Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chocolate Cabbage Cake

This Chocolate Cabbage Cake recipe was
 the first really fancy dessert I ever made.

We were young married students with little children and
the women decided to get together weekly and 
learn something new from gardening to sewing,
and of course cooking.

We needed a name and we decided to call ourself
The Chocoholics Club. My girlfriend and I saw
a cake like this in a cookbook and we decided to make it.   

My Fitz and Floyd bunny platter that I have
had for years seemed like the perfect serving 
piece for the cake.

Three cute little bunnies hold a large cabbage leaf platter.

Start with a real head of cabbage and core it.  Then carefully 
peel off a leaf at a time starting at the top of the cabbage.
Be careful not to tear the leaf.

Melt 3 C. chocolate (if you are worried about tempering 
the chocolate, use chocolate coating discs.)   Let the chocolate
cool to about 90 degrees if you are using chocolate that needs
to be tempered.  If you are using chocolate discs, let it cool a few

 Use a pastry brush to paint a thick coat of the chocolate on
the inside of the cabbage leaf.  Paint about 6-7 leaves.
Place the leaf in the fridge to let harden while you 
paint the next one.  After they have hardened peel
off the cabbage leaf and trim the edges if necessary.

Bake a chocolate cake in a small round metal bowl.  You
will want it round and just smaller than a head of cabbage.
I used a 6 1/2 inch wide bowl by 3 1/2 inch tall.  It took
nearly one recipe of cake, filling it 2/3 full.  Bake until
a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. 
Mine took about one hour.

Place a large dollop of frosting on the platter, then 
place your cake on.  Frost and fill in any gaps at
the bottom.  You will need a little extra around the 
bottom to anchor the chocolate leaves in.

Begin making the cabbage by placing one small leaf over the
top of the cake.  Then start on one side and add overlapping
leaves to cover the cake.  You might have to break one or
two apart and fill in any parts along the bottom that the
leaves didn't cover.

Use additional frosting to glue leaves together by
lifting them back a little and placing the frosting
where you can't see it.

I piped just a little around the bottom of each
leaf to secure it also.

This little guy really looks like he is working
hard to carry his share of the load.

I think this little rabbit is snacking on the job.

What a fun cake. 
Give this one a try!
 It takes a little effort, but it certainly
is the center of attention.

I will be posting with 


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. This is so danged cool! I must try it for one of the Garden Friends birthday parties. Thanks for stopping by my post. You have a standing invitation if you ever happen to be coming to my neck of the woods. Just let me know...heck, I'll even pick you up at the airport. Yes, I'm a night owl, too; but I'm now on my way to bed...actually pretty early for me. Still working on my Easter table...too many options...I keep changing my mind. Wonder what it will look like on Sunday? Cherry Kay

  2. I can't believe this isn't a real cabbage. It looks spectacular. Love your talent.

  3. Amazing! Simply Amazing! I ♥♥♥ it & your beautiful plate is just perfect for it, Jacqueline!
    I would love to try doing this. Thank you so much for explain how it was done.

    Wishing you a Joyeuse Pacques!

  4. Talk about presentation and a WOW factor! I love this Jacqueline! Not only is the cake really beautiful and different, your platter is just perfect! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter:@)

  5. What an amazing idea! I am so impressed. The bunnies are so adorable too standing beside the cabbage.

  6. Your plate is just perfect to hold that cake and what a WOW factor. Gorgeous.

  7. I think we are kindred spirits. I made a cake like this years ago too. Now I am just old and tired. Your is just beautiful. I love the cake plate. It's perfect for easter.

  8. It's beautiful..!
    You won't believe this..I made this cake in white for my daughter's baby shower..2 leaves left a bit open w/ a baby showing..It was from Ricardo's magazine....To think you really did it first:) Before him..and me..
    I was so happy with this cake.It made my heart sing.. for the reason too..
    Happy easter!

  9. Oh my, that is beautiful! And how unique, thanks for sharing!

  10. What a spectacular Spring centerpiece for your Easter table. I've made chocolate roses and this would be almost the same. Thanks so've got my mind going!!!

  11. Beautiful! But, silly question, how do you serve it? Can you cut through the leaves or do they have to be peeled off and served on the side?

  12. I remember when Monique made this years ago on a cooking forum we both were part of. She did it in white choc with a baby in the middle for a shower. It was gorgeous, as is yours! So many times I was going to try it, but never had the nerve. But there may be an occasion coming in the Fall where I will give it a try.

    I love the look of yours!

  13. This is so real looking that one would think it is a chocolate cabbage straight from the garden. Looks lovely on your whimsical F and F stand. Joni

  14. You have the knack, Jacqueline. This cake is amazing, it takes both skill and patience. Beautifully done and the presentation is perfect. Happy Easter, and thanks for your visit and kind comments. You made my day! xo,

  15. That is so clever. I have never seen that done fun!

  16. Shh! This is amazing. I too have never seen this done are truely clever.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  17. I can see how this cake would be a conversation piece - it is really cool. The red velvet cake in your previous post looks downright decadent.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  18. What a unique and ecclectic dessert
    .....I have never seen this before ....You have ingenuity seeping from your spirit !!

