Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl's Camp With A Little Style

Welcome to my back patio.  It is time to have a little backyard fun.

As President of The Young Women's Organization in our church
I am off to Girl'sCamp this week.
We go high into the mountains and when we have to go in June
it can rain and snow every day.
So I found these stylin' rain boots with a western/animal/girlie flair
and knew I had to have them.
Then I knew they had to be the centerpiece for my camping tablescape.
If you can believe it, I found them at the airport!

The Simplicity hedge roses are on their last leg, but they look
perfect placed in boots with matching roses.  I just
placed a tall glass in each boot to hold the water.
I wish Girl's Camp was this civilized!
We do a lot of crafts at Girl's Camp.
That's probably what inspired the napkins and napkin rings.
I had pale pink fabric and animal print fabric already, so I cut
it into 18 1/2 inch squares and used my serger to give them
rolled edges.  The animal print fabric was from a valance that I was
going to throw away.  I decided to hang onto it and have made one
into a table topper and now these darling napkins.
(No greasy fingers-pleeeease!)
I knew I needed some napkin rings to match, but couldn't
find anything.  Then while perusing Wally Mart I saw
these curtain rings and thought, maybe, if I can't find anything else.
Also at Wal Mart I saw these cute jewel buttons, and then
I knew what the napkin rings would be - girlie and bling bling.
I layered black Pfalzgraff with pink ceramics I bought at a local store, Tai Pan.
The heavy braided place mats are from Wal Mart.  The utensils are from
World Market.
If you didn't catch it before, these boots are kickin'.

Don't I wish we had s'mores served up like this!

And if you can find marshmallows in matching pink, why not?
I found these at Wal Mart too.
Mmmmmmmmm Good!
And if it is going to be girlie, we have to have pink lemonade.
These glasses are made by Libbey.
You can get these at a steal on line.  Click here.
At this source they are a couple of dollars apiece.  Other
sources wanted about $15 apiece.

When I get back the Simplicity roses will be done until Fall.

One last look from above. 

The gas fire pit was my Mother's Day gift last year.  It came from Costco.

Before you go, let's toast up some of them  pink girlie mallows.

For now, I am just kickin' back and relaxin'.
Soon I have to leave this ideal world and go pack for the
real world of Girl's Camp - dust and dirt and no showers, but
we do have cabins, and it is spectacularly beautiful.
Of course, the girls make it all worth it

And I do have my boots!

Oh no!

"Mom, would you forget about blogging!  You burned my marshmallows!"

My husband says I have to do some more "manly" things.  One of our
former neighbors and great friend played in the NFL and he told me
he's one of my followers.  Ok, maybe after camp.

I will be sharing this on Rhondi's Rose Colored Glasses for her Porch Party

It will also be my pleasure to share my dream of Girl's Camp
on Tablescape Thursdays and Pink Saturday (if I can get my sister Joni to link me up while I'm gone.)

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Cute boots! I like all the pink touches, and your crafts, too. Now I'm off to see more of your blog, since it's my firat time here.

  2. What great backyard fun. Love the pink marshmallows. I didn't know they came in colors. I love your boots and enjoy camp.

  3. Way cute and those boots are soooo great!

  4. Great post and a great blog, my first visit. Loved the napkin rings you came up with. The boots are just tooo cute!!! Thanks for visiting, come back anytime.

  5. I just love all your attention to detail, so glad I'm following your awesome blog now. I was in Young Womens a couple of years ago, and just loved the girls and camp... What a fun leader you are:)

  6. You totally had me with the pink marshmallows! Love the table setting...what a beautiful place to have a party.

  7. Wow Jacqueline I knew I would be in trouble when I found your site. It is a Wow!

    Come and join my giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  8. Jacqueline, this is the best! I'm still smiling at these wonderful images. What a terrific tablescape. Love the boots. You should also link this to Pink Saturday.
    Have fun on your camp trip. ~ Sarah

  9. I love your tablescape!
    What a great idea with the boots and the pink, such a great combo!

  10. Those boots are made for "gawking!" Thanks so much for stopping by the porch party. I ran out of time getting ready for the event but I was glad to have finished a few things so that I could join in. We found the butterfly bench at Home Depot, with free shipping! It makes me so happy. I love butterflies.

