Friday, November 19, 2010

Charming Pink Mexico

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Each year the major departments stores in New York
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When the snow and cold come, we start thinking of places to go
that are warm and by the ocean.  Some friends invited us to go
with them to Puerto Vallarta and although we are taking the
family to Cabo for Thanksgiving, we were able to sneak away
for a few days.

Mexico has a great love of color and pink is one of the colors
that is found so abundantly there.

Once we drove down the street, I decided my Pink Saturday
post had to be from Pinkalicious Puerto Vallarta.

This charming salmon pink house is ensconced in hot pink
bougainvillea.  I love how the door is surrounded by
the riot of color.  The first time I saw bougainvillea I was
in college and had gone to California.  I thought it was the
most beautiful vine I had ever seen.

This little fellow sits up against one of the bungalows on
the property we are staying at.  Our house is also a
salmon pink color and he has a slight pink tinge.
They have placed reclaimed sea glass from the beach in
front of the house in his bowl.

A curving path offers such mystery as to what
lies beyond and this one is charming in a pink brick.
The grounds at the home are just lovely, surrounded
by tropical plants yet with winding paths through grassy

Right across the street pink and orange bougainvillea cascade
down the aged brick wall.

Mexico loves gates and there are so many charming
ones, offering a sneak peak at what lies beyond.

The house next door has this gorgeous gate with views
of pink flowers and green mysteries.

There were many pink flowers around the property.  I loved
this gorgeous hibiscus.  There are two things I love most about
being in a tropical spot beside the ocean - the palm trees
and the gorgeous flowers.

What about this for hot pink?  This is the restaurant in the resort
just down the beach from us.

We went to this wonderful restaurant last night.  Everything was

I love the doors in Mexico.  They remind me of the doors in
Italy.  You could spend your whole vacation photographing doors.

Our friend, the host, told our waiter that I was a food blogger
 from America and he wondered if we could meet the chef and
come see the kitchen.  The head chef is on the left.  Turns out he
 had a restaurant in Park City, Utah for a few years so we had a
 lot to talk about.  He was very gracious.

The guys in the kitchen were happy to be photographed.  It was
such a tiny little kitchen, but turned out fantastic food.

The atmosphere was a mix of old world and modern.  I loved
the pink lilies up against the funky modern chandelier.

How about a golden pink sunset over the ocean.  This was the view
from our outdoor table.  I always marvel that people can be at home
 freezing and people just a few hours in an airplane away can be
 enjoying balmy tropical weather.

Although Mexican food and seafood is exceptional here,
we have found that Italian food is done incredibly
well also.  Here is a shot of our bruschetta.  This
one was taken by candlelight.

Spinach ravioli with creamy Gorgonzola sauce.  My husband
took this one with his flash, but held the camera far away
and then zoomed in.  I thought it did well for a flash photo.
Restaurant food in the evening is hard to photograph.

Up the coast just a little we went to a beach town called Sayulito.
I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but at one end of the
bay the sand looked like someone had dumped truck loads
 of Martha Stewart's glitter in the water and the sand.  I have never
seen such beautiful sand in my life.  As the waves crashed the
waterjust sparkled gold.  Can you see the gold glitter by my foot. 
 I don'tknow what created this sand but it was only at one end
 and was  breathtaking.

Mexico is celebrating its 100th Anniversary of their revolution this
week.  Happy Anniversary to them.  We were able to enjoy
fireworks as part of their celebration.

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  1. What a beautiful place- that sand is really unique. Enjoyed your photos! :)

  2. Jacqueline, this is definitely a Pinkalicious Puerto Vallarta post. I featured you and this post on my Pink Saturday post. ~ Sarah

  3. I know that Mexico is colorful but you did an amazing job of capturing the Pinks. I agree with you bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful flowers around. I have one in my garden and I love it.
    I have been traveling abroad for three weeks and have a lot of catching up to do. I was able to get out a post this week. Please stop by and visit. I am soooo glad I got here before the giveaway ends. I am entering right away.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Ginger

  4. I never knew there was so much pink:) Love the doors..I just took a pic of my foot :) That made me smile..:)

    Lovely pink post.

  5. What a wonderful post...all the pinks are some of the prettiest I've seen. Thanks so much.
    xo bj

  6. Thanks for the glimpse into your trip!

  7. We have such hot summers here in TX that when the cold comes I say 'bring it on'! After all that heat I'm kinda ready for it.
    Love your photos - happy thanksgiving.

  8. What a gorgeous place and it sounds like a wonderful trip!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  9. Going to New York and Mexico are both on my bucket list, along with a lot of other wonderful places!! I love Macy's too! Amazingly, we have them in Idaho!


  10. The sand is spectacular! Thanks so much for letting us tag along on you vacation! We were just thinking of taking a trip after Christmas when the winter doldrums set in... Puerto Vallarta sounds perfect! Have a wonderful vacation, Happy Thanksgiving...

  11. How beautiful. I am totally jealous! LOL Happy PS

  12. I remember some wonderful eating in Puerto Vallarta as well! Such a pretty place. The scenery is beautiful, especially those gorgeous sunsets!

  13. Those flowers are really pretty there. Loved all your photos. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving,

  14. I have never seen sand like that! The flowers are beautiful and looks like a really great getaway! Maybe one day my husband and I can go there. That sunset is beautiful. I found you on A stroll through life (blog)

  15. Beautiful pictures

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  16. Thank you so much for showing the beauty in a place that has been on the news lately as being a not-so-beautiful locale. Living close to the Mexican border, I am well aware of the economic trouble they have had there, and I want to thank you and everyone who continues to vacation there and support the Mexican people.

  17. Wow what pretty pink you have to share.. Love that cantine pink house. HPS to you.Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Finally blog with valuable informations.


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