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Monday, March 30, 2015

Why I Love Purple - It Must Be In My Blood!

See that handsome young man in his
deep purple shirt and his deep purple car?
Who wouldn't be attracted to a man that looks
like that?  Sure glad my mother was attracted to him.

I saw this picture of Dad and all I said was,
"It isn't my fault!  See?!!  That's why I love purple!!!"

I think purple was bred into my veins before
I even came to earth!  

Real men wear purple and Dad was a real man!

He has been gone for over 20 years now and 
Mother has been gone for over 25.  I have started
writing his life story.  

When we cleaned out their house my brother took
all of the old slides and he painstakingly transferred
them to the computer for us.  These are treasures
that no one had seen for years since they were slides.

What a labor of love this is.  I have felt them both
so close as I work on their story, especially Dad's as
Mother wrote hers down but we typed it up before
digital cameras and computers and so I am going to
work on it and add photos.  

They were a beautiful couple who married right before
WWII ended.  He had been injured 10 days after landing
on the beaches of Normandy and was sent stateside but
instead of being let off in Chicago close to his home, he was
sent out to Utah where he met her at a USO type dance.

She aspired to be a writer when they were first married
and although I had known that, I had never read anything
she wrote or knew anything about her writing career.
Buried in the things my other brother brought home
from their house are her short stories and articles
and information on her publishing and her earnings.

The last treasure is a stack of their letters to one another.

(Dad's 1949 Ford Deluxe 2 Door Sedan as Ford said it, "The car that saved Ford."
See what you can learn on the internet and include in your story?  He was a Ford man
all of his life.)

Write your own life story now.  Add photos and letters
and personal touches.  Write the stories of those you love.

I read this wonderful quote and included it in his story - 
"What is left of me is what is written in the hearts and
minds of those who knew and loved me most.  They wanted my
memory to live on for others who come trailing clouds of glory
into this world."

Take the time to remember your loved ones
and write their stories.  Write your own story
for there will be generations who treasure it
and find out why they loved this or that 
through what you leave in your story.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

What's In Your Easter Basket?

If these adorable bunnies and eggs are all
that make it into my Easter basket this year,
I will be one happy person!!

These are some of the prettiest cookies I have
baked up.  I still consider myself quite the
beginner on flooded cookies even though I
went to Cookie Con last year, so I am
pleased with these beauties.

My friend Kathy has been asking me for some time
to show her how to make flooded sugar cookies 
so the other day I invited her and Pam over for a
lesson on making and frosting the cookies.  Of course 
I was a little nervous setting myself up as a teacher
when I don't feel like an expert, but I decided to
show them several options for decorating the cookies.

They loved how easy the rolled fondant was and
were surprised at how delicious it
tasted.  We put a little fondant in a tiny rose mold for
his little tail.

I demonstrated wet on wet, writing on dry, sugared
and piping on dry.  One trick I learned at Cookie Con
was using a food dehydrator to dry your cookies so I 
could demo those things that needed dry icing.
Just a few minutes in the food dehydrator after
flooding the icing and you can pipe on details.
Another while and you can write on it with
edible writing pens.  Some of these are
cookies they helped decorate.  I would say
they were great students!

They each left with several varieties
of cookies.

After they left I kept playing with the 
bunnies and eggs trying some scroll work.

The scrolls are piped with slightly thicker
frosting onto frosting that has set up.  (I took out
a small bowl of the frosting and covered it and set 
it aside before I thinned the frosting down for
the flooding.  This is what you pipe with.  It needs 
to pipe out easily.)

The trick to smooth lines is to lift your tip and
let the line of frosting fall onto the cookie
rather than dragging the tip along the
edge of the cookie.  Don't get discouraged.  It
all takes a little practice.  I had them practice
on parchment paper first.

Soon my Easter Basket was full of
pretty and delicious cookies.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jeweled French Script and Sheet Music Easter Eggs

How yummy are these elegant Easter Eggs
decoupaged with French script, sheet music and 
glitter and accented with jewels.

My little nest is certainly going to be jeweled this year.

I couldn't decide which I liked better -
French Script or sheet music

so I decided to do some of each

and a couple varieties of the music sheets.

After I finished those, I knew I needed
to add in some glittering metallic eggs.

I promised the instructions but really
they are so easy, this is a grade school
level craft project with a little more
sophisticated supplies!

As I started this craft project I was taken back
to first grade where my dear teacher Mrs. Laughlin
loved crafts and taught me to love them too.  

She would do what in my first grader's eye
were HUGE paper mache projects - a Santa
Claus for Christmas and a turkey for Thanksgiving
and I am sure many others.  When you were finished
with your assignment you could go and work on the
large project.  As I picture it in my mind they were
near life size paper mache projects.  Thank you to
wonderful teachers whose inspiration lives on in us!!

