Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whipped Hot Chocolate Bubble Bath & Tablescape

Tonight's tablescape starts bathside.

Perfect after a long hard day.

Along with the tablescape, I am including an indulgent recipe
for a Whipped Hot Chocolate Bubble Bath,
so my pink and chocolate colored hot chocolate plates
are perfect.  My sister-in-law gave me a set of
these fun plates several years ago.

Everything is placed on a stool right next to the hot bath
for convenience.

I have layered it with a pink large plate and a textured taupe
plate.  Only a long handled spoon is needed.

I just love the script in chocolate brown.

The script is written in dark chocolate, just like the delicious
morsel, ready to be eaten.  Don't you love that they are
now saying dark chocolate is healthy for you?

I had to tuck in a little orchid for that spa feeling.

Do I have a recipe for you!!! 
Now, let's get on to the recipe to go with this setting.

This chocolate recipe
 is one that is so fabulous and luxurious and
indulgent, and won't put any weight on your hips!

We love to watch HGTV, The Food Network and
The Travel Channel.  This little recipe has been
featured on several, whenever they cover Hershey,
Pennsylvania and the
Hershey Chocolate Factory
and Spa. 

You know my love for figuring out recipes.  I thought
I would give this one a try (even though it's their secret
formula) and although I haven't had the real deal, this
one is fabulous, inexpensive and easy.

This is the Whipped Chocolate Bubble Bath.

Start with a tubful of warm water. (My husband manufactures
these tubs so I am lucky enough to have a jetted tub.)

Now add 1 C. instant powdered milk powder.
The milk softens the skin and really makes
a fabulous bath.  It is rumored that Cleopatra took
milk baths!

Next add 1 C. Hershey's Cocoa powder. 
 The chocolate has antioxidants
that are good for the skin - but don't kid yourself, the real
reason to use this is the fabulous smell. 

This is aromatherapy at it's best.

Next add 1/4 C. bubble bath (you can also use shampoo if you
don't have any bubble bath on hand.)

Turn the jets on if you have a jetted tub.  If you don't have
jets, you will want to add all of the ingredients while the
water is running to fill the tub to mix everything and to create
the bubbles.

This is the silky soft treat you now get to slip into. 
You really need smell - a - vision to enjoy this.  You won't
believe how wonderful it feels and smells.

When we remodeled our bath a few years ago, this fun
dual spout faucet was our little indulgence.

Light some candles and slip into an amazing retreat for
the senses.

Imagine how much money you are saving over the
price at the spa.

Have a fabulous chocolate at the side of the tub
to indulge in with your bath.

I don't think Hershey's Spa serves this with their bubble bath.

After your indulgence, be sure to rinse the tub
and run the jets for a second if you have a jetted tub.

This recipe creates a bubble bath you won't forget.

I will be sharing this exotic retreat with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Beats Calgon take me away any day! This grown up bubble bath looks like fun Jacqueline, and I'm sure it smells great-enjoy:@)

  2. This looks amazing....I imagine with the water as hot as I like in our jet tub that it all pretty much dissolves so I wouldn't have to worry about clogging the jet lines. I SO want to try this.

  3. Jacqueline,

    You're Tres Chic, my darling! :-)

    Even the water that you bath sounds delicious!!!! LOL No kidding! This is the life! I'm thinking of treating myself that well... We all deserve it, right?

    I must say that I honestly think you're gorgeous. I never thought you were this young! I'm also glad to see how you look like. :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment today. I didn't know your husband is in the building industry. That's so wonderful! Do I have to say how much I love houses, architecture and interiors? :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful day. It's always great to "talk" to you. We should get to know each other better. You're an amazing lady!


    Luciane at

  4. PS: I forgot to mention... I'm in love with your bathtub! It's so beautiful and I'm sure you can feel really relaxed after spending some time in there, eh?

    Great choice, Jacqueline.


    Luciane at

  5. Oh you wonderful woman you! I have been trying to come up with a basket for Mother's Day and I think this is my inspiration! Hot chocolate bubblebath, some chocolate candles, maybe a chocolate scrub and a box of homemade chocolates in a basket. I would love to come and take a bath in your tub. Your's doesn't have the ginormous rubber duckie or barbie dolls all over.

  6. Oh I am IN LOVE with your tub!! Someday.... :)
    I would never think to soak in cocoa but I just might try this! Thanks for posting :)

  7. That is the most amazing bubble bath ever! I adore baths -- and chocolate. I'd probably want to skip the soap and drink the bathwater. haha!

  8. Jacqueline~ this looks and sounds amazing!! Love your tub~ I have a Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom- had to do it since our house was a Jacuzzi family vacation cottage!! lol! Any relation to you? Now the Jacuzzi's are making wine in the Napa Valley region... my kind of people!! :) Your chocolate bath looks wonderful- taking a bath at night is one of those things that I just absolutely love doing!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

  9. This is bubble bath heaven!!!! Dreamy

  10. Oh my gosh, this sounds like the ultimate indulgence. I can only imagine how totally relaxing this is and how yummy it smells with all that good chocolate in it.

