Thursday, September 2, 2010

Princess Cookies With Royal Icing

For Susan's Tablescapes Thursday I featured a
fabulous pool party that my daughter-in-law Audra
did for their 3 year old London.

I promised to do a tutorial on these delightful

I have had these cookies commercially made before
and was not impressed with the taste, although they
were beautiful.
Audra's were great, the cookie still soft and everything
flavorful.  She told me she used my recipe:

Sugar Cookie Recipe
1 Pkg. Betty Crocker's French Vanilla Cake Mix (dry)
1 egg 
 1/2 C. butter (very very soft)
2-4 T. flour (I added this flour to make
a rolled cookie dough)

Mix the above in a mixer until smooth.
You don't need to chill this dough.
Roll out cookies.
Bake at 375 for 7-8 minutes. (I did 7)

Yesterday we tried a more traditional sugar cookie as
the cake mix ones were a little cracked on the top
and thus harder to frost.

The result??!!
Nowhere near as delicious!!  A traditional
sugar cookie doesn't have enough taste to
support the blandness of a royal frosting.  The
recipe using the cake mix is extra sweet and
makes for a better tasting cookie.
I was not about to blog a tasteless cookie for you
and have you complain.

I tweaked the recipe and added flour to make
it a smoother rolling dough.  The tweaked recipe
appears above.  You can add the 2 T. for a moister
cookie or 4 T. for a firmer cookie.

As you can see, I roll the cookie dough out on floured
 parchmentpaper on the pan or on the counter and
 then slide it onto thepan.  Then I cut the cookies out,
 giving them space to expandon the pan so they won't touch
.  This way your cookies don'tstretch and get misshapen as
you transfer them to the pan.

Bake at 375 for 7 minutes or until tops look dry.  Do not overbake.
Let cool a couple of minutes on the pan, then move to a cookie rack
to cool completely.  You can stack them when cool.

The secret to the icing is to get the Royal Icing thin
 enough that itmelts back into itself as you count to 5.
  The icing in this picture still
needed to be thinned a little.

Royal Icing
3/4 C. warm water
5 T. meringue powder or powdered egg whites
1 tsp. cream of tartar
2 1/4 lb. powdered sugar

In mixer with paddle attachment, mix the
water and meringue powder on lowest speed
until well blended.  Add the cream of tartar.
Add the powdered sugar and set a kitchen
timer for 10 minutes.  Mix with paddle for 10

This will give you your typical royal icing that is
thick and can be used for solid piping.  We now
want to thin it down significantly.
Add additional water 1 T. at a time.  We added
7 more tablespoons. 
It should be thin enough to form a ribbon that
disappears back into the mass of the frosting
by the count of 5.  It has to hold its shape, but
not too much.

Divide into bowls to color.  We used the Neon
liquid colors.  They made really pretty colors
and only used 2-3 drops for each bowl.  We
had 4 colors and white.

Audra bought these squeeze bottles as the Bosch store. 
They wereonly $1 and came with the wonderful tip and
 coupler.  The tip wasthe perfect size for making little dots. 
We also did the yellow in aZiploc bag with the corner cut off. 
It worked well too, just make the hole very small.

If your frosting won't flow out of the bottle, add a little
 water to thin it down.  That is the key, thin but not so thin
 it runs offthe cookie. (We made one that way too!)

Start by piping the outline around the cookie.
You can let this sit a little while to dry it especially if you
plan to fill with a contrasting color.
If you are doing really dark colors, it is recommended
that you let the outline or dam dry overnight.
If you are doing the same color you don't have
to wait at all!  We didn't wait very long on
the colors we did.

Use the squeeze bottle to fill in the center.  Sometimes
I used the back of a spoon to spread it around.
Now is when you can't wait!
If you want to make designs on the cookies
you have to do it right away, so only do  one
cookie at a time.

This cookie was filled in with turquoise then purple
lines were piped across it.  See how the purple has
sunk into the blue.  That is what you are checking
for, it has to happen by the count of 5.

 Immediately use a toothpick to draw through the
 fresh frosting to make your designs.

Pipe dots around the border.  Let the center sit for
 a few minutes before you do this.

Not bad for a first timer huh?

London approved!

I will be posting this on

Foodie Fridays


Pink Saturday.

