Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Haunted House Tablescape

Beaulah and I love to fly around the house
at this time of year decorating, and
having the tables decorated is half
the fun!

Imagine our surprise when we opened
a musty old cupboard (must have been
filled with cobwebs so we couldn't see them)
 and discovered
some brand new plates that had never
been taken out of the box!

"Tee Hee," she laughed, "these will be perfect!"

And so our Haunted House tablescape began.

Not only did we unearth 12 dinner plates
and salad plates, but adorable gold haunted
house bowls,

and coordinating
Eat, Drink and be Scary bowls.

Who knew what treasures lay hiding
in our haunted abode, and in our
favorite gold too?!!

Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, let 
Beaulah and I know that this gorgeous
twig flatware was on sale at Pier 1,
so Beaulah hopped on her broomstick
and picked a few up ( 20 placesettings
so the whole family can enjoy them!)

Let me say, she had a hard time flying back with them.

The plate stack started with a gold woven
placemat, then favorite purple chargers,
the gold metallic Haunted House plates,
from Home Goods a few years ago - maybe
centuries ago - who knows - and a gold beaded

Our purple bubble glass goblets were
perfect for the table.

The black candle in the middle of the brass
candelabra reminds Beaulah and I of
one of our favorite Halloween Movies,
Hocus Pocus.  

And of course, every respectable haunted house
has black spider webs covering every surface
of the house.

 A little something for all
you witches out there!

I hope you won't be so scared that you
refuse to be seated at our table,
as we would love to

How October is flying by!  
Glad you flew on over to visit us,
and to haunt
Purple Chocolat Home
for a minute or two!

(The three sisters out for an autumn stroll.)

As they say at Disneyland

We will fly on over to party

Monday, October 16, 2017

Glamoured Girls for Halloween

I love getting catalogues for holidays,
and now Halloween items are in abundance
in catalogues.  When I saw these fun metallic
skeletons in a current catalogue, I decided
to glam some of my skeletons up.

I found this fabulous Krylon paint
in silver and gold
and couldn't believe what a shiny 
metallic finish it gave me.
Very few metallic paints give this
kind of a finish.  And no this is not
a sponsored post!  Great stuff.

A little strange outside, as she was getting painted.
But it was painted and dried in minutes.
It took less than one can to paint.

After they dried, they brought into the living room
(of course - they are special guests this year) and
then dressed with odds and ends.

I just layered jewels and boas for this lovely lady.

This one sits in a fur and gold chair!  
Isn't she maaaahvelous?
She is seated next to a spooky new
phone that I found at At Home.  The
grandkids really love anything that
talks or moves.

She became great friends with our
friendly vulture - also from At Home this year.

It's all in the little details - fingerless
gloves and a pearl and chain bracelet.

These glamour girls have gotten
a lot of attention this year.  
So glad they decided to make
Purple Chocolat Home,
their Halloween home.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Halloween Costume Party Table

It's time to don your masks and come to our
Halloween Costume Party.  

We have been hosting an annual 
Halloween Party almost from the year
we were married (38 years!)  This table celebrates
a costume party, so get your mask and costume on 
and come on over to party.

I found these cute/spooky plates at Home Goods
this year, and felt they were perfect
for a costume party theme.

One of my favorite color combinations
for Halloween is purple and black,
and this sparkly purple pumpkin got
dressed up with a fancy purple and black
mask for the party.

I brought out my favorite purple stemware.  These
were purchased years and years ago through
Spiegel catalogue.  Mysteriously (guess that
fits right in with a Halloween party) two have
disappeared out of my twelve.  I have searched
for replacements, but to no avail!

The table linen is a sheer piece of spider web fabric.
Our favorite purple rats always are around
for Halloween parties.

Contrasting sheer spider napkins are perfect
for this table setting.  (I sewed these with
my serger a couple of years ago.)

A sparkly pumpkin fills this urn as the 
centerpiece to our table.  We made these
two years ago in our craft group.

Glittery pumpkins are everywhere.

This cleverly dressed skull was the other
plate option.  I can't decide which I like best.

Black flatware pieces were chosen for our
Costume Party table.  They are such
a great basic color for creating tablescapes.

It is so easy to create a fun Halloween
table just using a white stack of 
plates with the accent plate on top.

Add the Halloween flair and mystery with
fun plates, napkins and accessories.

If you can't make it to our costume party
(and costumes are definitely required) then
drop by
Purple Chocolat Home
for Trick or Treating.
It's a party here!

I will be posting with

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween Caramel Apples

Tee Hee Hee,
Beulah has a terrible sweet tooth!
Maybe that is why she is near toothless!

Or maybe she lost a few biting into
caramel apples!
Making caramel apples is always a fall
tradition here, so this year Beualah and I made
these Wicked Apples in purple and green!
(To match her face?)

Yikes - scary enough to eat!!

Of course, we had to make some other
varieties, like this Apple Pie caramel apple,
topped with cinnamon sugar,

and this Black and White Chocolate 
Caramel Apple. 

After dipping the apples in caramel, and
letting them cool, I piped on melted candy
discs, using a number 3 piping tip.
To make the cinnamon sugar apple,
sprinkle the sugar mix on right away
after piping the white chocolate.

These were some I made a few years ago.  They 
take a little longer, but were so fun! Click here
to see that post.
There are so many fun options and we
had others too, but these were the ones that
didn't get grabbed and taken or eaten right away.

For the recipe for easy homemade caramel
apples click here.

Little cutie cried and cried until she got
one of the Wicked Apples!!  You can
tell she was attracted to the purple and
green - none of the others would do!!!!

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