Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nutcracker Sweets Tablescape


Come into my dining room and have a sweet
treat with a part of my collection of nutcrackers.

The holidays are here and gorgeous jewel tones fill
the house. 

The colors  for this table
are red and green layered with white.

I am combining my red and green stemware and
a collection of plates around my very first
Christmas plates which I bought 25 years
ago from Spiegel catalog.

You might say these plates were the beginning
of my plate collection.  We still use these every
year.  I usually leave two tables set throughout
the holidays so we can enjoy the plates all month.

The plates feature holly and berries and are
called White Christmas.

I chose a collection of red and white nutcrackers to
feature on the table accented by rich red candles
and candle holders.

The table is underscored with a white 120 inch
tablecloth with a silver gauzy topper bunched
up in the middle reminding one of tissue paper
from Christmas presents.

The star of the table is the beautiful nutcracker
serving platter that stands tall above the others.

Beautiful sweets in red, green and white adorn the top of
the platter that he holds so majestically.

Nutcrackers of all heights and sizes are

A few tassles are thrown in for color and texture.

These majestic nutcrackers stand guard over
the dining room all season.

They stand six feet tall and are a magical
wonder to all of the little ones that come for
the holidays.

The dining room is already adorned in red with
the rich  red shaded chandelier.

The chandelier gets its own decor with greenery,
tassels and cording and additional ornaments.

Please take a gorgeous cookie
 for an appetizer.  They taste as good
as they look!

I will be featuring these cookies in my next post.
Come back to get the easy recipe.

I will be posting with

Six foot tall nutcrackers - Costco 9 years ago
(My sister Jean was visiting from Texas.  We
saw them at Costco and I had to have them.
They were only about $250 each.  Then we
had to figure out how to get them home!
Joni reminded me that she came with her truck
to pick them up.  Thanks Joni!)
Nutcracker serving platter - Spiegel many years ago
Assorted nutcrackers - collected over the years
Red candleholders - Pier 1 a few years ago
Holly and berry plates - Spiegel 25 years ago
White chargers and green plates - Tai Pan
Red goblets - Costco several years ago
Green goblets - Tai Pan
Red sherbet dishes - Wal Mart
White linen and silver topper -
Red napkins - Tuesday morning


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Just magical Jacqueline! Lovin' the nutcrackers and great colors, the tall ones are so cool! I see you won something on Johanna's blog, congrats:@)

  2. Oh, this one is a favorite!! I just love those tall nutcrackers. They set the whole table off perfectly.

    Really, there's just too much that I like about this. I think my very favorite thing is the hand made platter. I would like to try that.
    Nutcrackers are a favorite holiday accent for me, and believe it or not, I don't have a single one.

    And your chandelier is awesome!

  3. Dear Jacqueline: Your diningroom looks stunning all dressed and ready for Christmas dinner! Your very TALL nutcrackers are simply amazing and stately and set the stage for the rest of your table. And your Christmas dishes ... they must be the prettiest I've seen! Very, very beautiful indeed!

  4. What a stunning table! Oh my gosh, it's a feast unto itself. I love the combined pieces, colors, textures. It makes it all so rich. BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I love this! It's like a Christmas wonderland:) I really love the tall platter(and the cookies, of course)and the "Winter Wonderland" plates!

  6. Beautiful. I adore the plates with the holly (of course!). The 6 foot tall nutcrackers are amazing - what fun they are. Your table if fun and spirited and yet elegant...just gorgeous.

  7. Your table is beautiful, the cookies are yummy looking and your collection of nutcrackers is spectacular. La

  8. This is SO ENCHANTING! I'm wanting to SEE you and your Sis getting the BIG GUYS home! How cute is that! I used to buy lots of goodies from Spiegel(ah, life before Home Goods)! Your table is SO Beautiful! The details are perfectly set up... Now DO tell me you tape in the music from the Nutcracker???
    Hugs, Donna

  9. You know, I don't have a single nutcracker. I didn't even realize that until reading your post. I'm am blown away by those giant "guards"! How unique and special for your collection. The table is wonderful and I love the chandelier!

  10. I always love your tablescapes! Love the nutcrackers.

  11. Jacqueline -- love the Nutcracker table. I appreciate how big those nutcracker guards are because we took them home in my truck from Costco. I love the Nutcracker Cake Holder -- is that new? Your cookies look so bright and festive -- could you save me a few? Joni

  12. Jacqueline, I remember those big Costco nutcrackers. I wanted them so much. And even though they were a super price, I knew I wanted TWO, so just couldn't afford it. (By the way, just in case I get the chance to get a couple, do you have any tips on storage?)
    The nutcracker Cake Plate is terrific. At first I thought you might have made it. I think he's super. Wonder if I could do something like that with an old nutcracker.
    Darling table all around.

