Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ocean Blue Tablescape

Cabo's wonderful year round weather just
calls out for beautiful blue dinner ware
served poolside and oceanside.

These beautiful handpainted blue swirled
plates and bowls are our everyday plates
and bowls here at our home in Cabo.

They are accented by pewter platters which also
feature swirls and echo the oval shapes of the
plates and bowls.

Stacked together and placed on a neutral woven
mat, the pewter picks up the blue of the

Hammered stainless steel flatware is also our
everyday flatware.

The blue dinnerware and pewter platters along
with the blue rimmed glasses come from
Artesanos here in Cabo.

Artesanos is a great place to shop that brings
in wares from artisans all over Mexico from pewter
and plates, glassware and ceramics to furniture.

The centerpiece consists of flowers, plants and palm fronds
from the property.  A shell ball that I brought from home
accents the naturals.

The table overlooks the sandy shore of the
Pacific ocean.

Pink hibiscus flowers accent each plate and
offer a color pop that echos the bougainvillea
that surrounds the pool.

One of the best things about a tropical climate
is the abundance of gorgeous flowers.

A blue glass bottle filled with sand from the
beach below offers another variation of
the ocean blue.

The rim of the hurricane and its swirls echo the
exact blue of the ocean today.

Just as we are setting the table, a cruise ship
sails past. 

Look at the golden glow of the sunset on the
rocks that surround the hot tub.

Notice the reflection of the rocks in the still
pool water.

It looks like a double sunset as the glass reflects
the sun slipping into the ocean.

Part of our ritual here is to watch the sunset
each night.

The pewter just glows in the setting sun.

The surf below captures the setting sun and the
beach is crowded with others who make it a
practice to see the sun slip into the ocean.

Gorgeous night lighting begins to appear
on the surrounding hillside.

A myriad of ships also come out to watch the sunset.
This wonderfully lit pirate ship returns to the marina
now that the sun is set.

Can you still see the pirate ship?

The dusk closes as we light the hurricane
candle and catch a gorgeous blue hour.

Thus ends another gorgeous day in Paradise.
(Do we really have to go back to snow?)

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  1. MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing! Oh how you must LOVE this! How can you leave? Be safe in your travels home!

  2. I can't believe how blue the ocean it is! It looks beautiful. As for your table, it looks perfect as always.

  3. How beautiful, it all looks so perfect-enjoy your vaca:@)

  4. This is absolutely a breathtaking escape....I just love your blue and pewter!
    What a beautiful tablescape.Happy vacation
    Shel xx

  5. I think I see paradise..Shel just was in Paradise too..How often do you get to go? It's a dreamy escape..

  6. Such a beautiful place and the setting is stunning. Love the tablescape, it is perfect with your surroundings. Wow, I love it all. Hugs, Marty

  7. I'm so envious! Your pictures are so beautiful. The flowers are amazing. Your table looks beautiful! I would die to be there.

    From your green with envy friend!

  8. Oh my! I see something in your photos I adore.The pewter platters.Pewter with a hint of blue on the edges?I've never seen anything like those.You seem to be having a great time.Enjoy.

  9. If I leave right now, I could probably be there before sunset...

    Enjoy! La

  10. Wow what a beautiful tablescape and to be looking at the ocean as you are eating! So gorgeous!! Have a wonderful day..
    Come check out my new blog if you get a chance

  11. HELLO~



  12. Showed hubby where he needed to take me so I could get some tablescape photos but he walked out the door. Guess that means no.....lol.. Gorgeous photos.

  13. What a gorgeous view from your vacation home. I can't imagine that you'd be ready to head back to cold weather after that! What a beautiful tablescape!!!

  14. Oh, Jacqueline...I think I'd want to stay there forever! What a marvelous treat for you! Happy New Year!
    Enjoy those beautiful moments!

  15. This is fabulous. What a wonderful treat to see all this during the middle of a dreary work day... Your table captures the essence of Cabo for sure. Happy Vacationing!

  16. What beautiful scenery, especially if you're sitting in the hot tub! Have fun!

  17. Looks like heaven.

    Stay just a bit longer!!

  18. Wow what a beautiful table and place. I feel so serene just looking at the pictures. I would love to join you for dinner and watch the sunset. Beautiful post.

