blueberry Muffin headband for my niece:)

  54. I'm a follower of your lovely blog!!! I love all the headbands but my favorite is strawberry milkshake one!!! Thanks for the opportunity ot enter such a lovely giveaway!!!
    best regards,

  55. Your blog is amazing! I have been following for a bit now! I love the strawberry milkshake headband!

  56. And I love cake stand, so beautiful! love it! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  57. Hi Jacqueline sweetie...
    Oh my what a beautiful share today. I absolutely adore the creme brulee on the head band. How absolutely adorable it is. She really goes to the extreme on these. The embellishments are so beautiful, I especially love the addition of the netting.

    Your baking cabinet is so pretty. I love the bunnies that you have displayed and the chocolate looks SO real. Love those gorgeous little molds, how precious.

    Your cake plate also is beautiful. Just a gorgeous share today.

    I have been a follower for some time. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to own one of these beautiful creations. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  58. These are adorable! My daughter would love them all, but the Blueberry Muffin is my favorite!

  59. Bunnies are welcome everywhere but in my garden Jacqueline:@) Lovin' those great candy molds, have fun!

  60. I have a link to your blog from my blog.
    I often wonder where you get all of your energy to accomplish what you do! I love reading your words and seeing your photos. You are very talented! And live in a spectacular home! Thanks for sharing your talents and life with us.
    I would love anything vintage from the headbands. I have a 16 year old grand daughter who would look lovely for Easter!
    Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  61. What a wonderful parade of bunnies!!! Each is so adorable.

    - The Tablescaper


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