Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hidden Pony Lodge Tablescape

With record snows here in Utah it is time to
head up to our mountain home at Sundance Ski
Resort.  Sundance is owned by movie actor
Robert Redford who has kept the ski resort small
and intimate.

The name of our home is Hidden Pony Lodge, inspired
from the beautiful artwork of Bev Doolittle, where ponies are
hidden amongst the trees in someof her more famous paintings.

We adore her artwork and wanted our mountain home
to reflect native American Indian art,
 both ancient and modern.  Bev's art fits in so well. 

This table uses all of our everyday tableware that we use
here at Hidden Pony Lodge.

The table is set on this massive 7 1/2 foot custom made table
which has fit up to 14.  It is regularly set for 10 and that is
 what I have set it for today.

I used two placemats to anchor the placesettings, a silver organza
rectangular one, set in a vertical position and a round metallic one
set on top of it.  The dinnerware is Pfaltzgraff Midnight Sun and
features graphic designs in glossy black on matte black.

The graphic designs reminded me of indian artwork.

The flatware is Cook's Club Wavy Stainless steel.

A silver brushed satin napkin with a swirled silver napkin
ring is placed at the top of the place setting.

Bubbled glassware was a purchase from Pottery
Barn years ago.

The step design on this pewter platter is featured
throughout the entire home.  This classic southwest indian
design ties elements in the home from the tableware to the
dining chairs, and Navjo rugs to metalwork in the home.

My dear friends Tammy and Sam both grew up in families
that ran trading posts in New Mexico.  Tammy's aunt
is a well known southwestern furniture designer and she
designed this beautiful stepped candle holder.  Tammy and
Sam took us on a buying trip to New Mexico when we
were building the home.

A touch of basketry and tooled leather add to
the native american decor of the table.

This candle holder holds 7 large candles in the
step design.  It always sits on the dining table.

There is something fascinating about
bubbled glassware.  I love how each one is different.

For a touch of greenery I brought in this tooled
leather box with some oak leaves.

Notice the step design on the custom made chairs.  Much of
my inspiration for the interior design of this cabin came from
a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We saw
similar chairs  there and had a local upholsterer create these.

The chairs have black leather seats and brass tacks.
The leather seats are great for cleaning up after small
children!  It is built for a family after all.

Bold red is featured in so much of the Navajo
designs, so we chose red and black as accents
to neutrals in the home.  The black and red of
the table makes it fit nicely into its surroundings.

A huge antler chandelier graces the dining table.
Antlers just bespeak western and mountain home
 don't they?

It was purchased in Jackson Hole and is created with naturally
shed antlers from both moose and elk.  A local craftsman
there made them and shipped them.

The oversized table is made of rustic alder.  I
love its flaws.  Notice the reflection of the glass in the
table, the dining area is flanked with glass on both sides.

It sits atop a 4 foot wide white pine tree trunk for the base.
When I walked into one of my furniture designer's shop
one day while furnishing the home, I saw a similar table and
asked him to make me one.  This is a table that is not going
to be moved around!

Notice the fun "tree chairs" in the front windows.  They are
quite the conversation starters.  This is just the dining area and it
is filled with additional seating to accomodate
 parties and crowds.

The dining and living area looks straight out onto
the Sundance ski slope.

It is entertaining to watch beginner skiers as
the learn to go down the slopes.
    The home is a true ski in/ski out home with
mountain vistas on all sides.

I was even able to catch the glow of the sun setting
in the mountains just outside the dining area windows.

Evening comes early in the winter and especially in the
mountains, so the candles are all lit now.

Ruby red lights glow from the candles.

The red candles all give such a welcoming glow
on a cold winter night, especially after a day of

Hope you enjoyed your day at Hidden Pony Lodge where
there is always something to eat for skiers who stop by
either for lunch or after a day on the slopes.

Drop in anytime you see lights on or smoke coming
from the chimney.

I will be posting with


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  1. Jaqueline -- what a fun visit to Hidden Pony Lodge. The big table is such a great place to entertain and I love the chandeliers. The black dishes fit the decor perfectly. The pics of the red candles as the night moves on our beautiful. It is a beautiful place to be, especially in the winter, but also in the summer. Joni

  2. Purple Chocolate Homes:)So beautiful there also~ Enjoy every moment..My nephew will be or is at Sundance Film Festival:)

  3. All I can say is, WOW! Looks like a beautiful, snowy -but cold!-
    I hope the food is good. Have a great time.

  4. My husband would love the rustic alder table. I love its flaws. If I lived closer, I'd ski in for a visit :-)

  5. I want to see more of your mountain home now. It is beautiful! Every place you go is just gorgeous. Love the table, the dinnerware, the candles, everything! Can't wait to see what is for dinner.