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  1. Lovely, lovely! Our Princess Dylan LOVES making and decorating cookies with Grandma too. Don't you love it?!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Jaqueline -- I haven't floated a cookie in years but with Halloween coming never know. That was a great tutorial on how decorate. Joni

  3. What a sweetie Dylan.....and so yammie yammie all these cookies !!! happy weekend Ria....

  4. You are amazing! How lucky are these little gals to have you as their Grams!

  5. Beautiful...what a great tip to roll the cookie out on the parchment!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for the icing tips, I have a huge tin of cookie cutters and would love to be able to make them pretty!

  7. what an outstanding job you did with those cookies! Much better than store bought!

  8. The cookies turned out beautifully. Now I am ready to go to the kitchen and get the cookie cutters out. Thank you for the nice tutorial. With the holidays coming up, it is especially helpful.


  9. Jacqueline, the cookies are so pretty...lovely decorated :-)

  10. Cookies fit for a Princess! So beautiful and they sound delicious too. Thanks for the sugar cookie recipe!

  11. Hi Jacqueline,

    I used to make these back in the days when I catered (about 28 years ago) along with wedding cakes and party cakes. Sometimes I'd have them match the cakes I made. I never could have written the directions as well as you did, though. Nowadays my daughters and I like to make these kind of cookie/biscuits using Bisquick, and ice them with cream cheese icing..........OMG, they are sooooooo gooooood, especially with coffee. They come out so soft and fluffy and then you have the cream cheesy sweetness. We do these mostly for Christmas cookies. Thanks for sharing.


  12. What a fun new cookie recipe and your cookies are soooo cute! I'm going to get busy and make some for my grands who will be visiting soon. Thanks so much.

  13. These are beautiful!!! I love Royal Icing, so easy to decorate with!

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  15. Beautiful! Now to find a little princess for whom to make these cookies.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  16. I love how you used a cake mix in your cookie recipe - cool idea! Your princess cookies look so pretty, and thank you for the icing tutorial, that is wonderful!

  17. Your cookies look AMAZING! I didn't know cake mix could be used to make cookies. Fancy that!

  18. These are simply precious :)


  19. She's a cutie. I love the round cookies, with the almost polka top tops. I was suprised to see it was a cake mix recipe, I'll try that.

    For years I made my own sugar cookie dough. Then, I bought a pouch of the Duncan Hines mix and everyone went on and on about how they were the best sugar cookies ever. I haven't made homemade since and no one knows it!

  20. So adorable. It looks like the little princess enjoyed the cookies.

  21. love these!!!! I just had my second baby so maybe i should have a mommy daughter day with my first and make these!!! thanks for the idea!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfulness with us. I can't wait to try it. Beautiful cookies. Beautiful.

  23. You have great instructions and photos. I have been wanting to learn to flood cookies---so many cute things to do! Thanks for the lesson!

  24. I still wouldn't be able to make the cookies -but you did a great job-they look so delicious!

  25. Jacquiline,

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my Pink Saturday post. I did take the photo of my granddaughter on the swing. I altered it and added the dragonfly brush stamps in Photoshop. I'll be back to explore your blog when I have more time. Love the cupcakes and cookies, I'm hungry now. have a wonderful day!

  26. These are very pretty! I love the squeeze bottles! How cool! I love painting cookies and those would come in handy!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  27. Hi Jacqueline,

    Those cookies are 2DIE4. I could go for about 3 dozen right now. Just beautiful and good enough to eat!

    xo Cathy

  28. What cute cookies! I have never seen a cut out cookie made from cake mix. I am bookmarking it for future use...thanks!

  29. Thank you for the visit today and the warm welcome to Pink Saturday. Your cookies look delicious. Take care.

  30. Those look so amazing. And London seems to think they taste that way too. Wow! How cute.

  31. Your cookies are so PRETTY! I have yet to try the technique you used in decorating...I MUST try it soon! Your little taste-tester looks happy and adorable!

  32. Thank you for posting all these wonderful tips. I would love to create this fabulous looking cookies. My icing just always falls short of my desires though, LOL!

  33. The cookies are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and all the tips. Your directions are easy to follow ~ I guess I should get busy and practice for Halloween! :-)

    Where did you find the crown cookie cutter?

  34. I am so excited to see your recipe for cookies and technique for royal icing. I have a large collection of cookie cutters and needed good instructions. Thank you!

  35. You are invited anytime!! But could you please bring some of those yummy cupcakes? They look divine!

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