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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wicked Tablescape

This "Wicked" tablescape was so fun for Beaulah and
I to set up.  The inspiration was our new chevron
table runner.  

We happened to fly in to Home Goods
on Beaulah's broomstick - early in the season, obviously,
and we spotted this fabulous runner.  Beaulah flicked
her wand and it hopped right into our cart.  We just
loved the chevron pattern, the black fringe and the 
fun burlap applique.

 The real magic of our table begins when the
potion is poured and the skull glasses start to bubble
and spill over.

These fabulous orange skull goblets just flew into
our cart too.  Amazing how that can happen when
Beaulah is out shopping with you.

My SIL Vicki came to town and brought me these
fun plates.  She had EIGHT of them!  Wow, that
was so fun.  Of course we had to send her a picture as
soon as we had the table set.

One is a female.

And one is a male.

We offset them on white textured plates.

I made these fun Halloween napkins by serging the edges
of a 17x17 inch square of fabric.  What a great way to get
seasonal napkins in a myriad of patterns.

The black flatware was the perfect choice for this
table.  Don't you love the glittery spiders crawling
out of the napkins?

Half the fun for us was watching the magic potion
pop little bubbles and rings.

Another fabulous find from Home Goods this year was this
huge Halloween Candelabra.  We topped it with our spooky
black and silver candles, also from Home Goods.

The remainder of the centerpiece are fun Halloween
ceramic houses that we collect.

This little haunted tree gets placed under glass.

We eve found chevron patterned straws for the table.

Beaulah and I hope you have had fun visiting today, seeing our
special Wicked Tablescape.

We thought it went perfectly with our last post, so our
candy man had to come for a visit.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Skull Candy

Beaulah and I have been having fun popping out
Halloween chocolates with a skull and pirate theme.

Beaulah has been helping to get the house all
haunted for the little ones.  They are so excited and
want to help decorate too.

Our friends Kathy and Gary gave us this fun mold
that has a pirate theme.  It is a silicone mold that
can be used for chocolate, ice, etc., and has seven 
different molds.

These chocolate treats couldn't be easier - 
just fill the molds with tempered chocolate,
or melted candy melts.  Use a toothpick to poke
out any bubbles, and jiggle the mold a few times
to help remove any remaining bubbles.  Pop in
the fridge or freezer a few minutes until the 
chocolate hardens.  

The silicone makes it really
easy to remove the chocolate, even the delicate
pieces on the wheel.  

Of course Beaulah and I had to glam it up a bit
with some gold dust and some googly eyes.
Use a little clear vanilla to paint on the gold dust,
and you have fun chocolates to enjoy or to give away.

This candy dish is my grandchildren's
favorite - he is animated and sings to them.

Have a little fun this Halloween and pop out
some chocolate candy!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wicked Chocolate and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

Thick slices of French bread, stuffed with cream cheese 
and chocolate, and finished off with a sugar crust, then
garnished with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and
fresh fruit - oh wow, this is the way to start the day!

Beaulah thinks this is a pretty wicked way to start the day.
I need my breakfast more around brunch time, so I
would rather serve this for brunch, maybe even dinner.
I love breakfast foods at dinner!

Making stuffed French toast is as easy as making a sandwich.
 We had this fabulous Chocolate
and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast in Cabo at
Solomon's Landing.  Of course we had to come home and
create it ourselves.

You can stuff your French toast with anything.  This is one of
our family favorites - vanilla buttercream sprinkled with 
cinnamon sugar, a sort of Snickerdoodle Stuffed French Toast.
My husband was the one who came up with making
stuffed French toast when the kids were little.  We often
would put out all kinds of ingredients and let them
choose what to fill theirs with.

Chocolate and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

8 thick slices French bread
Tub of whipped cream cheese
Semi-sweet chocolate chips

3 eggs
1/2 C. milk
2 T. sugar
1/4 tsp. vanilla
Dash of cinnamon

Brown sugar or Cinnamon sugar
Chocolate sauce
Whipped cream

Start with two pieces of French bread.  Spread one side with
whipped cream cheese.  Top with a generous amount of chocolate
chips.  Place the other piece of bread on top to make a sandwich.

In a shallow dish like a pie plate, whisk the eggs, then add the milk,
sugar, vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Dip all sides of the
bread in the egg mix.  

Heat a large frying pan or griddle and butter the pan.  Fry both sides
of the French toast until golden brown.  On one side press brown sugar
or cinnamon sugar into the bread and place back in pan or on 
griddle to melt the sugar.

Remove from heat, cut in half and garnish with chocolate
sauce, whipped cream and berries.

Snickerdoodle Stuffed French Toast

Repeat above only using vanilla buttercream for the filling
and sprinkling cinnamon sugar on top of the buttercream
before making the sandwich.

