Friday, December 10, 2010

Sparkling Mantel

Sparkle, sparkle everywhere.
 The sparkle reminds one
of fresh fallen snow and the twinkle of stars on a clear
winter's night. 

The mantle and the chandelier in the great room are filled with
for Christmas.

The mirror reflects the gold leafed dome
and the lights from the chandelier multiplying the sparkle.

(You can imagine the looks the builder who did
the remodeling gave me when I said I was going
to do the gold leafing myself!)

The creamy stone of the two story fireplace is a perfect
backdrop for the jewel tones of the holiday decor.

Fantasy stockings adorn the mantel. 
The handmade felt appliqued stockings come out
on Christmas Eve.  They are beloved but don't quite
match the more formal decor in this room.

Ever since these were purchased I have wanted to
try making some, but have never gotten around to it.
Imagine turning and stuffing those curled tips.

The pinks, purples and reds
are accented with gold and chartreuse.

This adorable pink angel has a place of honor in her sparkly dress.

Pinks and purple poinsettias fill the mantel.

This adorable purple and green garden fairy
has taken up residence on the mantel. 

His hat is a beautiful flower.

Jewels encrust a candle holder.

Red feather trees flank each side.

Even the trees are bejeweled.

Finally everything is draped with ice crystals.

The chandeliers in the house sparkle too.  This
chandelier is hung with icey branches, icicles,
snowflakes and jewels. 

Despite the formal scale of this room, it is filled with warm
and welcoming furniture in leather and chenilles
 that can stand up to daily use. This room is where we
will all gather on Christmas morning to open our presents.

A flip of a switch turns on the ice crystal lights and the
mantel lights up for the holidays.

Hope you enjoyed another peek at our holiday decor.

(This was posted last year but it is identical this year.)

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  1. Everything is so sparkly and festive looking! You have done a wonderful job of decorating -- you need to show us your gold leafing! Wouldn't it be fun to have a stocking collection? These curly-toed stockings are so whimsical. Joni

  2. It is like fairyland..

    You have such joie de vivre~
    Are you sure you are not on TV? Famous?:)

  3. Those stockings are so you! Love, love, love the feather trees. I found some in a catalog years ago and didn't order them when I had the chance...... haven't seen them since.

    Oh, your drippy chandy is dreamy! Would love to see the entire room some time.

    Take care,

  4. Incredibly gorgeous!! You have great style!

  5. Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much fro dropping by to say "hello". I'm sorry I didn't left any comments lately, but I had a very busy week. I didn't spend much time online, but I am more organized for Christmas now, so I'll be able to come here more often. And, believe me, that's a treat for me! The only thing is that I crave your food all the time. Seriously! Like the post before this one... I think about your chocolates, truffles, cakes, all the yummy things you make! lol

    About your decor.. wow.. wow.. wow!!! :-) It's so beautiful and the colors makes me happy. You're a very special woman, Jacqueline. You truly are.

    Have a great weekend!


    Luciane at

  6. J'adore your mantle!! I am an avid lover of all things purple & green and these are typically my Christmas colors. Nice to see something different.
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  7. I love the color purple so much I have a bathroom decorated in that color. Happy Pink Saturday.

  8. Your holiday decorations perfectly compliment your beautiful architecture! This is the first time I have visited your blog and it is lovely.

    Love the sparkles!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  9. That mantel is so festive and colorful. I like how it says "holiday" without having to be all red and green. My childhood piano teacher had a daughter who loved all things purple, so I know that even today she'd probably still love your mantel. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. My favorite part is the super sparkly chandelier! You did the gold leafing yourself? You are so multi-talented!

  11. Your home really just leaves me speechless (and that doesn't happen to me often). The house itself is gorgeous and then your added decorations are just over-the-top. I am in awe...stunning!

  12. I do believe that is the most beautiful fireplace I've ever seen! This all feels like a fairy tale. Thanks for showing us around.

  13. Jacqueline,
    Your decorating is.....Glorious!

  14. So unique and different from the ordinary. HPS to you. Love the stockings, no wonder you must like the jesters/elf kind of things.

  15. Oh my everything is just so beautiful. I love the icicles and snowflakes. Just gorgeous.

  16. LOVE the chandelier AND that gorgeous fireplace! We must be kindred spirits!!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  17. OH how I love your house and YOU.... you decorate so beautifully.... I want to come and be your BFF. Such beauty...such loveliness.... such adornment.... you amaze me, Jaqueline. Not to mention all your chocolate and cooking. Mmmm mmmm good. All your beauty transpires across the air waves. Keep going...and, I'll keep can bet your bottom dollar on that. Thanks for being YOU. xoso Sandy

  18. Incredible!! As is everything you do, this is just gorgeous and so different. Never would I think of any of it! Just beautiful!!

