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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos A Mi

Yes, I am another year older!
For my birthday, I got out of the cold and was able to celebrate
in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This was the beautiful sunrise yesterday morning with just that 
spot of sun shining through on the ocean.

This morning, I woke up to clear blue skies for my birthday.

We had gone out to dinner last night and they had our
table all decorated with these wonderful balloons.

My first birthday call this morning was from my
oldest granddaughter who accidentally added 20 years
to my age as she wished me happy birthday!  Wow,
I didn't know I was that old!

Most of the family came to Mexico with us to celebrate 
New Years
in Cabo, but they left on the weekend
so hubby and I got to spend the next few
days by ourselves.

So, I set a table for two with an ocean view
celebrating the big day.

I chose these textured dishes atop a silver charger for
our table for two.

A couple of shells top these lovely shell dishes.

The table is topped with a scarf I keep here for cooler
evenings.  I threw confetti on top of it.  At the
restaurant last night they had confetti on our table and
when they came to sing to me, they threw some more 
on the table.

Joni, my sister at 
used to always send me
cards with confetti inside.  When I would open the card, 
the confetti would go all over the floor.  Hubby and I
reminisced about that with the confetti on the table last night.

The fresh flowers were picked right outside the front door.

The kids called from home and said to enjoy the
warm weather because it is "a frozen tundra" there.  
When you are sitting in the warm sun, it is hard to imagine that
the weather at home can be so awful.

A table by the sea makes it even harder to think of cold weather.

This is our everyday flatware here at the house.

I placed a napkin fan in the blue rimmed hand blown
goblets that we buy here in Cabo.
The home is filled with plates and glassware from Cabo.

More shell balls decorate the table.

For Christmas gifts, I made each of the kids a book
of pictures from Cabo.

There's lots of fun and lots of food represented in this

This was the first time I tried Costco's Photo Books
and I was very pleased.  They got them printed and
delivered in less than a week right before Christmas
and their site was very easy to use.

I brought a copy to leave at our home here so that
others can see all of the fun things to do here and
fun places to eat.

Alas, I have to head back to the
"frozen tundra" - sigh! -
but I couldn't have had a better birthday.

I will be posting with 


Pondside said...

We haven't been to Mexico for a few years, but the next time will definitely be to Cabo. All I hear are wonderful things about it.
A belated Happy Birthday to you!

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi Jacqueline! Happy Birthday! You are lucky to have celebrated yoru birthday in really IS a frozen tundra here in Salt Lake! You are not going to like it! LOL!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Happy B-Day Jacqueline! Looks like you celebrated in style-enjoy:@)

Sandra Lee said...

Best Wishes for a fun and happy year!!!

La Table De Nana said...

Happy belated birthday..Lovely views! I sometimes add fetti to cards also:)

I was tickled pink the first time a few angels fell out of a card I received..
You are so nice to have made so many books..I use Shutterfly..but may give Costco a try also:)
Our daughter ,husband and 3 sons came to Florida in Nov..and I had a book made..They are such lovely keepsakes..

Lizbeth McGow said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Jacqueline! Muchas Bendiciones y mucha felicidad, salud y amor!!! Since you are were in Mexico I bet you heard this a lot!!!I'm so happy you had a blast! and many moooorrreee!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday, Jacqueline!
I see you are in Paradise with even some free time to indulge in your Tablescaping Pleasure.
May it be a wonderful celebration of a wonderful being.
T :in love with those books:

dizzyizzy said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely celebration!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I was going to say how jealous I am...but instead I will are very lucky indeed!!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

Feliz cumpleanos, mi amiga! How lucky you are to be able to celebrate in the warmth and glory of Cabo!!! Yes, it's a frozen tundra back here in the States for the most part, and we all envy you right now!!! :-) I didn't know about the Costco photo books. I was just there yesterday. I've never visited their photo department in all the years I've been a member. I'll have to check it out. A friend brought by a book yesterday that her daughter created on Snapfish. I'll compare pricing. I can think of a LOT of photo books I would love to put together for my family! The table for your birthday celebration was beautiful and HAD to make you feel extra special...even if you were suddenly 20 years older! :-)

Barbara F. said...