  19. Oh my...I love the cute lil'bunny-wabit! What a terrific idea to do the choc cabbage, wow! I love it!
    Thank you for coming by and for the lovely comment!
    Have a sweet and blessed Easter.

  20. this is adorable! What a great idea!

  21. What a wonderful and creative cake! Love your blog :-)
    The SPI Flip Flop Foodie

  22. Gorgeous!

    Pink bonding at my page, come and see. Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

  23. This cabbage cake is just too pretty, Jacqueline, really fancy! Your bunny tray is so perfect for the job of holding it. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my daughter's bday post...Christine

  24. Wow! This is amazing, Jacqueline. You are a magician in the kitchen. This is about the cleverest idea yet. I know it takes skill to pull this off, but what an incredible presentation. Love the Fritz & Floyd pieces. They produce beautiful pieces.
    Hop over when you have time and meet my bunnies.
    Happy Easter! ~Sarah

  25. This is just the cutest cake I have ever seen. No, really. I saw you mention on another blog. I had to rush over to see it. Thank you so much for sharing. I am definitely going to use this one.
    Have a joyous holiday. Ginger :)

  26. What an amazing cake! It's beautiful! Now how do you serve it? Does the chocolate break if you slice it? You're amazing and have a blessed Easter,
    Shelia ;)

  27. How pretty!I love the look and perfect for Easter and spring.

  28. Thanks for stopping by My Dream Canvas. A move to Hawaii sounds perfect....hope you make it there someday :-) I am following you and hope you'll do the same. Have a great weekend Anu

  29. This is brilliant!!! Just such a great idea.

  30. Oh I love the chocolate cabbage cake! I'll have to try it...I have that same cake stand and it looks perfect sitting there! So original!

    Miss Bloomers

  31. Jacqueline,
    Love cabbage, I want to say chocolate cabbage cake on your post
    It's wonderful to see and I sure really douceur...
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a delicious night!

  32. How absolutely gorgeous Jacqueline! This cake is very pretty and festive!

    I hope you and your family have a great Easter!


  33. Hi! I just started a blog hop called Savory Sundays and I'd love to have you come over and share one of your fantastic recipes!!

  34. Jacqueline, That is an amazing cake! I've never seen anything like it. Thanks so much for sharing it and I hope you have a great Easter Sunday!
    Blessings, Beth

  35. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW SIMPLY ADORABLE! I love this idea Jacqueline & thank you for sharing it with us. Have a Happy Easter!

  36. What a cute cake for my bunnie table! Sweet!

  37. This is amazing and so creative. Love it! THanks for sharing how you did it.

  38. Oh, my goodness! How delightful! A chocolate cabbage cake ... clever! I love Fitz and Floyd anything! :D :D Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  39. I LOVE your chocolate cabbage cake! HOpe you are having a wonderful Easter. XX00

  40. This is totally amazing!!! I definately want to try this. Hope you're enjoying your Easter. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. What a sweet idea!!!! and you are right, that plate is a perfect home for your cake!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  42. Jacqueline, this is just too cute! I'm afraid it might be a little labor intensive for me to do with my lack of creative skills, but I LOVE the way it turned out! You are so clever. Thank you for sharing this for Favorite Things. laurie

  43. This is the "Cutest Cake EVER", and I'm thinking the kiddies would LOVE to get involved in the chocolate painting process! How fun AND your platter is PERFECT for this...Thank you so much for this FUN Recipe!

  44. This is just the coolest cake I've ever seen! I am so totally in love with it!! I can't even wrap my mind around hoe it would taste! That's awesome!

  45. That is seriously the neatest thing I have ever seen. Wonderful pictures.

  46. Wow! You totally had me fooled. Love the cake and the plate! If you have a moment, swing by my Friday Food linky and share this treat:

    Have a great weekend.

  47. Yum! I love zucchini and am bored with my recipes. I'm going to try this when the summer veggies start popping up. I'd love for you to link up at our Friday Food linky so I can bookmark this:

  48. I love this - it's so cute! I love your site also; so many beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas! I'll definitely be back.

  49. Holy cow that is lovely! As much as I adore chocolate, I'd have a hard time eating that work of art. :)

  50. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS CAKE!!! It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this! I must make it one day, that's for sure!

  51. This is one of the neatest things I ahve ever seen!!!! YOur F and F plate is perfect for it! Amazing! XO, Pinky

  52. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this! Sharing this to facebook for the international fame this cake deserves. I buy cabbage for me (and my rabbit) all the time, so I am definitely making one of these!


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