Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty in Pink Necklace

Bright pink just belongs with summer.  I needed a bright pink necklace. 
So I whipped one up in minutes.  You can too!
I bought all my beads from JoAnn Fabrics.

"Lucy" here is sporting the finished necklace I made.
Actually it is two necklaces made to be worn by themselves or together.

Making jewelry is so easy.
Here is a tutorial for easy jewelry.
You can also find lots of how-to videos on You Tube.

Starting with supplies you can find at any craft store from top going clockwise:
Jewelry wire
Clasp or two piece toggle
Tiny tube shaped beads called crimping beads
Metal spacers
End caps
Beads of various sizes and materials

You will also need a set of tools including a wire cutter.  (Sorry that picture rotated and I can't change it.)  You can buy these at any craft store.

Begin by cutting the wire to desired length plus 3-5 inches extra so you have enough to work with.
Slip the wire through a crimping bead, through your desired clasp, toggle or hook, and then back through the crimping bead.  Slide the bead up close to the clasp and pinch it tightly with a pliers.
Give it a firm tug to make sure the crimping bead has secured the wires tightly.  Trim the excess short
wire then begin to bead. 
From left to right I have strung the clasp, two crystal beads, a metal spacer, a large plastic bead, a
metal spacer, two crystal beads, an end cap, a round glass bead and an end cap.  Using metal spacers, small metal beads and end caps really helps in your design.
Continue beading until you have reached your desired length, then repeat the process or a crimping bead, the other end of the clasp and pulling the wire back through the crimping bead.  Pinch the crimping bead tightly, then give it a firm tug to make sure it is secure, finally trim the excess wire.

Easy, easy, easy!

If you don't like it, start over.  When you are beginning it might help to look at some necklaces you already own and see what kinds of patterns of beads they are using.  Groupings of 2 and 3 small beads
followed by a metal spacer are nice. 
It is fun to save old necklaces and cut them apart and re-use beads.
Give it a try and make a cute summer necklace for yourself or someone you love.


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  1. Jacqueline thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am very lucky to have won those wonderful napkin rings from your sisters blog. I have been looking at your posts and you blog is great!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  2. I adore pink!!! I am also working on a pink beaded necklace, but its not as big of a statement piece as this one and yours has alot more beautiful beads on it, but mine is almost done. I will have to post about it when I am done.


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