Monday, December 5, 2016

New Living Room Reveal

The reveal is here!  The living room remodel is
finished, and it is all set for Christmas.

Everything went from dark and heavy
to light and airy.  

 I used a mix of modern and traditional
for a perfect light and bright eclectic look.

Everything started with a new cream and silver
area rug that replaced the Tuscan colored rug.

 I have always wanted chairs to flank
the fireplace, but with the walkway on
the right side, I was concerned about size.

These white leather quilted chairs have
substance, but are not oversized as to
enter into the walkway.

Stools with lucite legs add more airiness.

This round chest of drawers was
painted in Tuscan colors of gold, green
and burgundy.  It was actually in the garage,
heading for a thrift shop, when I decided to
try a can of silver paint on it.  One can later,
and I was in love again.  New jeweled silver
knobs replaced the wooden ones, and it
was topped with a mirrored silver tray.

This lucite highback chair with a fur pad
doesn't impede the view to the Christmas tree.

I already had this tray table, but added jewels
and fairy lights and a glass top

to make a magical display.

The fur and gold along with the lucite are on trend,
and guess what piece the grandkids love most -
you guessed it - the fur coffee table made by placing
two benches just slightly apart.

A jeweled mirrored tray tops the center of the
coffee table.

Everything sparkles and shines,
and despite being light, can handle the 
little ones.

Of course, this light and bright room
needed a new tree.
(Actually the old tree was being held together with
wire, so it was a perfect excuse.)  My granddaughter
and I had painted the table it stands on.  Having
a tree on a table gives it more height and grandeur,
but it also keeps it up and away from little ones.

The tree is decorated with metallics,
flowers, stags, stars, and a touch of white
boa feathers to echo the room.

Our special fairy curtain replaced heavy green
tapestry curtains that lead into the video room.

Now watching a video, you feel like you have a 
curtain of stars.

The best part is how much hubby loves it all.

Hope you enjoy our new living room.
Just lightening the colors made the
room seem twice as large.  

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Tea with Grandma

It is time for a Christmas Tea Party 
Grandma's house.  
Everything is decorated and magical
and the little ones really notice and 
appreciate it.

Of course, this is very girly girl decor
with fluffy feather placemats, and pink polka dots.

Pretty flower shaped pink plates sit atop the feathers.

A white holly berry plate tops the pink
and pink strips and polka dots finish off
our girls' tea party.

Pink and white macarons decorate the plate.

These lovely pink goblets are perfect,
and they are heavy enough for little ones.

This is all softness and fluff.

This party calls for sterling silver -
my Dubarry by International.

Our candy shop is under glass on
a pink and purple striped cake plate.
I am obsessed with cake plates!

This year I used fairy lights inside the
house, leaving the battery pack out the
back so I can turn it on and off without
removing the cloche.

The kitchen counter is filled with
glittering nutcrackers, and candy
themed items.

Naturally, there are real treats!

I adore the treat themed nutcrackers.

The Sweet Treats tree takes center stage on
the counter for our tea party.

It is surrounded by all kinds of goodies.

Little Christmas elves hide in the tree
to watch everyone during the season.

I got two of these adorable Christmas trees 
under a cloche, and they sit atop candleholders.

There are even nutcrackers with cupcake hats
on the Sweet Treats tree.

Little Jacquelyn who is only four, and she even
knows how to say "macarons" correctly
(like the French do.) 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Everything is decorated and ready for celebrating 
here at Purple Chocolat Home.

Not only is it decorated for Christmas,
but we have redecorated the entire living room,
which will be revealed soon.

But here are a few sneak peeks!

Which totally fits with our first snowfall-
and wow, was it a snowfall!

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