  6. A beautiful home in a beautiful location! I love the chandelier. I also love all your native american artifacts or influences. I saw a great set of flatware in a shop in Santa Fe that would be perfect in your setting. I think it's called Pueblo. Thanks so much for sharing. Your table, well that is truly a work of art!

  7. What a beautiful mountain home you have! I've only been to Alta and Snowbird, so looooong ago, but have never been to Sundance. I appreciate all of the wonderful elements of your table and dining area and love the chairs! What a wonderful retreat for your family.

  8. So breath taking! So lovely!

    I wish I could take you up on your offer and stop by for a visit! :D

    Enjoy your time in the mountains!

  9. I love the illuminated table, and behind it, the backdrop of the snow! It looks gorgeous and I can imagine you are enjoying it immensely.

  10. what a beautiful table setting....

  11. Love this mountain getaway! Love the huge table and the details of Navajo design throughout the lodge. As always your homes have so much detail and thought put into the furnishing and decor, but the views from your windows draw me to the beauty outside. Thanks for sharing so much!

  12. Gorgeous! So spacious yet so cozy! I LOVE the large table! When I was at BYU my skiing class was held at Sundance:)

  13. Oh Jacqueline - what a wonderful mountain home you have. I'm not a skiier, but the views alone would capture my heart.

    I absolutely love your table. I've always wanted to have a large round table that could accommodate a large number of people. Some day. Anyway, you were very sensible to have the seats upholstered in leather.

    Oh, and I really like the glow of the red candles too. Very nice space, and decorated so appropriately for the location.

    I hope you have a nice week.


  14. That is simply beautiful. Enjoy your vacation.

  15. Jacqueline, it's fun to get a peek into your mountain retreat. Love the antler chandy, those wonderful chairs, that huge table, but the view ~ oh, my! I wouldn't be able to get enough of that beauty. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  16. Every time I visit your blog, it's like stepping into a fairytale.

  17. I love the table scape at night too !
    So gorgeous !
    Thank you so much for voting for me :)

  18. Jacqueline,
    Your post took my breath away! The table setting is beautiful, the table unreal! Your mountain home a dream... But, that sunset WOW! God indeed has the best paintbox in the world doesn't he? And your table with candlelight is magical. Thank you for sharing. This looks like it just fell out of the pages of my new Cowboy & Indian magazine that just arrived. You should have them do a photo shoot! HUGS!

  19. Wow, your mountain home looks as splendid as your regular home...how lucky you hto have such an exquisite place to escape to. Your table and all the trimmings are a delight.
    I have you on my sidebar and get so excited when I see a new post of yours and Monique's.
    This is an exceptional one.
    Please show more of this home.
    Blssings from Shel xx

  20. How do you ever leave! What a wonderful place and surroundings.

  21. Your blog is stunning I love to read this blog. The pictures of your kitchen are so beautiful. It's a dream kitchen.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  22. Your mountain home is beautiful, great views! What a welcoming tablescape and I'm lovin' your decorating theme too-enjoy:@)

  23. I love your Hidden Pony Lodge! It is divine! The dining table and chairs are so unique. Love every detail! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous mountain retreat!

  24. Sundance is about my favorite place in UT. I hope you show the rest of your Lodge! I'm fighting major jealousy, though!

  25. all of your homes are fantastic, you live the good life well :)

  26. I always wanted go to Utah.. now I have another reason to go! :-)

    I was going to ask you how you're doing, but as I can see, you're doing just fine, huh? :-)

    Love all the pictures, thank you, Jacqueline!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  27. Oh Jacqueline, what a beautiful way to dine! I love all of it - that huge table, those gorgeous chairs, each place setting, and those wonderful views! What a treat this was! Thank you for sharing it. laurie

  28. First, I cannot tell you how happy I am for you that you have a "Mountain Home"!!! Fabulous! Second, that table...it is magnificent!!! I would gladly clear out my entire main level to accommodate it! It's gorgeous! And it can seat up to 14???!?!! WOW!!! The views from your home are spectacular...you have a premium lookout point!

