Thursday, December 1, 2022

Tales of the Traveling Tote #33 and A Giveaway

Welcome to our 33rd edition of 
Tales of the Traveling Tote.  I joined
this wonderful group of MacKenzie-Child's 

loving ladies in December of 2017.
My tote has traveled all over the 
world, but today it returns 
to the world that lives on a 
snowflake - to Whoville!

Miss Madi K's first Tales of the 
Traveling Tote was also to 
Whoville, but things were 
bigger and better this year.

She already has had two parties 
and it is only December 1st.

We invited the Relief Society ladies, 
our church group, over for a 
party to make our hearts grow three 
sizes this year.  Everyone brought 
needed supplies for refugee families. 
The supplies were dropped off in 
the Grinch's sleigh out front and 
we had so many that the sleigh and 
porch were overflowing.

We had about 50 ladies come for dinner, 
all Grinchy food of course. 

Miss Madi K and I are so enchanted 
with Whoville that we have decided 
to make that our theme for our 
Christmas Eve dinner, and we even 
found some plates that The Grinch 

We have lots of Dept. 56 villages, but 
only some pieces have increased in 
value and they are the Original
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 
houses. This is Cindy Lou Who's House, 

The Town Hall, 

and Farfingles Department Store.  I had 
purchased Cindy's house for all of my 
kids years ago, so it was so cute when 
my youngest son who is 28, said this 
year that he would like to inherit the 
Town Hall and Farfingles!

They are all displayed on my 
Whoville kitchen counter.  

Thanks for traveling to a place 
that is special in our hearts, 

Now for the giveaway, 
which all Who's would love, 

Visit Linda and leave a 
comment to be entered in 
for this darling keychain. 

Then hop on over to our TTT 
friends and see where they have 
been off to.

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Join us again in March for another 

Tales of the Traveling Tote.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Return of Harry Potter Table

Halloween is in full swing again 
here at Purple Chocolat Home 
and we decided to have another 
Harry Potter feast in the 
Great Hall.  I changed it up a bit 
this year and put the tables on an 

To get us all a seat, with 31 of us, 
I used 2 eight foot tables and 
one 6 foot table with adjustable 
legs so the little ones can sit at 
it on my children sized Chiavari 

Removing the furniture from the room 
helps to accommodate the crowd.  

All tables were draped with black
tablecloths and then the color of the 
runner determined which house 
was represented.  This one is blue 
for Ravenclaw.  

This one is green for Slytherin.  

And this one is read for Gryffindor.  

The Hogwart's banner flies at 
the end of the room. 

And at the other end of the 
Great Hall we have the letters 
to Harry flying out of the fireplace. 

Napkins for each house were set at 
each placesetting.  I used copper 
chargers and gold flatware on all 
of the tables, except the little table, 
where I used plastic for the little 

I had a mixture of mugs.  These 
particular mugs are from 
Universal Studios. 

Here is another mug I made using 
stickers.  The tables have a scattering 
of Harry Potter memorabilia, like the 
authentic Pumpkin Juice bottle,

the Golden Snitch and candy boxes.

I had fun with creating pages 
from the Daily Prophet which had 
the photos of each guest and a story 
headline for each. 

Here is another authentic mug 
from Universal Studios 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 
I created the Weasley's clock a 
few years ago.  

I also created this Harry Potter 
tree a few years ago.  It rests down 
in the TV room in the basement which 
is decorated with all of my 
Harry Potter items. 

Some items were purchased 
online and some were purchased 
at Universal Studios.  I had a 
lot of fun putting this tree together, 
so it sits decorated down in the 
TV room. 

For character photos I purchased 
three backdrops, one the library, 
one of Honeydukes, and one of 
the Hogwarts Castle.  I hung those 
and had all of the families take 
family photos.  

We loved this photo of the 
little people at their table 
with Honeyduke's window 
in the background. 

Of course we had to have 
Harry's birthday cake made by 
Hagrid.  We were celebrating 
5 October birthdays.  

Every family was asked to bring 
a Harry Potter inspired dish, 
so our menu consisted of 
Toad in the Hole (pictured above)
Fire-breathing Dragon meat, 
Hagrid's Vegetable Hash, 
Professor Sprout's rolls, 
First Year Broom Cookies, 
and of course birthday cake. 

The feast was overseen by 
Professor McGonagal

and Snape.  

Thanks for visiting our 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
Halloween Party.

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