Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Galentine's Party with the Craft Group

I know I am a little late posting 
this, but I wanted to get it done 
before the pictures got lost in my 
busy life.

Our Craft Group had a Galentine's 
party this year.  We started with this 
fabulous charcuterie heart box 
made by our hostess Laura.  

The beautiful boxes were all laid out 
on a side table.  We took them into the 
living room and munched and talked.
I have to admit by the time we finished 
our boxes, we were stuffed and we 
still had dinner!

You can see there is a full meal 
in the heart shaped box consisting 
of cheeses, crackers, fruit salsa, 
a chopped salad, a petit four, 
nuts and a chocolate. 

Because we were too full to eat 
anything more, we moved on to 
our Favorite Things baskets.  Some 
contained books, and some Valentine's 
things, and some had date items.  
They were all beautifully done.  

The table was set with 
a Valentine's theme with
chocolates on each plate and 
fresh flowers in the center.

Our lovely hostess, Laura, had 
prepared a gift bag for each of us.
Earlier she had asked us for the 
name of a boy we liked in 
grade school.  Inside our gift bags 
were hand written notes from our 
crushes!  What a fun idea.  Mine said, 
"Jackie I like you.  Meet me at recess!" 
What a clever and fun idea.  She also 
wrote a Valentine to each of us from 
herself, a beautiful note to keep telling 
us what she admired about us.  

There was also a pretty hanky, 
candy and treats.  It felt very 

Ribbons were hanging from the 
chandelier and six pots of 
fresh flowers were lined up 
down the table. 

We each got a See's Chocolates 
Heart Shaped Truffle.  I just 
loved that ruffled white plate.

A second theme of strawberries 
was featured and Amy made 
these beautiful strawberry shaped 

Here is our lovely hostess Laura.

She is holding the chocolate 
dipped strawberries I made 
for the party.  Our husbands 
call us the "Overachievers", 
so I knew the strawberries had 
to be special.  Some were painted 
gold and some were covered in 
pink sparkle. 

Even though we didn't do a craft, 
(seems to be the way this group 
is going), we had a wonderful 
time and still didn't get home 
until 11:00!! 

So fun to share food and fun with 
fabulous friends.  

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Friday, December 1, 2023

Tales of the Traveling Tote #37 and a Giveaway

Here it is already December 1st, 
and Miss Madi K and I want to 
welcome you to our 
Tales of the Traveling Tote 
and tell you where we 
have been off to.  

We are finishing building a 
new home and didn't think 
we could get away, but 
 surprisingly, we 
were able to travel to a few 

We were so busy with the house 
we forgot that our friends had 
invited us to St. George for 
a Gentri Christmas concert 
at Tuacahn. 
Tuacahn is an outdoor theater 
and it was a lovely settting 
and it started the Christmas 
season out. 

Check out Gentri's Christmas 
albums.  They are a trio that 
met while performing in 
Les Miserables in Salt Lake 
City.  Their harmony is wonderful 
and you may remember that 
we traveled with them on 
a Mediterranean Cruise in 

So much wonderful food 
in St. George.  We always 
have to stop at Tifani's for 
crepes.  This is a Cinnabon 
crepe with sugared pecans.  

We were home just for a 
couple of days when we 
headed to Cabo for 
It is the year for the kids 
to be with the in-laws, 
so it was just the two of us.  

I made this Thanksgiving 
floral arrangement using 
just some wild flowers 
growing out on the cliffs. 

While we basked in the 

the new house got its 
first snow storm.

We enjoyed eating at 
one of our favorites 
in Cabo, 
Tres Sirenas.  
I just love their presentation!
Those flowers surrounding 
the delicious coconut shrimp 
just make it magical.   

We tried the three sorbets 
for dessert.  The presentation 
on this was amazing too. 

Then when we got home 
we had a couple of fun 
shopping expeditions 
to get ready for Christmas.  
We are hoping to get into 
our new home next week!   

It is always fun shopping 
with the littles!  She was 
totally entranced with 
one of our favorite 
The Busy Biddy.

Thanks for traveling along with 
Miss Madi K and I.  

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Monday, October 9, 2023

Salty Halloween Pirate Mirror

Halloween has been in full
swing here for a while.

As many of you know we are 
building a new house, and 
most of the Halloween 
decor boxes were already 
taken to storage.  
(You may not believe that 
if you see my house all 

But Beaulah and I decided we 
had to decorate to be happy 
while we pack endless boxes!

It has really lifted my mood 
to have the house decorated 
and it opened the way to 
having the house ready 
for all of the last parties 
we want to have in this 
Haunted House.

In the thrift store pile was 
this old frame - that I had 
no place for in the new house.
The pirate skeleton was also 
being tossed!  

Then I decided - since I wasn't 
busy at all - haha - that I 
wanted a Halloween Craft 

We had the pirate skeleton 
for years and only used him 
once.  He is undersized and 
had a peg leg and I just didn't 
like him much.  

So I got out my bread knife 
and sawed his lower body 
off - ZZZZ  - and then took 
his eye patch off and gouged 
a hole - trying to sound 
Halloweenish here!  
Then I stripped him of 
his headband and he was 
ready to be transformed 
with some gold paint. 

I didn't have to do 
anything to the mirror.  

A crystal knob that I had 
around the house became 
his eye - my favorite part!!!

Then I glued his headband 
back on.  I tried him without 
and he just wasn't the same. 

And we are in love with him. 

My three year old 
granddaughter was oohing 
and aahing over the 
Halloween decor in the 
living room.  I took her 
back in and pointed him out.  
She said with eyes wide open, 
"OH!  I didn't see that!" 

Now instead of the thrift 
pile he will have a place 
in our Halloween home 
for years to come.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Happy Haunting Kitchen

Halloween decorating is all 
done and we are enjoying some 
new things at 
Purple Chocolat Home.  
This will probably be our 
last month here, and definitely 
our last Halloween here, 
but I decided I would have fun 
decorating for Halloween 

You have seen me decorate 
my kitchen counter with 
my boards for years, but 
this year I decided to elevate 
them.  My son had made me 
this small board several years 
ago and I purchased acrylic 
feet and glued them on the 
bottom to create some 
height, interest and bling.

After he had given me that black 
board, I decided I wanted a large 
one so I ran to Home Depot and 
purchased a board and painted it 
black and sanded it a little.  

We had these feet that I got on 
Amazon and I asked hubby to 
screw them in.  It literally took 
less than 15 minutes to elevate 
this board.  Everyone who has 
seen these loves the change. 

I like layering the smaller 
board in front of the 
larger board.  

Most of my Halloween 
decor was already boxed 
and moved, but my two 
Haunted Houses were in 
special boxes to be hand 
carried.  I decided I needed 
some decor out, so I 
got these out and that 
started the decorating!

I also had to display my new 
furry cat pumpkin from 
Home Goods.  The grandkids 
really love the houses and 
the furry pumpkin.  They 
are really good to just look 
and not touch.  

Hubby went with my son and 
grandson to a Jet's game in 
New York and he asked what 
I wanted him to bring back.  
I said, "Oh, go to the 
Mackenzie-Childs store and 
get me something!"
So he went and took pictures 
and I chose this.  What a great 

Beaulah is happy with all of 
the fun new changes and 
she is ready to party.  
We are advertising all 
of our parties as our 
"Last Halloween Party Here" 
but we are excited to move.  

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