This is so delicious, you don't even need syrup, but you
can always serve that on the side.

Even if you don't consider yourself a cook, you can impress
everyone with stuffed French toast.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Publish A Family History at Lulu

I have been furiously at work on several family
histories for the last two months, so blogging
has taken a back seat.  

I was reading blogs one day and someone recommended for publishing their blog, as it
was much cheaper than some of the other companies.
Sorry that I can't remember whose blog it was!

I was working on my dad's history and decided to give a try.  I wasn't finished yet - maybe half done,
but I sent off for a book, just to see the quality and price
for what I would be getting.

I was THRILLED with what I got back from them.  The process was
super easy, and the price was incredibly reasonable compared 
to what I had paid for printing my blog.  

What was the most incredible part of the process was how
the quality of their printing and papers improved the look
of many of my old photos.  The oldest photos in black and
white are crisp and clean, but a lot of the photos from the
70's on are so poor, yet they printed out really nicely
in Lulu's book.

I just created a word document and uploaded it, previewed it
and created the covers using their formats.  The process was
so fast.  (My next one I saved in a PDF file and uploaded it, 
as they say they prefer that.)  I did not have to add to the
margin for binding, I just did a regular word document.
Talk about easy!

This one of my dad was just under 200 pages.  Once
I published one item with them, I started getting discount offers,
so I have waited to publish again until I got another discount offer.
With a discount, this book cost me $39.  I can order one, I can order as many as I want with additional discounts 
applying after 15.  I can
also give the information to family members who want a copy and
they can get on and order their own copies, without me
becoming the middle man.  It takes just about three weeks to receive the books in the mail.

I just submitted two more this week.  This one is about my grandparents and great grandparents.   I designed my own cover on Picmonkey for this one - I just did an 8x10 project for it.

And my niece designed this cover for the collection of my mother's
short fictional stories.  It ended up being just under 200 pages too.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the books I have published
with  I have not been compensated for this, I just 
have to tell you about things that I love!!

Unfortunately, they turned out so well that I have a whole list
of more that I want to write!  This makes doing family histories fun.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Sunshine Birthday Tea

To have one last outdoor tea party, you need
a little sunshine, and since we have been
having rain, rain, rain, a last minute
decision had to be made on whether
we were going to chance this birthday tea
in Joanne's fabulous back yard for our craft night.

She had planned such a beautiful table that we
decided at the last minute to chance it and
move it if we had to.

The Garden Fates were with us as we had a
beautiful hour of sunshine in a week of rain.

Joanne provided the setting and Laura provided the
lovely plates and serving ware.

Ahh, you can see the sun in the background!

It actually made for easier pictures and we
wouldn't have wanted to miss this lovely
double birthday tea party.

You can see that hats were provided on each chair
for us to wear.

I adore the flatware placed in the gloves with a
bouquet of flowers on each glove.  It made me feel
like a real lady.

Joanne provided her Buttercup sterling silver.

Look at the beaded edge of that glove.  How elegant.

A little crystal with antique ribbon and flowers were
a take home gift for each lady.

I just love these name tag holders that 
were purchased at a thrift shop.

Remember our last craft night and birthday party where the
dogs wouldn't pose?  Well, Winston is willing to pose tonight.
He even matches the tablescape.

Who wouldn't want to make sure we had the opportunity
to experience this, and again you can see the sun favored
us with its presence.

Joanne's husband hinged these beautiful doors together just
for this event and wired the chandeliers.

Pure Magic!

We had this beautiful cake and cookies made by 
Amy Perkins.  She made them to match one of the
tea cups that was filled with flowers for the top of the cake.

Lovely Amy even stayed for the tea.  She looks like
a bride in her hat.

I made my Grilled Almond Peach Salad.  Natalie smoke
some chicken, which we added to the salad to make
it a main dish.

Laura treated us to jams, honeys and lemon curd 
that she brought back from London.  Oh, were they

Jann made us cucumber sandwiches.  They were the
best cucumber sandwiches I have had.

Laura also treated us to Trader Joe's bake your own
croissants.  They tasted straight from France.  I didn't
know they had those, but we are definitely going to
be buying those from Trader Joe's.

Brenda made us scones and Devonshire cream.

This was a rosemary and sage flavored tea.  It was fabulous.
These ladies know me!  They made my tea cup purple!!

Here is the table with all of the glorious foods.

Tonight we were celebrating Natalie's birthday,

and our hostess Joanne's birthday.

I had this lovely black hat.  What a fun party.

The teacup cookie tastes as good as it looks.

The raspberry and lemon cake was the most amazing
cake I have ever had.  Aren't they just gorgeous?

This was the Halloween craft we made.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful
group of women who are so talented and fun.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of sunshine 
Purple Chocolat Home today.

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