Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mrs. Jacqueline's Gourmet Caramel Apples

The apples are ripening and it is time to make
something fun with the them.

We have a wonderful apple tree.  I thought it was a
 It was advertised as
self-pollinating so that works for us since
it is our only apple tree.  Last year we had a small
crop but they were huge.

Notice the gorgeous pink blush.

I picked these last year.  There was only one problem,
this was the "good" side.  The back sides were all
munched on by the birds.

     We like to call  "things like this the
backside of
    Disneyland" where you see what is behind the beauty!

    I don't mind sharing some, but of that whole tree,
          only one had been left untouched.

Notice anything new hanging in the tree?

I read on-line that if you hang CDs from the branches
the twirling reflection would scare the birds
away.  Guess what?  It worked.  I have a beautiful
crop this year and none have been eaten by the

You all have seen Mrs. .......Gourmet Caramel apples
that go for around $20 each.  Here you can
make your own for under $1 each.

I like an apple that is sweet and tart like a Jonathan
or Jonagold to dip in caramel rather than one that is
 just tart like a Granny Smith.

Caramel Apple Recipe

1 C. melted butter
1 C. light Karo corn syrup
2 C. packed brown sugar
1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

9 - 12 apples, washed and dried (depends on
the size of the apples)
candy or popsicle sticks
melted chocolate

Wash and dry the apples and insert sticks.

Mix, the melted butter, corn syrup,
brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk
in a heavy saucepan.  Bring it to a boil
on medium high - it scorches easily -
and turn to medium or medium low,
stirring the bottom constantly
being careful not to scorch it. 

Let the temperature reach 245 degrees (at sea level) so if
you live in the mountains as I do you need to see where your
thermometer reaches a rolling boil for water - 212 degrees
at sea level.  Today I tested my thermometer and it
boiled at 200 so I would subtract 12 from 245 and
cook it to 233.

Pull off heat and add 1 tsp. vanilla.

Dip in caramel and place on a greased piece
of tin foil.  Let cool then dip in desired chocolate.
I like to let the chocolate harden and drizzle with
additional colors of chocolate and add chopped

Pour out any leftover caramel onto a heavily
buttered piece of foil for shaping
into caramels or just eating.

Placing the stick into the washed and dried
apples fresh off the tree today.

Be careful with the hot caramel.  My little grandson
tried some off the spoon too quickly and got
a little burn today.

Cure for burns - put milk on a piece of paper
towel and hold it on there a few minutes.
The vitamin D in the milk takes the burn
away.  We have even done this on a
severely burned hand - keep rewetting the
towel in milk - works for sunburn too if
you do it as soon as you come in - apply milk
and let it dry then apply lotion (so you don't smell).

(Enough of Jacqueline's home remedies!)

Butter the foil heavily or it will stick.
Be sure to let the caramel cool completely or the
chocolate will just slide off of it.

Now let the chocolate layer cool completely by
placing it in the fridge before
drizzling any additional chocolate.

Be sure the additional chocolate or white
chocolate isn't too warm as it will slide
off too.  ( experience.)

This one was dipped in milk chocolate then
drizzled in white and milk with Reeses Pieces
on top.  Let the drizzled chocolate cool then
use additional chocolate to glue on the candy.

The one in the far back was drizzled in
white chocolate then sprinkled
with cinnamon sugar.

This one we dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled
with dark and white chocolate.

This one has Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
sprinkled on top of the milk chocolate.
That sweet/salty taste was wonderful.
A little goes a long ways.

We love to let people make their own.  We
have also done service projects where the
youth made one to keep and one to give
away to a family in need.

Have fun making up your own varieties. 

Lots of love,

I love hearing your comments, they truly make my day!

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  1. Holy crow these look AMAZING! I'm totally stuffing this in my back pocket and doing these up as holiday gifts. We are really tight this year, but these will make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Jaqueling -- I have used your recipe many times. Tim DOUBLE DIPS them and then just covers them with toasted hazelnuts! They are very heavy and delicious. Your pics are great on this --- love the mosaics. How about YOU come down to make the things we discussed. How about next week? Joni

  3. Wow. Those look incredible.

  4. great idea using cd's to keep birds away- will try that

    gourmet apples sound so good and so fun to make- like the sea salt idea a lot. thanks for all the little tips!

  5. Hi there~ Your apples looks absolutely delicious!! I am planning on caramel apples for the Halloween party- I will definitely be coming back to look at your recipe again! :)

  6. Who doesn't love caramel apples? Yours look delicious! What a fun treat to share with your grandchildren.

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  13. Oh my I am now starving, they look so yummy

  14. Jacqueline what fun you have with your grandchildren. I'm so jealous as mine live quite a ways off. And I love the CD tip- we'll definitely try that!
    xoxo Pattie

  15. Yum yum yum! But they *almost* look too good to eat!

  16. I love the tip of the cd's in the tree. My husband has been hinting about caramel apples ever since we went to the Minnesota State Fair. Adding these to the weekend list of recipes.

  17. These are such bee-utiful apples on and off the tree and look sensational candied. Thanks for your recipe. I hate unwrapping caramels and I'm sure this is much better. I have a little friend that keeps requesting them!

  18. I had to wipe off my computer keyboard from the drool. Those look absolutely divine!

  19. These look fantastic! I've seen toffee apples before but never considered them dipped in chocolate. I love your decorations so much! I think I'll have to copy :)

  20. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much for this post on these apples, they look so absolutely yummy. I've had a dwarf Anna apple tree in my backyard, but just this past year some kind of blight got to it, so it's dying off. It's kind of sad, as we've gotten some great miniature apples from it.


  21. These look so amazing! Your pictures are wonderful!

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  23. I love caramel apples but haven't made any yet this fall. Yours are beautiful and have me drooling!

  24. Ohmigosh! These are gorgeous and I really really really want one now! I want an apple tree now also - love the cd idea. Thanks so much for visiting my blog -- hope to see you join in the potluck next week! :)


  25. Oh, oh, these look devine!! Great job with the CD's...anything to keep those pesky birds from eating all your beautiful apples!


  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    These apples look amazing!


  27. Thanks for visiting my blog, those apples are amazing, who can resist this great dessert, love your tip for burns. Do let me know the outcome once you've tried the brioche. Hope to hear from you soon..

  28. I've been waiting for someone to give away their great recipe for these! Thank YOU! This year, I'm going to make them. Yum. A caramel apple is one of my very favorite things.

  29. Your apples on a stick look beautiful, even before you dip them! Thanks for your recipe/tutorial. Your caramel looks so smooth, and all of your finished apples look over the top!

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    Thanks for the cd in the tree idea! We have 3 apple trees with "Pie" apples. It takes forever to peel and trim for pie filling. I love cardinals, but we had THREE lunching in our apple tree one afternoon. I have to try this!

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  33. I wanted to make caramel apples, but our apples weren't so good this year. I love how you made them. They look so delicious. Fun for fall too.

  34. Those apples look so great but what I really appreciated is how the CD's keep the birds away from the apple trees. We have some old growth ones and the birds beat us to them every time but we don't want to use pesticides. Loved your site.Happy Pink Saturday.

  35. Those apples look sooooo yummers!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  36. I Love Caramel apples !! I must be boring, I love them plain with just the caramel :) Or maybe I am old and my teeth cringe at all of the other goodies on there, lol !! Happy Pink Saturday !!!

  37. They look delicious! I did a post on apple picking and making these last week too! Why would anyone pay the price of Mrs. Prindables or the like? So easy, and so good!

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    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

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  44. Thanks for this recipe. We made this last night with the kids and they turned out great!


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