Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bubbling Cauldron Dip

Planning a Halloween Dinner Party
or just want something fun and casual
for the family?  Our Halloween expert Beaulah
suggests this bubbling
cauldron that she likes to refer to as
"Barf Dip".

We like to call it Chili Cheese Dip and the best
part of the recipe is that it takes only 2 ingredients.

Don't let that fool you, this is always a crowd pleaser
wherever we take it.

Chili Cheese Dip

Mix in a microwavable bowl:
1 - 15 oz. can chili (any variety, or homemade)
1 -8 oz. pkg. cream cheese.

Cover loosely with plastic wrap and microwave
2-3 minutes then stir to mix.  Continue to microwave
in one minute intervals until bubbly and hot.
Serve with chips, pretzels, or bread cubes

To make this party ready we  scooped out a bread bowl.
Macey's our local grocery store makes these bread
bowls in pumpkin shapes this time of year.  The bread
is colored orange and it even has a cute green stem.
You can use a regular bread bowl or any serving
container as you will want to serve this any time of year.

To make the cauldron effect, have the dip bubble and drip over
the edge of the bread bowl.  Place bread bowl on yellow and
orange tortilla chips for fire and pretzel rods for logs.

Beaulah says that she knows you will love this.

We actually got this recipe from family friends -
The Austins.  Beaulah argues that it is hers since
she renamed it and put it in a cauldron and placed
it on a fire (she argues that if you change two or
three ingredients it becomes yours.)
Whatever Beaulah!
(There's only 2 ingredients to begin with!)

Beaulah wants us to post this on


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  1. Looks great! I think everyone would love this and be able to enjoy it.

  2. If it taste how it looks than it must be perfect !!! looks very yammie yammie.....lovely day love Ria...

  3. Love your presentation, forget the name! I sure it is a crowd pleaser.

  4. Definitely looks like party food:@) Since I lost a week I'm behind on my PIGskin Challenge. Would you mind if I gave your dip a shout out to get caught up? Thanks!

  5. OmGosh how creative too bad my tummy cannot take spicey food anymore the cookie jar...HPS!

  6. Love this idea!! Perfect for the Halloween party and looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing Beulah!! :)

  7. Great & so easy! That's a great bread bowl for this time of year ~ haven't seen any around this area.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. I totally agree with Zoulah - it's your recipe now :) It sounds wonderful and I love the pumpkin bread bowls! How lucky you are that you can buy them.

  9. I've got to give this a try. I've made the version with chili and velveeta before but not with cream cheese. I love the pretzel branches in the 'fire' underneath!

    Enjoy the week! :)

  10. mmm! Pretzel rods dipped in ANYTHING cream cheese and I'm all over it! This looks delicious. What a cute bakery, too. Love this.

  11. I agree with Beaulah -- course she is a witch and I don't want to offend her -- it must be her recipe. We also call this by the name of "barf dip." Zoulah loves this concoction and it is an easy party recipe. Joni

  12. Two ingredients that I love:) That loaf of pumpkin shaped bread is darling! Wish I could buy it around here!

  13. The bowl totally makes this precious dish! Yum, and cute!

  14. I love the pumpkin bread bowl, Jacqueline! The dip looks great too. Thanks for sharing your recipe and have a great week.
    Hugs, Beth

  15. "Barf Dip" Gosh, that sounds awful....another shudder!

    I've done something similar using a can of chili without beans & a block of Mexican flavored Velveeta cheese. Yummy! I'm sure your version is just as good. Cute presentation!

  16. The dip is a classic! I have never thought about coloring a bread before. I will have to make this one!


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