Friday, October 21, 2016

Stamped Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet,
give me something good, and cute to eat,
for Halloween.

These stamped fondant cupcake toppers
are so easy and fun, you are going to love
using this idea for lots of fun ideas.

I saw these two cute Halloween stamps at 
Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist them.

Now, what to do with them with
one round and one rectangular.

I decided to make stamped fondant,
using gel food coloring to make fun
cupcake toppers, and attached them at
an angle to fresh frosting, so the
rectangular one worked as well as the round one.

Make white fondant, so easy with
marshmallows, or a good tasting prepared
fondant is Satin Ice.  Truly, this one tastes
good.  I was introduced to this one by
Amy from _thebakeaholic on Instagram.
I took a cookie making class from her,
and she recommended it.  I purchased some
on Amazon, and made these with the
Satin Ice.  It was soft and smooth and
tasted good.  It was very easy to use,
although a lot more expensive than homemade.

I cut the shapes out that I needed, but my cookie
cutters were just slightly small for the stamps,
so I gently rolled the rectangular ones to
make them just slightly longer, and slightly
stretched the round ones with my fingers.

I cut mine out in the morning and 7 hours
later they were stiff enough to stamp.

Wash and dry the stamps, then paint on the
gel food color with a paint brush.  I learned
that the first one has too much food coloring,
so I would stamp paper first, then stamp 
about two before painting the stamp again.
Be sure to press down all sides of the
stamp, but mine were far from perfect,
and they still turned out cute.

I made my cupcakes in my silicone teacups
and frosted with traditional buttercream
which I found years ago at a kitchen store,
and had to buy just because of the name.

It pours out like a brown sludge, and does
darken your frosting a little, but what a yummy
flavor - made for Princesses!!!

Press the cupcake topper onto freshly piped

The littles just couldn't keep their hands off of them.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Table in the Great Hall

It's time to celebrate with all of the family,
for a big Halloween party, so for the first
time ever, the Halloween dinner is taking
place in what we lovingly call
The Great Hall.

A little furniture gets moved out, but most of
it gets pushed back, and we can seat twenty in here,
in the living room.

You can see one of Beaulah's friends down
next to the fireplace.  Yes, they have flown in
to celebrate Halloween with us.

I used two black and white striped rounds
set on the diagonal,
to top the two six foot folding tables,
and those were topped with a cutout black
spiderweb tablecloth, and finally
a spider web runner, that ties the two
tables together.

My inspiration for this family friendly table
were the fun goblets that I found at Dollar Tree.
At $1 each, even the little ones can be trusted
with a goblet, and THEY LOVE THAT!

I used some of my white square plates, 
which I got several years ago from Home Goods,
and I was able to purchase 24 of them, so they
are perfect for a family crowd.
I topped them
with an assortment of fun Halloween salad
plates, also all from Home Goods over the years.

A giant spider webbed candelabra 
anchors the center of the table, with lots
of fun goodies running the length of the table.

Notice some of my fun Halloween Bristle Brush trees
to decorate the center of the table.

Glittery black pumpkins, which were purchased
last year from Home Goods, but which never
got out of the package are all over the table.

I pulled in my mercury glass container 
that I made this year, and a scary crow.

 Of course, creepy hands are always showing
up everywhere during Halloween.

Black and white is the theme, but there is a touch
of color here and there.

My black flatware is the perfect spooky touch
for the table.

Four different salad plates worked perfectly
and made the table more interesting.

Don't be afraid to mix and match on your tables.

Here is a shot of one of the Halloween goblets
with the sparkly spider webbed runner in the background.

The runner was another purchase from last year,
that never got used.

Looking this direction, you can see another
of Beaulah's friends.  Of course the kiddies
love to see them attend any party.

 So pick your poison, and have a seat,
we have room for lots.

Of course, costumes are required!

Thanks for joining us in the Great Hall!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees are just sprouting
up everywhere here at
Purple Chocolat Home
for Halloween.

Today I am going to show you a
simplified way to create colorful
bottle brush trees to fill your holiday

I created the Halloween Bottle brush trees
in color collections.
These are my purple ones, and some
will be able to double for Christmas.

The orange and yellow collection,

And the black collection.

I made over 30 in one afternoon,
and they were super easy,
because we aren't going to do
any bleaching.

I found these natural trees by
They are 5 inches tall (3 for $9).
I also purchased another assortment
found on Amazon, ranging from 1 1/2
inches to 4 inches, that people said could
be bleached (24 for $15).

That way I skipped the whole bleaching
process.  This makes it so easy, and I
love the 5 inch trees.  They are a little
harder to find this tall.

Start by dissolving about half a package of
dry Rit dye in hot water in a plastic cup. 
 I used yellow, orange, purple
and black.  My black was liquid, but
the others were powdered.  

Also fill a cup or two with half white
vinegar and half water.  I used two cups,
as I didn't want to rinse my darks and
lights together.

To create the ombre effect like above,
don't dip the top so that it remains
natural, then dip two thirds of the way
up with yellow, and then the bottom
third with orange.

After dipping in dye,
rinse under running water, 
then dip in the vinegar mix to set the color, 
and let dry on paper towels.

The black didn't want to take as well.
It rinsed out creating a brown effect,
so I didn't rinse it off, I let it dry without
rinsing and it stayed a dark black.

Finish by brushing Mod Podge on the tree
and then sprinkling glitter on.

I just love the dark purple ones - of course!!

My friend Joanne taught us how to make
these for Easter a couple of years ago.  Click
on that link for making ones you have to bleach.
She always glams hers up by gluing 
the trees to the tops of
salt shakers to add height and style.  I found
mine on Amazon - get sets of 12 for about
$1 each shaker.  Fill
your shakers with glitter, sparkle or baubles
and glue on some fun Halloween ribbon,
buttons, spiders, or anything fun and sparkly.

Joanne even has some that are on
silver plated salt and pepper shakers
that she got thrifting!  I need some of those -
so elegant.

As you can see, Beulah loves them so much,
she is surrounded by them.  We have them
placed all over the house.

Enjoy!  This only takes a little while
and is so easy, and the trees can be
here so quickly if you have 
Amazon Prime!

Thanks for flying in to see us this
fun time of year.

Happy Halloween decorating.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Queen of Halloween

So we are having a witchy war here!  Just because
proclaims herself as 
doesn't mean she is!!!  I mean, really, she
mostly sits around on her pedestal and orders me

 Welcome to our Halloween entryway, where these two
will CHARM you with a piece on the grand piano.

Well, she may not charm you as much as HEX
you with that stare!

The entry table has some new mercury glass
goodies that we cooked up.
Dead Man's Toes
Fur of Werewolf
(straight from London).

We even did the mercury glass ourselves
using the wizardry wonders of Youtube.

There hasn't been so much fun crafting
Purple Chocolat Home 
in years.  

Beaulah and I are going to show you how
to make the adorable 
Halloween Bottle Brush Trees
in our next post!

I think we brewed up over 30 - large and teeny tiny!

Orange, black, ombre, and even purple!

Beaulah has them everywhere!!!
Always fun at Halloween here!

Glad you could fly in on your broomstick
for a visit with us!

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