Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cafe Du Monde Beignets - French Doughnuts

These lucious puffs originate from New Orleans at the Cafe du Monde
which has been in the French Market since 1862.  You can't
pass Cafe Du Monde without seeing people lined up to
nosh on these tasty delights.

You can also find them at Disneyland's French Market
(in Downtown Disney),
 hot and toasty ready to have the paper sack torn open to find these
powder sugared doughnuts, waiting to melt in your mouth.
I love revisiting Disneyland by making our favorite foods from there.

They also sell a boxed mix at Disneyland's French Market. 
I was very suspicious to say
the least, that anything that light and delicate could be
reproduced from a mix that just calls for adding water, but
I gave in and paid the $9.99 (I know, I know, that is terribly
pricey! - Hey it's Disney!) 
Well, surprise, surprise, the first batch seemed more than worth
the price.  They did not disappoint.  They were light, fluffy and
melted in your mouth.  It was exactly the same taste.

Just follow the package directions, mixing 2 C. mix with 7 oz.
water. Mix well.  They say to roll out to 1/8 inch thick.  I
rolled mine out more to 1/4 or 3/8 inch thick.  That made it
more like the ones we watched them make at Disneyland.
The package also says to liberally flour the board and they do
so I did too.  They still stayed light and fluffy.

Fry in vegetable oil at 370 (or medium high) until golden,
basting with hot oil and turning half way through.

Drain on paper towel and then toss in a sack about 3 or 4 at a
time with about 1/2 C. powdered sugar.  Keep adding more
powdered sugar.  They should be heavily coated.

To my delight, I found the same boxed mix at World Market
a little later for about $3.00.  Of course I bought one for
every member of the family.

If you aren't lucky enough to have a World Market or yours
doesn't carry the mix, you can find it online at

(Do pay attention to the expiration date listed on the box.)

Experience a little French delight for breakfast soon.

I will be posting this on The Girl Creative's

I just love her party!  Last week I spotted two recipes on there
that looked delicious and I copied them and took them
to Lake Powell with me!  They were both hits.


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  1. Oh this looks great, what a fun breakfast!

  2. wow! looks great. thanks for sharing where we can buy them! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness.. simply yummy! Thanks for the drool :) What a great blog. I want to "thank you" for stopping by my blog!

    Renee ♥

  4. Oh I wish I had one of these. I can just taste them. I love the beignets in New Orleans.

  5. This looks so yammie.....i wish i could taste one......why do you live so far away????

    Love Ria.....

  6. Rats, I was just at World Market yesterday. I'll remember for my next trip!

  7. Yum! I'll have to look for these- there's a World Market in town- thanks!

  8. Biegnets! I have always wondered how to make them. Seriously! And to think you can use a mix. I'm thrilled, lol. So glad you posted this over at Diana's. We go back to Jr. High and she's such a great girl. She got me into blogging. It's all her fault! Beautiful Biegnets!

  9. Being from Louisiana, Beignets just scream home! And yours look fabulous!

  10. Oh great, now I have a sweet tooth. I'm your newest follower!

  11. I can't wait to make these! A book I just read talks about that cafe and these tasty treats. I was wondering what they were. Thanks!!!

  12. I'm thinking what a special treat for Conference Sunday's only twice a year and I have to pace myself! Thanks so much for the heads up on a great mix.

  13. favorite treats at Disneyland. And thank you for our box. We thoroughly enjoyed them.

  14. Oh! You just reminded me that I still have one box of beignet mix...yummie!

  15. I'm back...picked up a yucky cold on the way home and my FIL had a stroke on our drive home...I think he is goin to be okay...thank goodness. The beignets look so good and yummy! We need to plan a day to go shopping and include Home Goods and World Market on our list. Guess Jeannie may stop in on her way up...Joni

  16. Oh, Cafe du Monde is my favorite place to go in New Orleans for coffee and beignets. Now I am starting to crave for some. ....Christine

  17. Thank you so much for posting the recipes. These look AMAZING!! Great blog! I’m following from Follow Me Back Tuesday. I hope you’ll stop by soon!

  18. My mom used to make the most delicious beignets but I've never attempted it. You have inspired me. I just adore them and now you seem to have made it possible for little ol me to give it a try. Hmmm. Did I mention that I adore them!?!

  19. Linked from FMBT.

    OMG I <3 beignets. I plan to totally check and see if my world market carries that mix.

  20. I just saw this on your blog and immediately ordered 2 boxes of beignet mix from Cafe du Monde. Beignets are one of my favorites and I think many years ago I had them at this famous restaurant.
    I am having a baby shower brunch for my daugher-in-law and these will be a perfect addition to the quiche that I'm going to serve along with a fruit salad.
    Thanks for sharing this.


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