Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Whites Party

Are you like me and hate to see summer end?
It is always a little sad, although I am
glad that I live where there are four seasons.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have
had a very busy and fun summer, but haven't taken
the time to blog about it.

Isn't life supposed to get less busy once
the kids have all left the home?

We had party after party, a wedding for my
youngest, and many trips to Lake Powell,
so I am a little late in sharing this summer
whites party, but I couldn't let summer end
without posting it.

Our craft group gets together once a month,
but this month our hostess Joanne said we
wouldn't be doing a craft, just dinner,
and we were all to dress in white.

Here we are!  Karen made us flower crowns for the event.

We have been wowed by Joanne before, but this
one was over the top amazing!

Joanne set the table in her wonderful outdoor
setting.  It was a former barn or garage, and they
retained the roof and four posts on corners.  It is
open on all four sides and makes the most 
wonderful summer venue.

Her sweet dogs even wanted in on the
party, and likewise dressed in white!!

Notice her dressed mannequin in the background.
I asked that we make one of those for a craft
group!  We did one for Halloween, and I
will post that for you.

She always has a wonderful collection of
dishes.  I think these were her grandmother's, and
the adorable ceramic flower baskets, that had
our nametags in them came from a thrift store.

Candles and flowers were everywhere, creating 
such a soft and beautiful atmosphere.

She has all sorts of lovelies to view on all
sides with this tea cart, a dresser and a
screen made of old doors.

The huge chandelier in the center was draped with beads,
and she made coffee filter roses, which were everywhere!

Talk about swoon worthy!

Every chair had a darling posey.  She misses nothing!

As always, each of us helps with the dinner.
We each bring a part of the dinner, making it
easy for the hostess.

Amy made a gorgeous cake,

and yummy cookies.

Of course we had to pose in her gorgeous 
white hammock!  

We ended the evening with a gorgeous
Maypole!  Yes we are a little crazy, but
a ton of fun!!

So sorry to see summer leave!
It truly is the end of summer!!!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Unicorn Bark

Unicorn Bark is one of the easiest and prettiest
party treats I have ever made.  Children and
adults are all fascinated with this sparkly treat.

For our Unicorn birthday party, we just had to
make some Unicorn Bark.

I started by melting about 2 C. white candy melts,
and about 1/4 C. of varying colors of candy
melts.  I had purple and yellow candy melts,
but had to color the aqua and pink ones, using
white candy melts and gel food color.  After
I had melted and stirred all of the colors, I gave them all
a quick ten seconds in the microwave again, so they
were all equally warm.  Then just dollop your colors
onto parchment or wax paper, and fill in with your
white candy melts.

Using a toothpick, swirl the colors together.  Don't mix
too much as you want to have pretty distinct swirls.

This is where the fun begins.  I literally have tons of
bottles of sprinkles.  I just can't pass a cute bottle,
and I finally organized them so I don't have to open
each box to find the ones I want.

These are some of the ones I used for the Unicorn Bark.

Sprinkle the bark with your desired decos while the
bark is still warm so that the sprinkles will adhere.

You can break it up and bag it if you want.

It really was prettiest in a large piece,
so you might want to break a few pieces off 
to demonstrate how to do it, and then let people
break off their desired amount.  

Have fun with this.  Of course this could be
Fairy Bark, or Easter Bark, or Halloween Bark,
or Christmas Bark depending on what colors
and sprinkles you use and what you decide to call it.

It is just magical!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Unicorn Birthday Party

I am obsessed with all things Unicorn!
So magical!!

Jacquelyn turned 5 and wanted a birthday party
on her actual birthday.  Generally I have helped her
mom with a large combined party for Jacquelyn and
her cousin, but this year she wanted her own party.

Her birthday was Monday and we have our youngest
son getting married on Friday, with guests coming in last
night, so a party on Monday seemed pretty crazy, but
we decided to pull it together, and fulfill her dreams.

I started with the horn and ears, as they would need to harden.

I have always made my own fondant, but I had taken a
cooking class and was introduced to Satin Ice, which 
can be purchased on Amazon.  It is wonderful for small
projects as my one pound tub has stayed soft and pliable
for almost a year now.  

For the horn, I took one of my metal baking cones
and wrapped it with a thin snake of fondant.  I
let that dry overnight and then sprayed it with edible
gold spray.  That wasn't as gold as I wanted it,
so I used gold lustre and painted it on with lemon extract.
You won't get the bright gold effect without using
some sort of alcohol, and I had lemon extract
with has a high alcohol content.

The ears were just triangles of fondant, which
I again painted with the gold lustre and then brought
the two bottom points together to create a curve.

Sweet gift bags were made from plain paper sacks
with silk flowers glued to the top and golden
horns glued inside the sack, along with golden
ears.  Eyes were then drawn on.  I glued a little
tissue onto the inside of the front of the sacks
to make them prettier.

Of course one needs Unicorn bark for a Unicorn party,
and for someone like me who has shelves and shelves
of sprinkles, this was a lot of fun.

The bark was broken and bagged for each of the guests.

My daughter found a Unicorn pinata for the party.

Silverware and ice cream cones matched the color scheme 
of the cake.

The birthday girl was crowned with a Unicorn headband,
and even had a Unicorn shirt for the day.

It ended up being one of the cutest parties!

Now on to the rest of the celebrations
for the week!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have
been crazy busy since the last time I posted, but
I had been saving pictures of ideas and events
we have done.  Alas, my phone fell to the bottom of
Lake Powell, and the only photos that were saved on the 
cloud were those I had tried to delete last year!  Maybe
I can retrieve some from family members that I sent
photos to!  

My BAD!!!

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