  11. What an awesome spa experience! Heavenly!!!
    blessings, Beth

  12. This is a very sweet treat and yes the cost is a fraction of that of the hershey spa price as I have a friend who has been there and she said it cost a fortune and to be honest it was not worth the money she spent ....Your chocolate spa bath looks much more relaxing ....We will have a sparty at my sister-in-laws soon and do the same .

  13. This sounds like fun! My mom and two sisters will also love this delicious recipe for relaxation. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi. Visiting from Naps on the Porch. Your spa and chocolate look fantastic, and your photos are gorgeous! {I was wondering if the cocoa made a mess in the tub after}. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  15. Love your faucets!! Looks like an enjoyable, relaxing bath!

  16. That sounds unbelievable Jacqueline!! I have to tell my chocolate loving sister about this one.

  17. I haven't take an actual bath (showers being preferred) for years! This one could easily change my mind :) Why haven't I ever thought of bathing in chocolate before???

  18. Jacqueline -- I can just see, or hear, Kyle saying, "What are you doing with the cocoa." This is such a fun post, but could you make mine milk chocolate. I know, I know...dark chocolate is more healthy! Love the chocolate plate. Joni

  19. It sure looks very relaxing. I never thought of adding chocolate to my spa bath but I can imagine how good the smell is. Love the tablescape next to the bath. It makes it even more perfect...Christine

  20. Now this would get me in a tub! I love the idea of the chocolate and milk.. wow. the dishes are perfect for the chocolate indulgence you've provided! Great tub indeed! Your faucet caught my eye right away. So really cool!

  21. I'm thinking that while I'm soaking in my Hot Chocolate Bubble Bath, I'm going to be eating some of those Lemon Shortbread Truffles...ooh, I'm drooling. Thank you for sharing the idea and the recipes...and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  22. Oh Jacqueline - you don't know the week I've had.... I need to do this tomorrow for sure!!!

    Thank you, thank you

    PS - since your hubby is in the biz, what method does your hubby recommend for cleaning jetted tubs. I've never really known what to do with ours.

  23. Jacqueline, you come up with the most amazing ideas. I don't have a deep, jetted tub, but I think a chocolate bubble bath sounds yummy. I'm going to indulge one night real soon. ~ Sarah

  24. Wow! I love this idea. I do have a jetted tub and it is calling my name. I'm trying this tomorrow.

  25. Hi, Jacqueline! What a neat, neat idea!!! I'm a shower girl myself, but my Mom and my best friend LOVE to linger in the tub. I'm going to send them both the link to your blog so they can check it out for themselves! They're gonna love me for this!!! Thanks! Oh...don't forget to stop by my blog and enter the Mikasa Giveaway I'm hosting this week through the 30th of March. Some really beautiful dishes...6 place settings!

  26. I wouldn't want to leave the tub! All that yumminess & NO calories. What a luscious indulgence.
    Licks & Wags, Niki
    (p.s. James is female so yes she wears pink...but her fav color is turquoise. Thanks for asking!)

  27. Oh my goodness - I'm following! Your blog is a complete indulgence - I love it!

  28. What a lovely indulgent! I have to try this...if Cleopatra did it, then I must! :)
    Thank you for sharing!


  29. This is genius! Sounds just perfect and I have a chocolate face mask to go with. I feel a pampering session coming on...

  30. Jacqueline,

    Just wonderful! Love the chocolate next to the tub. A glass of Champagne would be a nice touch as well!


  31. Wow, a bath in chocolate, how delicious sounding!

  32. I have never heard of such a bubble bath. What a luxury. I'm going to try it right now. I'm dieting to fit into a swimsuit. I sure hope this doesn't make me crave chocolate. :-)

  33. I loooove it. I am going to make Tara some...she will be in heaven!! So gad you put a picture of yourself on your blog. I wondered why there wasn't one. You are soooo beautiful!!

  34. Oh simply yummy!! I love the smell of cocoa......I will defo be giving this a go! thanks for sharing!!

  35. Jacqueline, This sounds like heaven! Thank you so much for sharing this at my party.

  36. What a fun post! Thank you for the relaxation tip!

  37. Now you really know how to relax in style! It like taking a bath in a giant cup of hot cocoa! I'd take a bath right now if only I could see the BYU game from the tub:)

  38. Wow!!! I bet that's wonderful! Love your tub & faucet!

  39. This sounds heavenly. To bath in chocolate while eating chocolate? I don't think it can get much better than that.

    I'd like to invite you to share this recipe on my linky, Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you there.