  11. It was so much fun to meet you through Rhondi's porch party! I so enjoyed your tablescape on your patio...everything was so cute...and I loved your thriftiness and creativity in pulling it together!! You will be the hit in those cute boots, too!

    Have fun on your Girls Camp...see ya when you return! dana

  12. Oh, what fun those boots are! I mean CUTE! And I love your table. I found flatware like that at Target years ago, and I'm glad to know World Market has it, too. I love World Market!

    Have a great time at Girls Camp!


    Sheila :-)

  13. I just love your blog; So glad I found you! Great posting! Marcia

  14. Hi Jacueline
    I am so glad you joined my party so I could find you. I LOVE the boots!! Your girlie color scheme is wonderful, right down to the pink marshmallows.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  15. How pretty! I love the boots-they are just sooo awesome!!

  16. I love your girl's camp Jaqueline. My girls would adore it!! Those boots are sensational!! I think you could write a blog just about those boots...imagine the things they would uncover!!


    PS..thanks for you comment on my post..very thoughtful of you !

  17. fun cute and delish, a killer combo!

  18. What great backyard fun!!!I love it!

    so happy pics!


    visit me anytime...

  19. This post is a hoot! It certainly would be fun if Girl's Camp would be like that! I remember rainy days and having to put a dike around my tent...I think I would enjoy your version of camp much better! Love the boots bling and the tablesetting! Joni

  20. Your pink and black are so elegant and so girly! I love the boots; I'll bet they will be the hit of Girl's Camp. What a lovely tablesetting.

  21. At first I could not get over those boots. The eys kept being drawn back to THE boots. Then when we got to coordinated pink marshmellows, and the boot pitcher...
    this is a great post. I'd love to party with you anytime.

  22. How adorable! LOVE the pink and black theme, and those boots are just incredibly wonderful! I'm not sure I'd go camping -- my idea of roughing it is sharing a hotel room with the kids -- but it looks like you know how to have a good time!

  23. This post is too cute! What a great theme...THIS is my type of "roughing it". Those pink marshmellows are great...and is that pink chocolate too? or just very light milk chocolate? Using your boots for a centerpiece is just priceless! I LOVE THEM!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections.

  24. What a fun, cute, and oh-so-girly table! Those little boots are just adorable, and what's more feminine than PINK marshmallows! Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  25. What a fun girlie tablescape. Anything with shoes especially boots gets my attention so I had to go and order those glasses...too fun. Pink and chocolate...I can't get enough. Those boots were definitely an inspiration. Have fun at camp. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas.

  26. Jacqueline, what a fun to use that boots for a center piece. But it turned out very nice with all the pretty pink shades. Nice table. I hope you enjoy your camp time.
    Greetings, Johanna

  27. The boots are adorable and perfect for building your beautiful table all the pink and black. Have fun camping!

  28. I love all your details, so fun! The boots and the pink marshmallows really made me smile. You are so clever.

  29. This is the 1st time I've been to your site and I LOVE IT! I love the boots/your whole tablescape!

    Just wonderful!!!

    I'm actually going to buy a similar type rain boot! Adorable!!!

    MANY blessings to you and I pray that your retreat is wonderful!!!


  30. I am dying over the boots! Your YW are going to love those!! You will be the hit of Girl's camp! Love your tablescape too! All the pink down to the marshmallows!! I love it all! Have fun at camp! This the first year I haven't had to go in a long time.
    Take lots of pics!


  31. Love all the pink and am coveting those BEAUTIFUL boots :)


  32. Hi Jacqueline,

    Loved the concept! You created the setting, captured the images, and described it all perfectly.
    My favorite shot was the "kicked back" one viewed over the crossed boots! Great fun!

  33. uhhhhh, hey lady I have to have a pair of those boots..going shopping right now. SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty,cute inspiring!


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