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Monday, October 20, 2014

Prefer a Vampire or a Werewolf Cupcake?

Playing in the kitchen today
with my friend Hannah
and I finally got to try these
fabulous Vampire Cupcakes
I have seen on the internet.

They remind me of Edward Cullen!

Or how about these Werewolf Cupcakes?
They remind me of Jacob.

Or how about some broken glass?

It was such a fun day playing with
flour and sugar and red food coloring.

I love to play in the kitchen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

The weather is getting chilly
and spicy foods are just the
ticket for us.  

The thought of buffalo anything
just makes my mouth water 

so when I was contacted by Ulyssees
Press to review their new cookbook - 
I had my mouth watering while waiting for it 
to arrive.

It was hard to decide what to try first
but I am a burger fan and I am a buffalo chicken
fan, so I thought I would give these a

I have never made a chicken burger before.

The ground chicken has onions,
bread crumbs, Worcestershire Sauce
and Franks RedHot Wings Buffalo Sauce

Ground chicken is so soft
that I decided to use
my handy hamburger press
to form the patties and it
worked perfectly.

I grilled these up on my grill pan
in the kitchen.  They suggested 5 minutes
a side and that seemed like the right time.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

1 lb. ground chicken
1/3 C. Franks RedHot Wings Buffalo Sauce
1/4 C. bread crumbs
2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 small onion, chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste (I added a little pepper
but didn't feel like it needed any salt.)

In a medium bowl mix all of the ingredients
together.  Form into patties.  Heat pan and
grease it or spray with Pam.

When pan is heated, cook 4-5 minutes
on each side, turning once.

Serve on good quality buns
with lettuce, tomatoes, sliced celery
and a dollop of blue cheese dressing.

 I thought the flavor of the burger
was wonderful.  It wasn't too spicy.  If 
you want more spice they do have a
Frank's Buffalo sauce that is spicy but
it is a little too much for us.

We dip almost everything in Frank's 
Buffalo sauce and the grandkids are 
addicted to it too.  

There are lots of other mouth-watering
recipes that I can't wait to try from 
appetizers to desserts.  I am thrilled
to have this new recipe book.  Thanks
Ulysees Press for sending me one.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disney Princesses at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

As the reigning "Fairy Godmother" 
I was invited to travel along with
these two Princesses 
to Disneyland's annual
Mickey's Halloween Party.

Normally you can't dress up as 
a princess at Disneyland - 
that would confuse the little children -
but for Halloween you can come
as Belle or any other Disney character
you would like.

So the whole crew gathered 
this year and guess who I went
as - YES!!!  


The "little Beasties"!

I reigned in my jealousy of
their beauty that night so we
could have some fun.

Ok, maybe I am working on 
reigning it in, but I didn't 
cast a spell on either of them - yet!!

Disney knows how to throw
a party and this is a fun one.

A special ticket is purchased for
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
They sell out quickly, especially for
the weekends so be sure to buy
one early in the season.

The party officially starts at 7:00 pm
(the other guests are to leave by 6:00 pm
so if you aren't going to the party, you get
a very short day.  I know because we were there
for Fall Break one year and I had serious
envy as we were walking out and
party goers were walking in!!
You are welcome to
come to the party by 4:00 pm, which I 
recommend.  You don't need a regular
pass, just the special party ticket.  You
receive a wrist band to show that you have
paid for the party.  

If you love the fun of Halloween,
this is a party of all parties!

This is the night you get to meet
all of the villains.  Many of them were
at the front of the park.  Lines
were long and we are
speedy when we are at
Disneyland, so we just stopped
for a few shots.

But we had to stop and chat with
the wicked step-sisters.  You don't 
go up to them, they choose you from
the crowd, if they "want to talk to you"!

They were hysterical and of course had
to chat with The Belles.  The Sisters gave
pointers on how to curtsy and talk to 
the Prince.  They were fabulous.

This is the time of year when 
the villains come out to play
and they are GOOD ...very, very good
at being villainous.

The fireworks show features
the music of the villains too so
you shouldn't miss this!
Well, I am a fireworks gal and I
think it should never, ever be missed.

It gets more fun as it gets dark.

And all of the special Halloween
decorations come to life.

You don't have to wear a costume,
but it makes it lots of fun.
I wore my new witch boots
but brought a pair of comfortable
shoes to change into after dark.

We choose to hit the rides and then
go back and get the candy.  Disney
doesn't run out of candy and turn
out their lights!  How fun is that.

They even include crackers and apples
and carrots for those who don't
want all of the sugar.  This year it
was CHOCOLATE!!!  Yippee for me!!