  19. Ah yes! The sunset at Cabo. How I miss it, but we went to Cancun this year. How lucky for you to have a place of your own. Have a blessed week! Sandi

  20. What a Tropical Oasis! You could have set the table with paper plates I'm so engrossed in the glorious blue of the water & that beautiful sunset *sigh*

    We visited Cabo briefly several years ago~ I SO want to go back! Thanks for my mini vacation on this cold, grey day :-)

  21. I love the pic with the table against the ocean. The blues are so beautiful on the plates and in the ocean. Ahoy matey -- love the pirate ship too. Just lovely...so different from 19 degrees out. Joni

  22. Ahhh! What a spot. That view is amazing. Can I stay by the pool if I am good. Gorgeous!

  23. I just took a virtual vacation! Oh, this is such a much needed post! I love your "table" and the background. Just breathtaking!

  24. Absolutely beautiful! The dishes are so gorgeous and that setting is unbelievable. I know you must be enjoying yourself so much!

  25. Beautiful table and beautiful sunset. Thanks for the glimse of Cabo. We're heading there in early February, can't wait!

  26. Beautiful...instead of the enchanted forest, this is the enchanted sea! That pink hibiscus is gorgeous against the blue of the plates.

  27. Jacqueline, what a gorgeous view for a beautiful alfresco meal. Your Cabo home must be stunning. I could find myself enjoying both the view and the tropical climate. Thanks for sharing a bit of ocean blue with us. Makes me want to plan a trip! ~ Sarah

  28. I came to your blog from your sister's blog and I have had so much fun. You are so creative. Thanks for setting this beautiful tablescape in such a wonderful setting. I have enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing, I will be back.

  29. Cabo is popular with many friends from here. Your photos are postcard worthy! Isn't it always more fun to do the mundane tasks when you're in your vacation home! Everything looks beautiful, and I love the dish pattern. Thank you for sharing your slice of paradise. Cherry Kay

  30. You have me longing for summer with this beautiful tablescape. Those blues are just gorgeous.

  31. Oh how beautiful. What a wonderful place to be. Your pictures get me dreaming. Love the blue.

  32. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The table-scaping images set against the scenery makes for a lovely contrast. The last one is my favorite.

  33. Oh, geez....I'm just....oh geez!!! Beautiful!

  34. Oh beautiful! How envious are we? Very! What a beautiful table you've set in paradise!

  35. Simply stunning tablescape - and those views...

  36. ahhhh, I feel better now! I don't know what I enjoy the most about your posts, the tablescapes or the locations!

  37. OMG! I don't know what is more breathtaking the table setting or the scenery. Everything is just beautiful! Love the tropical flowers and the blue in the dishes. I have to go and drool over this some more as I am trying to ignore the fact that we are getting snow right now!

  38. Magnificient!!! drooling and loving IT!

    Happy TS...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  39. Magical-I don't know what I love more, the setting or the ocean views.

  40. Jacqueline, talk about brightening a winter day, you've done it in spades. What a wonderful place to enjoy, and I know you are doing just that.

  41. Jacqueline, What a beautiful place, and what a gorgeous tablescape! This was a wonderful getaway, both for you and for your readers. Thanks for sharing it. Glad too that we have gotten acquainted over the past year of blogging. It is a pleasure.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  42. You are mightily blessed. Enjoy every moment and don't come north until you have to. Hugs, Ginger

  43. Oh boy! I was staring at this for a few moments while at work today. lol Wishing... Daydreaming... Stunning views, great photography. Thank you for sharing! Mrs. S.

  44. What a beautiful tablescape! Everything looks lovely - perfect for the setting.

  45. Your table is beautiful and I love the dishes and centerpiece. Wow, what a gorgeous view!

  46. Are you kidding? This is just too much for me right now! I've been dreaming of Cabo for a month. Your gorgeous post just put me over the edge. Speaking of edge, the infinity pool is beautiful, especially in the background of your beautiful table setting. I am booking a flight!

  47. Absolutely spectacular! I'm not sure I could come home...

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your photography skills are amazing.


  48. Wow. Wow. WOW! What a dream setting for a beautiful tablesecape!! WOW AGAIN!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday~ Happy New Year!! :)

  49. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a nice relaxing day.

  50. Okay...my queston is do you rent the place out??????? I so want to stay there! I am serious.

  51. Oh Jacqueline, what a beautiful way to dine! Love your table and your photos of the scenery are absolutely breath taking! Yes, I could get used to eating that way! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  52. I've never been to Mexico and I need to go... these are amazing pictures.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  53. Yes Sabrina, we rent it out. You can find it on www.vrbo.com, it is house #331814.


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