Jeweled French Script and Sheet Music Easter Eggs

Purchase extra large eggs at the Dollar Store
(Mine are in two sizes and are between 3.5 and 4.5 inches tall.)
1 8 x 11 sheet of printed paper per egg
(I purchased scrapbooking paper but you could print your own.)
Mod Podge
(I used the one with glitter in it.)
Jewels or buttons from the craft store
Assorted Ribbons from the craft store
Additional glitter 
Glue gun

Remove the label from the plastic eggs
and any candy from the inside.  Tear the paper
into strips about 3/8 inch wide and tear
off the ends so you get a uniform look on
all edges of the strips.

 Begin by painting the Mod Podge on about
half of the plastic egg.  I found it was easier to
paint it on with my fingers. Lay a strip around 
the egg on a glue section and
 starting in any direction you like.  Tear off the strip
when the ends meet.  Wet the paper on the outside
surface with additional Mod Podge and smooth
out any wrinkles.  You will especially have
gaps when going around the pointed ends, just
wet with the glue and press until it lays flat.

Continue to do so until the egg is covered.

I found it easiest to sit the egg on the bottom
end of a paper cup that I had cut out the bottom of.
That way I had a stand for the wet egg.

Let dry.  The Mod Podge will go from white to clear
as it dries.

You can see in the first picture the glitter in
the Mod Podge.  I had planned on glittering
them after they dried and I did on one or two but
liked the soft glitter effect of the Mod Podge with
glue in it so I didn't add any more.  If you desire
to add glitter, lightly brush on more Mod Podge
and sprinkle on glitter.  Do it over a paper plate
so you can pour the extra glitter back into the bottle.

For the metallic eggs, I sat them on the bottom
of a cup and painted them silver.  When they
had dried I brushed on the Mod Podge with a
sponge brush, only covering the top half and
sprinkled glitter on it.  After letting that become
dry to the touch, I painted the Mod Podge on the
bottom half and sprinkled glitter on it.  Again
let them dry completely.

Apply ribbon and jewels using a hot glue gun.
( I found jewels that had no backing instead of 
jeweled buttons in the craft section at Hobby Lobby.
I liked working with those rather than a button but
a button would work too.)

Stack them deep or place them individually,
they are little works of art and something easy
to do with family or friends.

I was inspired by a photo posted
by Lindsay of book print covered eggs
but she had no source for
the photo.  Whatever print you choose, these
are fun, easy and yet elegant.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jeweled French Script Easter Egg Table

Lovely French script, jewels, ribbons,
glitter and music sheets adorn these
elegant Easter eggs for the table
Purple Chocolat Home today.

They nestle in grapevine wreaths forming little
elegant nests at each place setting.

They also fill the centerpiece of the table.

I am in love with pink this spring
and pink and white are the perfect
backdrops for the jeweled eggs.

Different jewels and ribbons accent
each of the eggs making them unique.

Jeweled napkin rings are right at home
with the eggs.

You can easily make these by gluing a button
to a curtain ring.

I chose my elegant sterling silver 
Kirk Steiff's Maryland Engraved for
todays table along with a damask cloth

and a French script topper along with
pink and clear goblets. 

In my next post I will give a tutorial on
how to make these super easy and elegant eggs so you
can have them for your table or basket.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Praline Bacon French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

Do you remember when I made the
French Toast Breakfast Sandwich with Praline Bacon?

It was one of those that you make in a breakfast
sandwich maker but I said I was going to make
it full size so anyone could make it.

Well, we made it for a family dinner
and they swooned over each bite just like
I had.  What a fun and wonderful
breakfast sandwich, but since I
am not a big breakfast eater but I
like breakfast foods at dinner,
we had this for a Sunday dinner.

Here it was made in the breakfast sandwich
maker.  It really is easier to make with a
full piece of bread.  We lined up all of the
breads on an electric griddle

 while the
bacon was sizzling in the oven.

The pralined bacon is layered with a fried
egg between the two moist pieces of
French toast!  What a sandwich!!
Then I top it with candied pecans and maple
syrup and it is a savory, sweet sensation!

Click here for the complete recipe.

It is fantastic!

I just had to add this - 
my niece bought me this 
and I needed to post it before winter
ended, even though we have had a super
mild winter.  


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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lazy Bunny Table

Our lazy little bunny has had enough of work
and he wants to just be lazy in the garden.

Isn't he adorable!

He has been busy working on his spring flowers.

Maybe with all the pretty plantings he deserves
a little rest.

He has created little nests on our beautiful table
filled with yummy chocolate eggs and carrots.

The chocolates are nested in our napkins.

I love the combination of textured purple plates
and white textured plates atop a purple
glass charger.

Cream colored flatware are a nice addition to
the purple table.

Purple bubble glasses are so pretty to finish
off the table setting.

Everything is set atop a purple pintuck tablecloth.

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