Happiest of birthdays, Jacqueline! Mexico sounds lovely for a winter baby to celebrate their bday. Your table is wonderful, too, love the coral as the centerpiece. Have a wonderful year ahead. xo

Daphne Bryson said...

Happy Birthday Jacqueline, How wonderful to have such a fabulous birthday treat and to be able to enjoy it with your family.
I have never visited Mexico, but judging by your photos it is a beautiful place. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes DAphne

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Happy Birthday, Jacqueline! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy Birthday Jacqueline! What a beautiful place to celebrate you special day... Enjoy

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend. Glad you are at your beautiful home to celebrate in some warmer temps.
Pretty scape! ~ Sarah

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Happy Birthday, Jacqueline! How fun to spend your birthday in Cabo...such a beautiful place! Your table is gorgeous, as always!

xinex said...

Happy birthday, Jacqueline! What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday. Your table is so pretty and the breathtaking view makes them look even better.....Christine

Dining Delight said...

How fun to celebrate your bday in Mexico! A pretty table for two (love those dishes) with a lovely view is a present in itself! Hope you had a great time!


Mary said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a glorious spot to celebrate~ enjoy the beautiful blue sky & view!

Pat@BPM said...

Gorgeous post Jacqueline. I love the book. Will be checking into this.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Jacqueline! What a gorgeous view. Just takes my breath away. So glad you had your family together in such a lovely place.

Your table is great as always. Just beautiful and what a special dinner with your hubby. Funny story about the confetti cards from Joni.

I love your gift books to the kids and am glad to know the Costco site is easy. I've only done one book of a trip on Apple and I slaved away doing it manually. Next time I will let it autofill.

You are always inspiring.

Marlis said...

Beautiful table.. gorgeous view.. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love the idea of a book to commemorate all the wonderful times you've had there. I am very much in love with the flatware! The dishes are gorgeous on the scarf, the confetti looks like part of a fabulous design.. Have a very blessed 2013.. xo marlis

Red Couch Recipes said...

Happy Belated birthday to you and Elvis! It has been cold here. While Kyle was here we had negative numbers every night, and now that he is gone it has started to warm up. Your table is lovely, and it is hard to imagine have roses to pick right outside the door. I bet the books were a hit for everyone. Joni

Lulu said...

I always love your posts from Cabo as they are so full of color. I didn't know Costco provided a book service. Thanks for the tip. I like to try different sources to compare the flexibility. Hope you had a most wonderful birthday.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday! I will celebrate my birthday this Saturday on the 12th. No plans to go to Cabo but I will celebrate at my nieces 15 year old party. I am excited because my family will all be there with me to celebrate.

Chubby Chieque said...

Hi Mrs. J...

Belated happy Big Day! This table for 2 is one of the best I saw in your post. I am so romantic, I guess, this is the reason.

The shell formed dishes is to die for. WoW... Love and drool for it. Hope to find in ebay.

Hope you enjoyed to the max.

Once again, Happy Birthday. The older you get the prettier you become.

/CC girl

Mom E. said...

Happy Birthday, Jacqueline! I am so happy that you are not in the midst of the WEATHER in Utah! My daughter has been keeping us posted on that snowy area. I am so glad you got to have the warm and sunny birthday you deserve!
Birthday hugs and love!

Mom E. said...

AND love your dishes, they look fantastic in the setting! Those books are such fun! I need to make a few of those!

Marigene said...

Wishing you a belated happy birthday! I love those shell shaped plates and shell balls.
Enjoy the time left down there, it is cold north of the border!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Jacqueline,
Your kind words left for my Angel relief have truly touched my heart.
Thank you so much.

Shel said...

Happy Birthday! So glad I popped by to see that beautiful holiday spot of yours!
Your table looks awesome.

Kathleen said...

Belated happy birthday! What a gift to be in such a beautiful spot. The table is lovely. Sad we have so many months till summer!
Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!

Sue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I REALLY want to make one of those book!


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