  13. OMG I love the giant nutcrackers! You must have quite the storage room! just wonderful,


  14. What a fun collection of nutcrackers, especially your pair flanking your mirror! Love your festive red shades on your chandelier that is decked out for the holidays :-)

  15. Oh how pretty this is -- I love all your beautiful nutcrackers -- so traditional and fun.

  16. If I could clone this room, it would be mine! I want those 6ft nutcracker and the platter. The fun ornaments hanging from the chandelier look as though they are ladders for elves to shimmy down to steal a cookie!

  17. I'm giving you a "standing O" right now! Beautiful! I am usually very frightened by nutcrackers (clowns, too as they actually give me nightmares!), but they look very nice on this table with all the glitz and glam. Your chandelier is heavenly!!!!!!!

  18. Where on earth to do you get all of these beautiful ornaments and plates? I mean, you seem to have such a beautiful collection! I would aboslutely die of delight sitting at this table for Christmas; kudos.

  19. This is such a fun table Jacqueline. We have many nutcrackers and they make everything feel festive. Your table is so bright and merry, the dishes are lovely and all of our soldiers standing at attention make me smile!

  20. Oh what a fun and magical table! I just love it. All the details in the table are just wonderful. It just makes you smile!!

  21. What a happy and whimsical tablescape . Loven the nut cracker server. I have a few nutcrackers I use in vignettes.

  22. You've been a busy little bee since you got back from Cabo! Oh how I love all of the beautiful trappings of Christmas! I had to laugh when I pictured you and your sister loading the huge Nutcrackers at do what you have to do when you come upon a bargain! Looking forward to getting the gift certificate, thanks for the email yesterday! I miss being close to the Speigel Outlet, bargains galore..

  23. What a great collection, it looks so festive!
    Love the bold colors of it all!
    Of course my favorite is one holding the cookies!
    Happy Holidays!

  24. Your table is just filled with MAGIC! I loved looking at all the wonderful details. I am laughing thinking about getting those huge nutcrackers home. Thank goodness she had the truck! Wish I could grab one of those pretty cookies right through my computer screen.

  25. Gorgeous table and wonderful collection of nutcrackers! I love your wonderful life-sized ones and the I've never seen a nutcracker serving plate before. Now I'm in the mood to see the Nutcracker ballet ;)

  26. I love the name of your site. Purple and chocolate are two of my favorite things! Love the nutcracker themed tablescape and the cookies look super delicous!

  27. How FUN is this?! I love it! I'm very partial to nutcrackers ... my mantel is decked out in these festive statues as well. And, your ha-uge nutcrackers standing guard are quite impressive! Thanks for sharing, Becca

  28. Oh, my! How marvelous all of this is!! I love Nutcrackers (my grandson used to collect them) Those 6 ft. tall Nutcrackers are wonderful! Beautiful tablescape, love those white chargers!

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Just glorious!


  29. I love nutcracker but only have one!! Your collection is wonderful and must make your hope into holiday central!!

  30. Love your collection but those two life sized ones standing guard are wonderful!


  31. i am happier than a pig in mud.. finding this.. visiting from between naps.. and I have been searching for a nutcracker tablescape.. I love it.. especially the nutcracker server.. by the way.. cookies look great.

  32. This is just amazing. So beautiful. You have such a way with decorating and to be a good cook as well. All I can say is that you are "The Hostess with the Mostest". I am not sure I spelled that right but you know my sentiment. Hugs, Ginger

  33. Oh My goodness! I love it all. Those large Nutcrackers really make the room pop! So colorful and the cookies are wonderful. What a wonderful and easy recipe. I am going to try these. Great Job! happy Holidays...Linda

  34. What a gorgeous room, Jacqueline! I love the tall nutrackers. Love the small ones on the table too, especially the one with the serving tray. Your chargers are just beautiful as are your goblets and your chandelier. Pretty cookies too. Jacqueline, you do it up right! Awesome!
    Hugs, Beth

  35. Jacqueline~ Every time I come on over here I am just blown away! I love this table setting and I am humming along with the Nutcracker in my head right now!! :) It's just Beautiful~ Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  36. Truly a Christmas Wonderland. The Nutcracker presentation piece is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  37. Missed this one. It all looks fantastic. Love your collection of nutcrackers. I gave my collection to one of my nieces years ago. She always loved them, and when we moved to this home there was really no good spot to display them. So now I get to enjoy the fact that she enjoys them. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  38. Jacqueline, This nutcracker table is my inspiration for the nutcracker tablescape I am planning for this Christmas. I hope to recreate some of the elements of this table and add my own ideas too. Thank you for inspiring me.



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