Monday, December 26, 2016

Join us for Christmas Eve 2016

Have a seat at our table for Christmas Eve 2016.
It is set all in sparkling gold with white this year,
and angel wings decorate the chairs.

I found these dishes at Home Goods last year, featuring
creamy white with a gold trim.

The stack is topped with these individual
cupcake stands, topped with an Almond Rum Ball
in a gold foil cup.  These are the family favorite.

 This year we have a surprise, we have a little table
with mini chiavari chairs for the ten little ones.

I love to have surprises for them that they don't
know anything about.  We have always set up a really
long table for everyone to sit at, but after seeing these
mini chairs, I decided we would try a small table.

I just set the table height at the shortest for them.

They have inexpensive goblets from the dollar
store, so we don't have to worry if they get broken.

The adult table has more expensive goblets
rimmed with gold.

Gold flatware is used for every placesetting.  

 Both tables are adorned with gold sequined tablecloths,
and I used an icy looking runner down the center of the
kids' table.

The adult table center has a gold garland.
Both were adorned with large gold jingle bells.

Real gold and white striped candles
are on the adult table.

 Electric candles were placed inside the beaded
cones for pretty night lighting.

Here is a view of the children's chairs.  
Click here to find them on Amazon.
They are just like the adult chair, only mini sized.
They are white resin and stack, so they are easy to

One final view from up above, before the gala
dinner started.   

Appetizers began with a Petit Basque
made into ruffles with a Girolle Cheese Scraper.
I got mine years ago at our local Harmon's Grocery Store.

We always have to have steamed artichokes
as part of our appetizers.

Christmas Eve is always king crab legs

and grilled tenderloins.

Dessert was our Mango Ice Cream Balls,
set in a bed of whipped cream snow, with a
chocolate tree and a mini gingerbread house.

We always ask the family to dress up nice.

The little people went crazy over their mini table,
and proposed a toast all on their own.

After opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa, they 
open Christmas pajamas and we take a family photo.
We squeezed in all 21 of us.  What a joy to have them
all live close by and to be able to share Christmas
with them.

It was a wonderful evening.  
Look at my Instagram page.
to see the grandkids' reaction to their

I hope you had a magical Christmas too.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Room for Little Elves

Christmas is all about the magic and surprises
around here, and surprises means locked rooms
and places you can't go!  

Some of my big elves have been helping
prepare a huge surprise for the little elves
for Christmas Eve, and instead of hanging
stockings, one of them has been hanging
a chandelier.

The chandelier is to go in this Christmas surprise
bedroom makeover for the little elves.

This was a guest bedroom in the basement,
but along with a bed, it had food storage, picture
frames, and on and on.  What little child would
want to sleep in there?

So instead they slept on the floor in their
parent's room next door!  Four of them!!!

I saw a picture on Pottery Barn Kids this year
where they put two bunkbeds together end to end,
which made it look like built in beds, but
easier and less expensive to create.
 I quickly started scheming.  

Sure enough, I had enough space to do that.
I didn't order from Pottery Barn, but found some
reasonable beds with good reviews online.

I did a search for Christmas bedding early in the season,
and Stein Mart had these beautiful bedspreads and pillows.

I think I may have ordered them all, for when I went
back to order another one, they were all gone.

The bedspread is my favorite with the words
of Christmas songs printed out in different fonts,
then it reverses to a beautiful red plaid, which adds
interest as you fold it down.

 Candy cane striped sheets complete the beds.

The door is locked so the surprise isn't
ruined.  The big elves have been as excited
about the surprise as Mrs. Claus.

Yes, it is true!  They have been GREAT!!!

SHHHHHH!!!! We don't want them to know.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Soldiers On Guard Table

The new dining room needed some new decor
for Christmas.  Everything was so fresh and clean
and I was looking for something to go with
that look.

You know how it is when you see something
that just calls your name?  These soldiers in
silver and white did that to me.  Their huge
size was perfect for the dining room table.  I
could envision them right away.

Some people complain about beginning
Christmas shopping early in the season, but
as you have probably found, if you don't get it early,
it will be gone.   I found these fabulous tin soldiers in
silver and white, the fur runner, and the
jeweled candle holders early in the season.

I went back the next week, and it was all gone.
Whew!  Glad I didn't hesitate to think about them.

I love to leave my table settings up during the
holidays as part of the Christmas decor.  So
in this room, with the new purple banquettes and chairs,
it had to be a placesetting with a touch of purple.

The plate stack was placed on an inexpensive square
mirror as the charger.  You can find these for about
$5 at Michaels.  

The dessert plate is purple glass, to pick up
the purple in the room.  The napkin sits on it
with a snowflake jeweled napkin ring.

I chose my Aunt Ionia's beautiful sterling,
as her house was always the setting for
Christmas Eve dinner, which was formal,
with china and goblets and silver for 30.

I definitely gained my love of setting a nice
table from her.  Blogging has helped me see
more clearly why I have some of the traditions 
I have.

Everyone has a deep purple and clear goblet
at their placesetting.  Although we don't drink
alcohol, we love a lot of the sparkling beverages.
Our favorite is Welches Sparkling Pina Colada.
It is hard to find, but I happened on a few at
Wal Mart.  My daughter was able to order
some with Wal Mart's grocery pick up service.

It is just light and refreshing.

The clear stemware is from the Dollar Tree.
I needed 22 of them last year, and was thrilled
to get them for only $1 each.  The purple ones
were a bit pricier from Spiegel years ago.

I just love the purple, white, and crystal
up against the snowy background of the fur runner.
Loving fur this year.

Each bowl holds a special glass ornament.

These snowy white trees with mercury silver
candle holders anchor one end of the table.

The other end is anchored by this sparkling
cone tree.  The trees were finds at Michael's this year.

The newly painted hutch has touches of crystal
and purple too.  A purple tabletop tree that I made
a few years ago sits next to it.

And this gorgeous Nativity is the center of attraction.

Thanks for coming to see my dining room table and decor
for Christmas.  I love it so much, I will be tempted
to leave it up long past Christmas!

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