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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pirate Poison

Aye, there be plenty of 
Halloween fun around
Purple Chocolat Home
and the pirates came out
to celebrate for
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
(Sept. 19th).

And they be brewin' up
Pirate Poison
for all the little ones.

Don't ye be scared.
There be nothin' to be afeard of
in this pirate abode,
all be sugary poison here.

These glitterin' silver
plates be salvaged from
Z Gallerie, both the skull plates
and the plain silver ones.
Aye, that be a fun store for pirates.

And how about this here
glittery eyed beauty, a candle
to light up the nights 
(light it and walk the plank mateys!!)

Ok, just enjoy the glittering beauty
of those crystal eyes and the
silver hand it sits in.

(This be a gift from dear pirate
friends, Annette and Hannah!)

The table be awash in the 
effects of the poison.

It be bubblin' forth
from Skull Rock

and skull mugs.

Threatenin' to take over
everythin' and everybody.


These here appetizer plates
be booty obtained from
Home Goods this here season.

Ain't they beauties?!!
There always be booty
galore when treasure huntin'
at Home Goods and TJ Maxx!

The little candy skull mugs
be from Smith's grocery
store.  Ye never know where
ye might find booty.

The large mugs be from
a secret online source
known as Amazon.

We pirates love stacks of booty
for our tables.

 And this here pirate loves a little purple 
thrown in.  These spider web placemats
also be treasure gleaned from Home Goods
this season.

Even little cocktail napkins
glitter on the table
(from Williams Sonoma).

 Glitter abounds everywhere.

Aye, hope ye have a little
pirate fun this season too.

 And beware of pirate poison!!

And ye always be welcome to
have some poison with us
Purple Chocolat Home.

I have been told I have to come
back and add what the little kiddies
said about their poison.  My eight 
year old grandson was such a worry
wart about it and said that it would
give him "30 degree burns" if he 
drank it.  His mom couldn't believe
he was so worried since we have
had "witches brew" every Halloween.
We thought the 30 degree was pretty funny!

We pirates be partying

Monday, September 29, 2014

Midnight Cookies and Cream with Cookie Waffles

Doesn't Midnight Cookies and Cream
Ice Cream from Haagen-Dazs just sound
like it should be the perfect ice cream
for this time of year?  

A Chocolate Cookie Waffle is
the perfect base for the rich
ice cream.  Then I topped it off 
with some homemade 
Chocolate Hard Shell,
some black Wilton Sprinkles
(aren't they just fabulous?)
and a cute molded candy
Witch Hat.

Anyone would love this for
their Halloween Dinner.

After we finished making these and 
my four grandkids dived in
the eight year old boy said,
"This ice cream is incredible!!"

Now I thought that had to be the 
perfect compliment.  As a matter of
fact, they were gobbling the ice
cream and ignoring the waffles!

I have to agree. This ice cream is 
so smooth and silky with chunks
of soft chocolate cookie!  Definitely
a new favorite chocolate ice cream.

There aren't
many good commercial chocolate
ice creams out there (speaking 
from a chocolate lover's perspective)
and this one is pure silk on the

Chocolate Cookie Waffle Recipe
(This is a quick and easy version.)

1 Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Cake Mix
1/2 C. butter, melted
1 egg

Place all three in a bowl and stir
until blended.

Heat waffle maker.  Roll about
1/4 C. dough into a ball and flatten 
out slightly.  Bake in the waffle maker.  
These are going to be super soft so
I like to turn the waffle maker to
the side and let it flip out rather
than crumble trying to lift out.  Do
not overbake.  You want these soft
not crispy.  

Serve immediately as the outside
does crisp up quickly.

Makes 6-8 waffles.

(I usually make these with a homemade
brownie recipe but for a quick and easy
one, I was pleased with these.)

Chocolate Hard Shell Recipe

1 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips
(I used Hersheys)
3 T. coconut oil 

Place the chocolate chips and
coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl.

Heat on high for one minute.  Stir and
heat an additional ten to fifteen seconds
or until the chocolate is almost melted.

Stir until smooth.

Candy Witch Hats

1 C. Wilton Candy Melts, Black
Black gel food coloring
Coconut oil
Silver Lustre

(off Amazon)

So here is my little disclaimer first:  I melted
the Black Wilton Candy Melts and they were
more gray than black so I stirred in just the
tip of the knife blade of black gel food coloring
and stirred it in and it congealed.  You need the
melts thin enough to spoon into the molds.  I thought
I might have done something wrong, so I did it again,
this time adding the food coloring before melting
the candy in the microwave so it would be the same
temperature.  I ended up 
with the same results, so I had to add about 2-3 teaspoons
of liquid coconut oil to make it pourable.

If yours appear more black than gray after
melting, skip the food coloring which seemed
to cause the candy to congeal.  Otherwise,
add enough coconut oil to make it spoonable.

Place a spoonful into each of the molds.  Tap gently
to remove air bubbles or use a toothpick to pop any
air bubbles.  Place in freezer for about 15 minutes
or until hard enough to pop out of the molds.

I painted the buckle and band on with 
Silver luster made liquid with clear vanilla.

Makes 12-18 candy witch hats.

Beaulah was a little 
when all she found was an
empty carton in the trash.
Sorry, the grandkids were hogs!

Thanks to the folks at 
Haagen-Dazs for inviting me
to try out three fabulous new flavors
of their ice cream and gelato,
this one and

(It still amazes me that you can mail 
ice cream!!)
What a world, what a world!!

The Wilton Black Pearl Sprinkles
were found this time of year at
Wal Mart.  Get them before they
are gone!

I will be posting this with

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Girls Are Having A Party

Welcome to the party table set
by our witchy girls.

It has all things witchy 
and blingy
and girly!

The girls fell in love with my ruffled 
tablecloth.  It seems the perfect
girly tablecloth for their party.

The beautiful Halloween
lampshade creates the
centerpiece for our party table.

Ghost pumpkins with feathers
and some blingy spiders are
perfect with our cream and black color scheme.

More glittery spiders crawl up 
this great bottle my friend Rachel
gave me.

And a glass pumpkin completes
our centerpiece.

We broke out the witchy dishes.

And the heard I had made some
new spidery napkins, so they insisted
we try them out for our party.

A little blingy ring creates the napkin ring.

Layering blingy placemats and
shiny black woven ones creates a fun base
for our oval plate stack.

Everything is coming together beautifully
for the lovely ladies.

Let's not forget glossy 
black goblets

and glossy black witch plates.

The girls have all parked and 
are here ready to feast.

The cackling is fun and crazy but so
good to hear again.

Here's a view of their party
table from the chandelier
in the garden gazebo.

So glad you could stop by
for the party too.

We will be taking this party to 

The Girls - Home Goods
Witch plates - Tai Pan
Oval plates - Tai Pan
Pewter plates - Cabo
Black goblets - Pier 1
Beaded placemats - Home Goods
Black placemats - Home Goods
Black flatware - Horchow
Black witch plates - Tai Pan
Glass pumpkin - Home Goods
Spider decanter - Home Goods
Witch parking - Home Goods


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