  19. Stunning and gorgeous, a true magical fantasy land.

  20. Oh, my!! This takes my breath away! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Your home is absolutely beyond beautiful!

    I really enjoyed the whimsical paired with the formal!

    Thanks for sharing!


  21. Gorgeous- the whimsical stockings are the best! Fabulous ps post.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Christmas bracelet giveaway

  22. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I love it - so sparkly and glitzy!! Love those cute stockings and that chandy! Oh, my Lord! It looks wonderful.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Lovely Jacqueline. Isn't it funny even though red and green are so Christmas, how much more can we do with purples, pinks and turquoise. Love your mantel. I'm behind this year, but next Pink Saturday I promise home Christmas decor, you have inspired me, I'm only half way there, doing tree tomorrow. Merry Christmas, Terri

  24. Jacqueline, Wow, Your mantel and chandelier are gorgeous!! Your home is beautiful but even more so decorated for Christmas. I would love for you to join my holiday party starting 12/15.
    Happy holidays,

  25. beautiful, beautiful, everything is just soooo beautiful. Thanks so much for posting.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. I love your blog. I have been showing my friends the beautiful cake stands with the whimsy legs. Where did you find them????? The Christmas sparkle is beautiful!!!!Would love to see more of your lovely home. Enjoying everything. Kathy

  27. Love all the bling and the sparkles and the feathers, Jacqueline!...Christine

  28. I really hate to sound like a lemming but everyone has already beaten me to the obvious....Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Simply enchanting! I'm in awe. Vanna

  29. Absolutely fabulous! Just stunning.

  30. Exquiste detail! Just magical...I just love visiting you.
    Warm South African blessings
    Shel x

  31. What a beautiful home you live in. It is so awesome, I can't find words to describe it. Now, with all your wonderful Christmas magic, it is like something out of a movie.
    Just beautiful

  32. Hello, Your post caught my eye because I love both purple and chocolate. Your home is gorgeous and I love the mantel and fire place. The purple fairy is great! Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful week!!

  33. This looks like Christmas as seen in an old Marshall Field or Bloomingdales window. You have created a very beautiful fairy land for us. I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  34. Totally enchanting~~
    I will be back and I am now a follower:)

  35. I adore those feather trees and those fantasy stockings are wonderful!!!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  36. Oh, oh, oh, what beauty! I love the purple, the sparkle, and the sheer joy that radiates from the pictures.

  37. I sure hope you are haviliday open house to show off your hard work--love the fantasty stocking!

    stop by for a cookbook giveaway!


  38. I love your sparkle sparkle everywhere! And your fireplace is so majestic; such a perfect backdrop for your beautiful decorations.

  39. You have a lovely home! I adore a kitchen with its own pizza oven and your purply Christmas splendor is amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by Stuff and Nonsense too!



  40. It's like a Fairy Land Christmas...soooo beautiful. But then everything you do is beautiful. Oh...and very classy!!

  41. Oh my gosh, Jacqueline...your home's decorating just gets better & better with each posting. It is wonderfully whimsical & yet elegant beyond belief. I'm loving every single inch of it.
    It is absolutely MAGICAL!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

  42. Oh my! Your house is gorgeous!!! And the colors?...Well dear, those are my favorites. Whimsical, wonderful post. *hugs*

  43. This is just breathtaking!! Your mantel and chandelier are gorgeous!

  44. Your Christmas decorating is always magical, and this is no exception. Love that chandelier, and your fireplace is stunning. Love the pointed toe stockings! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  45. Your home is so beautifully decorated, Jacqueline! I love the jester stockings too!

  46. I absolutely love those stockings!

  47. Oh, so magical. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  48. It's all so very PRETTY!!!


  49. Jacqueline, Your room is absolutely gorgeous--LOVE your chandelier! And it is even better with the dripping icicles. I would love to find a red feather tree like yours--so elegant and so much fun at the same time. I think this would be a wonderful room to spend Christmas morning in! Linda

  50. Stunning! Simply stunning! I agree with La Table De Nana "it is like a fairy land". You REALLY have a special talent for making all of your decorating stunning.

  51. What an amazing mantelscape. Love the stockings and all that glorious color. Thanks for linking and could you add a link in your post to my party.Thanks so much.

  52. Wow is all I can say! Just beautiful!

  53. love those stockings where did u get them? Your house is beautiful

  54. Wow! Love all of it! I'm a year late but I love it! You sure have a way with designing things! You did the gold leafing yourself? Kudos!!

  55. Where did you get that beautiful christmas angel?


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