Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frame It In Style

I love to shop in boutiques.  Everything is unique and you
aren't going to see it in every store you go into.

Last year my daughter and daughter in law saw a simple pink
wood frame with a white raw silk ribbon and a jewel.  It was
simple yet gorgeous.  I turned it over about gasped.  They were
asking $98.00 for it.  Mind you, there wasn't more than $25
in supplies, and that is if the jeweled piece was fairly pricey.

We decided to go home and make them ourselves.  This year
I went there again and I guess they sold that one, now they had
a white one priced at $105 and the ribbon wasn't even
 as wide as the one last year.

I immediately had to text my daughter in law and tell her how
much it was selling for this year.

Then later, my daughter in law presented me with this
one she had made that I featured in my trayscape on
Tuesday.  I promised a tutorial for it.  This is a super simple
craft that takes only minutes and you may have all of the
makings for it already.

All it takes is a frame, some ribbon, a jewel and a hot glue gun
and you can create a fabulous gift for very little time
or money.

I bought this ribbon at a local store, Thanksgiving Emporium for
 about $4 a yard.  You will use right around one yard.
The pressed metal frame came from another little store
and cost $9 (theirs was wood, you can use any frame you like).
The brooch is one I already had, but I have cut apart necklaces,
earrings or used fancy buttons before.

Using around a yard, make a bow.  This ribbon was so bulky
that I decided not to tie a 
 bow but to create the bow shape and then tie it off in the
center with a smaller ribbon.

Glue the bow in the center of the frame (make sure you know
which is the top of the frame.)  Hold it until it is secure,then glue
or pin your jewel on.  You can always find inexpensive
brooches, dangly earrings or necklaces in the costume jewelry
sections of stores, or use something you already have.
If  you think you might want to reuse the brooch, just pin
it on, otherwise, I usually glue the piece on.

Trim the ends of the ribbon.  I often glue the ends down to the
frame also, so I can have them stay where I want them to.

Finished in just minutes - ready to fill with a picture or to
give away as a gift.

I just pinned this one on so I didn't destroy the brooch.

On this one I created a bow by tying multiple bows
out of satin, and organza ribbon and layering
with cut ribbons, netting and lace, tying them all together in
the center.

Then I took an old necklace that I didn't wear anymore and
broke the loop off using my wire cutters.

Everything is glued together quickly.

The crystals on the jeweled necklace piece dangle prettily from
the center of the bow on a similar pressed metal frame only
this time in pink.  This is perfect for a picture of a little princess.

You can do the same with a large dangly earring.
Earrings are great because you get two jewels to work with.

I love the varied fabrics and textures that make up this bow.
I know just the princess to give this to.

This beautiful frame is in inspired by 
Valentine's Day.

This is a little $5 frame I got on sale at Home Goods.

I used red ribbons and white netting and tied a
similar bow, tying a traditional bow with the red organza
and then cutting the netting and tying it into a bundle,
followed by layering that together with 3 short Valentine
ribbons, all tied together and finished off with a brooch
that I have had for years.  Again, I didn't want to destroy
the brooch so I pinned it on rather than glued it.

Give it a try.  It is such an easy craft to make and
always gets rave reviews.

I will be posting this with

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. You have a beautiful and clever blog. I have given you a little award, so come on over and check it out.

  2. Adorable, so cure for baby and wedding gifts!!

    Be sure to enter my great giveaway from Blydesign...


    Art by Karena

  3. They are wonderful! the Valentine's one is perfect for this time of year..You're so lucky to have Home Goods!

  4. I love these frames. I may even make a few. Thanks for the fabulous ideas as always!

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  7. Jacqueline -- this is so elegant and simple to make. I need to make some of these for the girls -- black and white photos would be fab in this. JOni

  8. This is really cute. What a darling do it yourself.. thanks!

  9. These are fun and much less expensive than buying them. I, too, love shopping in boutiques or out of the way won't see the same things all over. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I LOVE these! I think this would be a fun project for my Daughter and I to make together! I will need to keep my eye open for unusual frames when Thrifting and ribbon too!

  11. Well, yours look like a hundred bucks too! Just darling!

  12. These are so adorable, Jacqueline.I'm gonna have to copy these and sell them at the store...Christine

  13. Love, love, love this tutorial! These ALL looks so great! I def. wanna make a few for myself!

  14. Oh, my dear Jacqueline!

    You're a very clever woman, you know? I love these frames! You gave them your personal touch and it's beautiful!

    Well done!

    Thank you so much for your comment the other day. I truly LOVE seeing you there. You're one of the "special" ones! :-)


    Luciane at

  15. How fun girl...thanks for sharing the how to...Hugs and smiles Gloria
    ps noit only great food here but awesome crafts...

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  19. You inspire me! Have a great weekend! La

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  24. These are beautiful creations, Jacqueline! So many wonderful possibilities. Thank you for the tutorial!

  25. I am in trouble now. I know this is actually something I can do ... look out picture frames!!

    Thank you for sharing, Jacqueline.

    Have a happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  26. These are all very should be very proud:)


  27. What great tutorials to make those lovely items. They sure would make pretty gifts.

  28. I think what you have created is just beautiful. One of your frames looks like it was made from a piece of metal tile. I love that look. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  29. Your tutorial is great as is your frame. That is a lot of savings in what you did compared to the store price. Gotta love a knock off especially when the savings is so great and the quality of what you did is equal to the stores.

