Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carrot Top Tablescape

These fun Lindt Truffles keep popping up around
Purple Chocolat Home (and disappearing too!)

They were perfect for a carrot themed tablescape this week.

This week's table was inspired by these whimsical
creations by
Heather Goldminc.

When I saw these at Home Goods/TJMaxx a 
couple of years ago, I just couldn't resist.  I adore
the treehouse made out of carrots.

The details are so cute, from the carrot flanked doors
with the Easter eggs on the side, the hanging
bunny and even the chimney and the window
sills are carrots.

Each can hold a little candle.

So with the colors of the Heather Goldminc houses,
a coordinating table was created.

Orange and green and white look so fun and festive
together on this table.

Of course, a bunny would want to start with a cabbage 
leaf plate, also from Home Goods.

This wonderful carrot colored plate has perfect
ruffled edges.

The sun shines so prettily through the green
bubble goblets.

Pretty green napkins and placemats also come from Home
Goods.  A pretty butterfly napkin ring is perfect.

The little Lindt carrot has to be photographed
quickly or it might be stolen by little rabbits
running through the house today.
(We do have some cupcakes with carrots missing!)

One sparkling egg nestles under a small cloche.

A cream iron pedestal holds another cache
of sparkling eggs.  

I hope you enjoyed our whimsical table today.

I will be posting with 

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  1. I love all these pieces, those napkin rings are so pretty. I have given some of Heather's pieces as gifts. I need to get one or two for me, I think! xo,

  2. I loved the carrot and bunny theme of your tablescapes. The little truffles are so cute.

  3. Great colors Jacqueline, lovin' the frilly orange plates! The carrots are cute, I'll have to look for them next year for my feather tree:@)

  4. The perfect pairing of dishware, food and whimsy - Just love this - the truffles are the cutest!

  5. I love Easter colors and your tabletops show it off so well. Oh Happy Day this Sunday!

  6. What a FABulously whimsical Easter table! Love the fun and fancy mix!
    Have a beautiful week~
    ;-D Kathleen

  7. Love the tablescape. I saw those cabbage plates at HG. I didn't know they could look this cute though. The carrot houses are so sweet! I bet this was a hit with the grandkids!

  8. I heart this tablescape!!! Very charming.

  9. I love this tablescape! The cabbage plates are adorable....I see them from time to time and I'm always tempted to buy them....and then I think of a dozen reasons not to....until I see a table set with them and then I want them again!!!
    Very cute napkin rings too! I also had the Lindt carrots on my Easter table this week!

  10. Jacqueline, this is a darling table. I love the mix of the cabbage plates with the ruffled orange plates. I need to remember that combination, though I don't have any orange ruffled plates. ;-) I have a few pieces by Heather Goldminc. She is very clever with her designs.
    ~ Sarah

  11. Could carrots get any better than this? No way. Adorable♥

  12. Oh, this is such a cute table! All your dinnerware is wonderful and your accessories are so adorable!

  13. Everything looks so pretty ~ as usual! Wish I had one of those cupcakes right now...but I would give you the truffle. I know I'm weird but I don't care for candy and never even think about eating it. Wish I were the same way re: pies, cookies, cake, etc. :-)


  14. I would steal those carrots too. I love the ruffled plates.. how great those are. Love the white chargers! I have them too and I have to resist using them every single week. The bunny house is perfect for this table.. and so is the purple topper in the center of the table. Oh where did those precious napkin rings come from!! Great table!

  15. What beautiful additions to your table.

  16. Jacqueline, I love the cute carrot cottages, and that orange ruffled plate is darling! I want to sit down at your table:)

  17. Your collections are so pretty..the wee ones must be so excited when they see your treasures..:)

  18. Fantastical...I must have some of those Lindt carrots! I love the whimsy of this tablescape, you know how to shop Jacqueline!

  19. I've got to get some of those cabbage plates. I've been eying them for quite a while. This table scape is amazing as always! Have a blessed Easter ;)

  20. Darling carrot-themed table! I never would have thought that orange plates would appeal to me, but your carrot-colored ruffled edge plates are sweet and they look perfect in your setting. I'll now keep my eyes open for some of them. Simply adorable!