So to enjoy 
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
I recommend:

1.  Come early at 4:00
2.  Dress in costume, but bring sensible
shoes (to change into if it wrecks your costume
to be without them).
3.  Enjoy the villains, but don't spend your whole
night standing in line for a picture for them.
4.  Enjoy the rides, then go for the candy.
5.  Be a kid again - it is so fun.

We also spent two days in the
park where the regular characters
are out and about.

It was everyone's first time 
on Cars.

My suggestion to enjoy Cars
as it now has the longest wait times:
1.  Get to Disneyland 45 minutes early
so you can get your tickets, get through
the gate and be waiting in California Disney.
2.  Leave the stroller at home this morning - you
will never get through the crowds with it.
3.  As soon as they let you, walk fast, don't run,
and head straight to Cars.  You will get on the 
ride quickly even if you aren't at the front of
the ride.
4.  Now go and get a Fast Pass for a ride later
in the day.  The Fast Passes will be gone before
5.  If two times just isn't enough, then hop in
the single rider line.  You won't all be in the
same car, but that's fine.
5.  Definitely come back at night to see 
Carsland lit up.
6.  Enjoy a Chili Cheese Cone at the
Cozy Cone.


The boys had already started
theirs by the time I got the photo
but this was super yummy in a
bread cone.

We also tried the spicy Chili Verde Cone
and their Pomegranate Lime.  Fun and yummy.
Unfortunately when we went back to have
another the last night, they ran out of chili.

Of course part of our fun at 
Disney is eating at the park.

We disagree with those who say
that it is just yucky park food.

Definitely wait in the lines for
the Dole Pineapple Whip Float.  

We tried the Blue Cheese and Onion Burger
at Hungry Bear Restaurant by Splash Mountain.
We also had the Chili Cheeseburger and 
Big Al's Chicken Salad there.  Everything
was amazing.  I stood in line next to someone
who said he comes five times a year and this
is his favorite place to eat.  Who knew??!!
We loved it too.  And it was reasonably priced.

Of course we had to eat twice at
the Bengal BBQ where we love 
the beef and chicken skewers, the 
asparagus and bacon skewers and
the jalapeno filled pretzels.
So much food, so little time!!

For the first time we tried 
breakfast at The RainForest Cafe.
The hostess recommended the
Breakfast Pizza and it was wonderful.

Kudos to Disneyland because for
the first time I can remember, they
kept their food services open late.  

We don't have time to eat and
when everything closes at 9:00,
people are hungry and not happy
that there is nothing to eat, so we were
thrilled to be able to eat late.  Hope
that continues!


And as they have all learned
we have to hurry and eat 
to get onto the next ride!

So glad the Princesses invited
the "Fairy Godmother" 
or "Evil Fairy" along
as they represented Greater Salt Lake
at Disneyland.

It was a 
Magical Time!!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Purple Chocolat Home Halloween Home Tour

Take my hand and I will
guide you through our
Halloween Home Tour.

Enter if you dare!

Our not so scary home!

Welcome to our Halloween Home.
Everything is purple, black and white
and splashes of orange.

Why not decorate the banister so
that you get in the mood right away?

Fun garlands and sheer fabric
wind around the railing.

While black ornaments peek out
of all the fun.

Next we encounter my
entry table with all kinds of
Halloween fun.  I think this
is my favorite spot in the
house this year.

A silver tray houses all of my
poisonous goodies.

I found these at the Holy Cow Boutique
this year but you could easily make them.

The bottles have some silver and black 
paint on the inside and fun 
spooky labels.

Of course it was probably the purple
and black ribbons that sold me.

They sit with Spiderella 
who has been with me for quite a few years.

She's a creepy thing but we love her.

This wonderful purple witch shoe
was from my sister Jean several years
ago and was a perfect addition
to the witch shoe collection
we have going on around here.

Someone teased me and said that
they had taken a mold of my hand.
This was also from the Holy Cow Boutique
this year.  I love her wristlet and her spider
ring.  I could have bought this whole booth out!

Moving into the dining room we 
continue the theme of witch boots and purple.

My friends gave me this fun 
sign a couple of years ago.  So perfect for me!

Lovely purple spiders are crawling down
from everywhere and they are really
attracted to this Wicked block set.

Another fun gift from a friend.
I have the best friends!!

Moving into the living room we have
one more pair of witch boots
and these are gigantic! 
I love them.  They were from Tai Pan
a year or two ago.

I made these Eery blocks and hubby
is having lots of fun
keeps moving the letters around.

Cute witches and witch hats
adorn the fireplace.

The kitchen has lots of fun 
decor too.

And Beaulah oversees it all.

Even the pizza oven gets
decked out.

I hope you enjoyed my little home

So glad you 

I will be posting with 


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