  30. Hi there- what darling frames!! I love the embellishments you chose and how sweet they all turned out! I vwould have been balking at the boutique price too- kinda crazy! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  31. Those frames are so beautiful! Thanks for showing how to make them!

  32. Those frames are so beautiful! Thanks for showing how to make them!

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    Susan and Bentley

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  37. Do you think they really sell these at those prices? Crazy! And probably looks better anyway! Love this project. Been doing this for awhile on frames I get on discount because they have been damaged. Bow covers the oops really well and no one knows but me!
    Love your blog and happy PS!
    Hugs- Tete

  38. As usual you have inspired me. There is a gift I need and it must be homemade. This is beautiful and yet simple to make.

    Thanks Jackie, I will let you know how it turns out.


  39. Such beautiful creations! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  40. Oh Jacqueline - you make me want to go out and get ribbon, brooches and lovely frames - these are marvelous!
    Happy PInk Saturday!

  41. These frames are GORGEOUS! I've seen THESE for those pricey prices too. They say they are using antique tin tiles... WELL, you can get antique tin tiles CHEAP at flea markets! BUT I'm "IN LOVE" with the one you made with the white roses ribbon, I would put an antique Victorian valentine in it! You could EVEN photocopy it to FIT the window and NO ONE would know the difference!
    LOVE THESE and they are NOW on my TO DO WISH LIST!!!
    Thank you SO MUCH,
    Hugs to you,

  42. What a great idea and so pretty! Can you imagine spending $105 for one? I would rather have one of yours. They're darling.

  43. Hi,

    Love these frames!! I can't believe the high prices!! Love your version!! thanks for sharing!!


  44. Simply stunning! I can believe the prices, but can't believe how simple they are to do when you actually study the process. God bless the inventor of the glue gun, I say!

    Happy Pink Saturday

  45. Yes, necessity has been the Mother of Invention many times in our household when we saw something we adored and it was in the stratosphere of pricing or were items hard to procure at any price. I love how your frames look and the creativite process has given you exactly what you wanted, which often cannot be bought at any price!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  46. Oops... looks like I made up a word there in my typo... 'creativite'?????!!! *wink* I meant creative... *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  47. Adorable! I'm definitely bookmarking this one...thanks!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  48. Jacqueline, All of your frames are GORGEOUS! I really want to try making some! Thanks so much for the tutorial and inspiration, again:)

  49. I love this idea - thanks for sharing! I need some good gift ideas this year. I, too, love chocolate and I often take a few from the Nestle's bag to get my fix.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  50. That is such a beautiful idea for dressing up picture frames. Yours look every bit as nice as the store ones but are worth more because they were made with love.

  51. Your frames are absolutely dreamy.... I can't believe they were asking sooo much. I can se it if the item is work intensive - but you made it look so easy, I am going to try it. Love it ~ also a new follower:) Found you through FNF. Thanks ~ Dee

  52. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Your frames are charming. I love the boutiques too but they can be pricey. I bet they hate us DIY'ers who come in and look and then go home and do it themselves....that would be me. :)

  53. Happy, Happy Pink! Happy I dropped in to see you, it's been awhile. Love your blog.

  54. LOVE all the frames you did!!!! You are one clever girl1 And you saved that $105 didn't you! THANKS for sharing. I wish I could find that rose ribbon in that color around here. HUGS!

  55. Jaqueline! How on earth did I miss this wonderful post? You are SO talented and did a marvelous job with these frames. How pretty! They are so romantic and perfect for Valentine's Day.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend...


    Sheila :-)

  56. Jacqueline, they are all beautiful, and your instructions make it sound like even I could do this! You are so very clever. Thank you for showing us how to make $100 frames, and thanks so much for linking it to Favorite Things. laurie

  57. So sweet! My daughter and I have made some of these too! Love it!

  58. These frames are adorable. I can't believe the price on those in that shop. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and for joining the party.

  59. I'm going to mark your blog...this really is something I love and would like to try! It's very elegant and would make a great gift, too! Thanks! ♥

  60. That's money right there!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  61. Thanks for this tutorial. I have seen these on blogs and was wanting to try to make them. Now I have some instructions. Thanks, again. Love your blog, too!

  62. wow, these are so gorgeous!! thank you so much for sharing how you did it, i think this might be my next project!!

    i love the pink one!

  63. Just wanted to let you know I featured this today on FTF! Thanks so much for linking and grab a featured button if you would like! Thanks!

  64. This is lovely! I will be using your great idea to make my own shabby frame.

  65. Just stumbled upon your blog thru Savvy Southern Style and I'm so glad I did. I'm definitely going to follow you. I love these frames you made. I wish I could find cheap tin frames like that. Do you know where to get them? Thanks!!

  66. Thank you for the tutorial! As you can see, we all LOVED it! I hope by just gluing the ribbons to the frame they will stay on...I wondered about that.
    How fun to give this a try!

  67. Oh me goodness!! I love it! Thanks for the how to, now off to do!!


  68. Oh this is such a timely post for me to read! I just bought a few little doo-dads to do up a few frames for my, I think I'll add some ribbon, too! Thanks!!!

  69. Thanks for posting these sweet frames you embellished. I'm making one right now. A white frame with pink ribbons and a darling pink crystal heart. I'm going to give it to my hair stylist who is having a baby girl next month. Love your blog.!!


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