  40. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, GIRL...this is so awesome. I am email this right over to my daughter and she is gonna love it to pieces. Thanks for this wonderful post...
    And, I am THRILLED to death to FINALLY see a photo of your beautiful self. :)))
    xoxo bj

  41. That is such a brilliant idea! I cannot wait to try this. I am just going to have make sure I can find the right chocolate powder as it's impossible to get Hersheys products here.

    Best wishes and happy (relaxing) weekend,

  42. Your blog is an escape!! Thank you!

  43. This looks so fabulous, Jacqueline! What a wonderful idulgence and I can just imagine how good it feels to soak in all that wonderful chocolate aroma! As someone mentioned before, this would make wonderful ingredients for a gift basket.

    I loved seeing your photo -- how can you be a grandmother of 4?!!

    Thanks for your congratulations on my new grandson. We are so blessed!

  44. How lovely! I think that I just found the gift that my daughter will be giving to her favorite teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  45. Hi there Miss Jacqueline~ just stopping back by to say thanks for sharing this at FNF! :)

  46. Moi bonne amie Jacqueline, Lamour, Lamour your recipe` C'est la vie! C'est damage for those not listening -- Paris, Baths & Chocolat` are lovely! Terri

  47. Wonderful! I can only imagine how one's skin would feel after indulging. The hot chocolate you have to drink is amazing too! Love the plates ~ you have such beautiful taste in tableware, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

  48. Oh!!! I am in love with your tub! Beautiful! It looks like you really created the ultimate pamper time for yourself! Hershey charges $45 for a 15 minute Whipped Cocoa Bath.
    I treat myself to the Spa at Hershey a few times a year...I haven't had the Cocoa Bath, though. There are bowls of Hershey Kisses everywhere!
    ;-D Kathleen

  49. Hello,

    No way, really? It sounds fantastic!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  50. I have to send this recipe to my daughter who has always said she would love to just bathe in chocolate!
    You are a lucky, lucky girl to get to soak in that dreamy tub!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  51. Wow! I am totally going to try this! I love these kinds of recipes.

    P.S. I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to check it out!

  52. Now this is what I call thinking outside the box. I've never thought of my tub as a table setting, but on those self indulgent times when I take a long soak I always have a special treat close by. Great presentation!

  53. This is amazing. I don't usually take baths, but now I'm going to. Talk about feeling pampered!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  54. Happy PS~ and yes.. I have been to the lavish spa... it is pure HEAVEN!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  55. This looks totally addictive! Imagine the fun I'm going to have finding a UK equivalent for the chocolate powder, lol lol lol

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  56. oh my goodness~~~what a treat!!love it:))
    Forgot old calgon take me away bath time!! lol

    Happy PS!

    So nice to meet you :))

    Kay Ellen

  57. If you hear someone in your bathtub it is me having a wonderful spa day! Oh so wonderful. We live about 30 minutes away from Hershey, I will have to look us the Hershey Chocolate Factory and Spa!

    But until then, I'm making a hot chocolate jacuzzi!
    I'll just have to remember to not drink it!

  58. Don't have alot of time, just thought I would say thank you for a fabulous receipe, I have to go slip into the tub now!
    Have a Happy Pink Saturday.
    Please come and visit me, too!

  59. What a terrific spa idea! Thanks sounds relaxing and delightful. HPS to you and thanks for sharing. Anne

  60. Get out! What an awesome idea! I am trying that tonight! Happy Pink Saturday! I am your newest follower!! :)

  61. Aw how relaxing! This makes me all sleepy..

  62. We live about 30 minutes from Hershey and I took Chickie there for her 18th birthday (Hotel Hershey's Spa) last year. It was wonderful.
    I am so going to fix up this recipe for her!
    Beautiful pictures!

  63. Now that's my kind of bath! And those plates!!!! To die for! Coming over from Met Monday and so glad I did!


  64. My oh sure do how to enjoy life! :) I adore your bath tub and the super cute faucet! It's sunday mid night here but I wanted to try this bubble bath so badly!!! Thanks for sharing! You just made me your newest follower! ;)


  65. Jacquline, I cannot wait to indulge myself with this recipe! I do need one of those wonderful plates for it though! Oh well, I'll just close my eyes and imagine that I have that plate beside a really cool faucet like yours! Thanks for sharing this for Favorite Things. I may never get out of the tub now! laurie

  66. Thank you for this indulgent recipe and post! I was searching for a do-it-yourself chocolate bath recipe and was excited and wrapped in comfort when I saw yours.

    This was incredible. I've been taking epsom salt baths but I've missed my bubble baths. With a vanilla body wash (for the bubble bath) this was the most indulgent bath ever. (And I'll be doing it again soon. And one day in my garden tub whenever I get it ;) )

    I am so happy I stumbled upon your post and your blog. Already I've been drooling over all the beautiful photos, words and of course, food.

    Thank you for my comforting pick-me-up on a Sunday night!

  67. Hi, I was wondering if you have this recipe in printable form? Thanks susan


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