Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Berry Pretty MacKenzie-Childs Table

 Today is a day to celebrate the hope
of summer with MacKenzie-Childs
Berries and Blossoms Plates.  Just the thought of 
fresh berries from the garden makes me
excited for summer.

  We started the day out with
four inches of snow, which finished by 9:30 am
and then the sun came out and warmed it up
so you didn't even need a coat.
You never know what the temperature might
be at this time of year.

Miss Madi K, my MacKenzie-Childs Traveling
Tote and I are headed on a couple of fun adventures
these next two weeks, so we thought it would
be perfect to break these plates out.  You can
read about those adventures in our upcoming
giveaway on June 1st.

I just love the addition of berries and blossoms
to the traditional Courtly Check border.  The
blossoms look just like all my blossoms on
my fruit trees - which I am very worried about
with two days of snow this last week.  

I have had this black and white checked 
tablecloth for quite some time.  It is 
actually covered with sequins.  It is
from Linentablecloths.com and picks
up the checks on the Berries and Blossoms plates.

 My MacKenzie-Childs canisters made perfect
vases for red and white flowers for the
center of the table.

I sprinkled a few of the berries 
on the tablecloth too.

The plates are topped with white tea cups
filled with a Vanilla Bean cupcake garnished
with fresh fruit.

Yum!  A Berry Shortcake Cupcake.

The red roses pick up the color of the
strawberries and raspberries.

This close-up shows the black and
white sequins.  I stacked my square wooden
chargers with round white plates for the stack
and accented everything with cherry red flatware.

Red goblets add another pop of color
to the table.

I am in love with these plates.  I purchased them
for picnics since they are melamine.  They will also
be great for little people.

I hope this table brought a little sunshine
into your life, even if it is snowing today!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Birds Tablescape

Time for another lovely Crafty Girls dinner and
get together.  Tonight's dinner was at Jann's

Jann told us that she always decorates
with her birds before Easter, but since
Easter was so early, she decorated her
house with birds after Easter. 

 The whole
tablescape was filled with birds, and eggs,
and nests.  

I just love her wonderful pink plates.  She used
a collection of vintage napkins on the table.

The place mat was a beautiful large leaf.

We all drooled over her crinkled tablecloth.

Her pink goblets were the perfect touch for
the beautiful table.

 A stack of darling bird plates adorned the table.

I just adore her little vignettes all over her home.
Under this cloche she had created a nest.  I love
the touch of the Scrabble letters.

Our craft for the night was painting this large
flower shaped footed platter.  Jann had
made hers a while ago in aqua.  She had
a neighbor cut the wood.  She really went
overboard as she hosted, did the table and
much of the dinner and the craft.

She belongs to quite a few groups and
had made three main dishes for her
groups in two days!  I hope she got
some rest afterwards!!!!

Jann loves going junking and she has a home
filled with her vintage treasures.  This darling vintage
vase holds Hellebores from her garden.  Such a 
beautiful touch of spring to go with her table.

She even decorated her chandelier over the table,

with hanging cups with little nests in them.

We had chicken and waffles for dinner with a
most amazing caramel syrup.  We finished 
up with waffles and fruit and cream.  

I chose to make my platter a distressed white
with a wax finish.  They have little ball feet
on them.  All we had to do was paint, distress -
if desired, and wax so I told hubby we wouldn't
be late that evening.  Of course, once we finished
our craft we couldn't stop talking so we were
pretty late anyhow.  How I love being a part of
this groups of talented ladies. 

We always have a lovely table with a delicious
dinner and a fun craft, but most of all we have
great conversation and friendship.

And I will finish with a final shot
of my little spring flower!  They 
grow too quickly!!!

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Unicorn Day

When I saw it was National Unicorn Day
coming up, I knew I wanted to make these
fun Unicorn Donuts.  It was a day for playing
in the kitchen.

Last year we did a big unicorn party
for two of the little granddaughters
starting with this cake I made.

Unicorn bags with goodies to take home,

and Unicorn Bark

made for a fun party.

Jacquelyn even wore a unicorn tee.

I started by winding fondant around a
skewer, letting it dry and painting it with
gold lustre mixed with lemon extract.  I
did the same for the ears. 

I used fondant molds to create little
flowers in pink, aqua and purple, and 
added a couple of swirls of colored frosting.

The donuts were dipped in thinned icing that I added
about a teaspoon of white food coloring to.

I cut the skewers leaving about an inch to stick
it into the donut.  I broke toothpicks in half and
"glued" them on with frosting.  I finished with
drawing on the eyelashes with an edible marker.
  I rushed it a little with the marker, as the frosting
wasn't quite hard enough.  Next time I would
wait a little more.  Try testing the marker on
a donut and wait if the marker breaks the
surface of the frosting.

I don't usually get into all of the "Days" out 
there, but with Unicorns, I couldn't help myself!

Thanks for coming to visit!  Hope you had
a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating
anything or not!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Taste of Alabama - Traveling Totes Swap

Welcome to Purple Chocolat Home where
today we had fun with the ladies from
The Traveling Totes as we did a swap with
one of the ladies in the group showcasing some of the
things of our hometown or state.

I was partnered with Ricki Jill
at The Sketchy Reader, and she hails from
Birmingham, Alabama.  Birmingham was 
founded in 1871 during the post Civil War
reconstruction era.  Most of its settlers were
English.  Today it has over one million in
population and is about one-fourth of 
Alabama's population.  I have never been
to Alabama, but now it is on my bucket list!

What a fun package Ricki Jill sent me filled
with flavors of the south.

I was so excited, I started opening things up
and taste testing right away, and then I remembered -
I am supposed to take photos, and there might
not be anything left!!

Yum!  Peggy's Pecan Brittle was the first
to disappear.  It was so buttery and delicious.

And extra wicked and delicious
Wickles Pickles nearly disappeared before
I snagged some photos.  I will have to find a
way to get more of these.  I couldn't stop
eating them.

These are sweet
and spicy and absolutely addicting.  

Blue grits will be cooked up with one
of hubby's favorites - Shrimp and Grits, and
you can see we already have enjoyed some of
the B-B-Q  Cheese Biscuit Mix.

We have yet to try out the Whistle Stop
Caboose Cobbler Mix.  I think I want
to make this with peaches. 

Aren't the names just half of the fun?

Of course my little MacKenzie-Childs bunny wanted
in on the photos.

I had so much fun taste testing all of these goodies
from Alabama.

Little did Ricki Jill know that Biscuits and Gravy
are one of our favorites.  We started years and
years ago serving them for Christmas Breakfast.

The weather turned from beautiful and sunny
to overcast and cold and rainy and both
hubby and I sat down for Biscuits and Gravy
for dinner and mentioned how it was a 
perfect meal for a cold a gloomy day!

Thanks Patti at Pandora's Box
for putting this A Taste of _____
swap together.  And thank you Ricki Jill for
all of your fun southern treats.

Visit other members of the Traveling Totes
who participated in the swap!

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Rita at Panoply with Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul
Linda P at Life and Linda with Jenna at The Painted Apron

Everyone should be posting their swaps no later than
Tuesday, April 9th.

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