  29. Everything is just breathtaking.
    You are, indeed, a very blessed lady. :)

  30. Jacqueline, your mountain home is simply stunning! It looks perfect in every detail. What an amazing table! I love the layered placemats -- great look -- and the graphic dishes and flatware are just right with your decor. Thanks for sharing so many lovely photos!

  31. Jacqueline, I am in LOVE! Where do I begin? First of all, the chairs are just fabulous as is the chandelier and the table. I think you really did an outstanding job in capturing the spirit of the West with this design. Now, to the table...

    I adore what you did, and I am wild over that flatware! Love the twist on the napkin ring, too, and the black plates whose graphics do resemble Indian motifs. I have similar goblets and enjoy mine, too, but this whole table... perfection! You just knocked yourself out.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday, I'm hopping off the train to ooh and ahh, but I guess I had best jump back on before I wear out my welcome!


    Sheila :-)

  32. Beautiful rustic room...the southwest table setting is so perfect for the space.

  33. This is absolutely fantastic. I can't imagine owning such a wonderful place. I love all the southwestern details everywhere. I was drawn to those chairs immediately. They are beautiful pieces of art.

    How blessed you are!

  34. Fantastic table -- What a wonderful lodge you have - love those napkin rings.

  35. Love your gorgeous mountain home!! Please give us a tour of the rest of it, would love to see it.

    Mary L

  36. OMG! What an amazing retreat. Just to have a table to easily sit 10 at is wonderful, let alone the surrounds. How cloever to uphoslter the backs of the chairs and leave the seat leather!

    - The Tablescaper

  37. Absolutely beautiful! How lucky you are to have views like that! Everything on and around your table blends perfectly to create the look and feel you wanted.

    Hope to see more?!

  38. I love everything about this room, but that antler chandelier REALLY sends me!

  39. Wow! What a beautiful room and tablescape! The Hidden Pony Lodge is gorgeous! You HAVE to show us "blog stalkers" more. We want The Tour, please! I love the dishes, table, and that antler chandelier is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.

  40. You have to be thrilled every time that you walk through the door of your marvelous mountain home. The textures and colors of your special table are the perfect appointment to your spectacular mountain view. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  41. Thanks for stopping by my blog, what a wonderful surprise to see yours.. how remarkable to have a pizza oven! As I live in a city apartment.. well no pizza ovens for me... but it would be a dream. Your kitchen is divine as are your table settings... so glad to have stopped in for a visit!

  42. I loved this post. Every frame of it was a delight. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  43. Oh my this is gorgeous! The table is fabulous, the views spectacular. Wonderful home!

  44. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your beautiful mountain home! The antler chandelies are to die four with the gorgeous Tablescape to go with your lovely home!! Im your newest follower on your Blog. I want to see more of your Mountain Home sweet lady ~~ I hope you can join my Blog.

  45. What a fabulous home! The table is beautiful.

  46. I love your antler chandelier!! What a lovely rustic setting to decorate and enjoy.

    Have a wonderful day...Babs

  47. What a beautiful setting. I think I would ski again if I knew I could ski on in to your beautiful mountain home. What a stunning view in a perfect setting. You have an outstanding eye for decorating as well as cooking and entertaining. Very fun post, I think I will take another peek.

  48. WOW!!!! Hidden Pony Lodge is beautiful....I loooooove it. I am still drooling over your table and chairs. Everything looked perfect.

    Hugs, Katherine

  49. HIDDEN PONY LODGE-OH MY!! This is breathtaking-the views, the space and the magnificent furnishings-how much fun you must have-I'm your newest follower!!-Claire

  50. Hi There- Wow~ what a gorgeous setting, table, view, EVERYTHING! So pretty- you always set such a gorgeous table - you really are talented! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  51. OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad I didn't MISS this! YOur Hidden Pony Lodge is exquisite! Every single thing I love. The chandy is gorgeous. As you know I just got some antlers from my BIL but this is amazing!!!! We were in a shop in Tn. once that was just like this: all "mountain" furnishings, artwork, tables, chandies etc. I was in HEAVEN! I have never been out west at all and know I would love it. Maybe someday..... Thanks so much for sharing this. Now...MORE PLEASE????:):) XO, Pinky

  52. Jacqueline, thanks for directing me back to this one. I enjoyed seeing it the first time and it's even better the second visit. What a joy to have this mountain retreat for your large family. ~ Sarah


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