  21. OMG I want it all!! That is so cute, I love it. I sent it to my mom to look at. www.mylifeunzippe.blogspot.com

  22. What a cute table! I love it!!

  23. I love your table. I'm working on mine and wishing that I had more "Easter appropriate" dishes. Oh well, there is always next year for that. I love your plate layers and the delicate butterflies. So pretty.

  24. Heather's whimsical creations add the perfect touch to your table. Great ruffled plates.

    - The Tablescaper

  25. The whole table is adorable. Love the carrot theme. So original.

  26. You've shown us some true creativity! I just love this table. It is a bit unexpected, but completely seasonal. You did a very fine job and entertained us all. Thanks! Happy Easter!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  27. Hi Jacqueline,
    The colors and the whimsy of this table is delightful! The carrot theme is just magical, perfect for Easter.
    What a fariytale of a visit!!!!

  28. Love your table. Those whimsical houses are so fun. Love the green plates and the carrots plates -- such a great combination for Easter. In truth, they made me a bit nibbly for one of those Lindt carrots. Hope you have a Happy Easter. Joni

  29. I love your vibrant table...orange is so under-used, it is good to see it other than during autumn.
    Happy Easter, Jacqueline

  30. I have been trying for over a year to devise a table that would use orange and green with style.

    I keep flunking.

    YOURS is wonderful! I love the whimsy in the carrots and cabbage, etc. I'm going to scroll back through now so I can really see details.

    Wonderful and such a happy table for the Easter season, too.

  31. so adorable . I just love the carrot theme and whimsical pieces you have added!

  32. Such a cute and imaginative tablescape. I had to go back and look at everything again. I've never seen these dishes.

  33. What a lovely tablescape, Jacqueline. I love your carrot house and candies. Where did you get the candies? I haven't seen them around. Love the colors you put together too....Christine

  34. Oh this a pretty collection Jacqueline. I love all the colors and whimsical pieces. You always do a great job...and I am currently drafting instructions for you!

  35. Bonjour Jacqueline,
    Just want to be an "Invitée"
    on this magnific table
    Have a nice day!

  36. Beautiful! I am crazy for the orange plates! Happy Easter!

  37. It's a beautiful decor indeed! Very unusual but fairly spring-ish and inviting.

  38. What a FUN table with such great goodies. I want them all, but like that ceramic house with the carrots the best. Love it!!

  39. I did enjoy your whimsical table today!

  40. "Oh Happy Day" is right! What a cute set...love all the detailing with the eggs & carrots.
    LOVE the white chargers!
    LOVE the green cabbage leaves
    LOVE the ruffled orange plates
    LOVE the green goblets
    LOVE the green handled flatware
    WANT IT ALL...including the cupcakes & the Lindt carrot!
    Just wonderful...every inch!

    Have a Blessed Easter with all your family around you, Jacqueline.
    Bunny Hugs,

  41. OH MY, this is the prettiest whimsical table I have seen YET! I LOVE EVERYTHING! All those dishes and the little carrot house is SO SWEET!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us... You little ones must "LOVE THIS"!

  42. Please pass me a cupcake! This is all so adorable AND delicious looking! Nothing better than carrots for the easter bunny!

  43. I just love carrots and I covet those carrots treehouses! What a fun table. Dianne

  44. Thanks for the inspiration using the orange plates for Easter. This is a great Easter table! I have the same chargers from Pier One. Don't you just love them?

  45. Hi, Jacqueline! I am totally diggin' the orange, green & white with a teensy bit o' purple thrown in for good measure! Those orange ruffled plates are great!!! Glad to see everyone is getting their veggies, even if it is in the form of fun dishes...and chocolate! Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  46. Just absolutely gorgeous Jacqueline!!! I adore your Carrot top tablescape- how charming!! Sharing this on Facebook ~ Thanks for sharing at FNF! Happy Easter!! :)

  47. Everything is so pretty The little favors are so clever. Have a wonderful Easter

  48. Love the colors. It feels like lunch in the cabbage patch...Beatrix Potter would have certainly given this her stamp of approval...a whimsical delight! Once again, you've scored a winner...but I'm not surprised. Thank you for sharing your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

  49. Such a delightful table! Love those carrot colored ruffly plates, and they look fabulous stacked with the cabbage plates and those chargers. Thank you for linking up. laurie


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