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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Queen of Halloween

Every year I get the comments that 
I am the
Queen of Halloween.

Well, this year, I felt like one.

I have never had so many fun costumes
and had so much fun
during October!  The many faces
of Mrs. Purple Chocolat Home
(and that doesn't include the Olaf
costume I spent two days making!)

The house was decorated early,
tables were set,
and we had lots of company to enjoy 
the fun.

In addition, we have been able to
run from one fabulous event to another
making this the best October ever!

We have hosted a Halloween Party
for over sixty,

We have tried out new treats and
new crafts to feather our "scary"

We made fun cupcakes that were on our 
bucket list for years,

We got to enjoy Witches' Tea at the Grand America
which is our first time for this at Halloween.
We had so much fun
creating quite a stir as
a Disney cast of characters,

while we enjoyed delicious afternoon tea
or hot cocoa.  The food was all fabulous!

It was so fun to hear, "Oh, can I have a picture
with Ursula, she is my favorite Disney Character?" or
"I want a picture with Snow White!"  or "Maleficent,
can I have a picture with you?"

Of course the cutest was, "Mom, the real
Elsa is here, can I have a picture with her?"

But in the end, I think Ursula
stole the show with her purple face
and waving tentacles!

We went to Witches' Night Out
at Gardner Village with family
and friends and had faces painted,
ate fun food and danced the night
away until our little witchy feet
couldn't take anymore fun.

Camera Shy at Gardner Village took
professional photos - 2 poses for $20 so
we took advantage of that.
The highlight of the season had to be
going to Disneyland for 
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
where the Belles reigned supreme.

In addition we helped with Trick or Treating
down at The Shops At Riverwoods.

Can a girl have more fun than this year?

I doubt it! 

 Now all I have left to do 
is buy candy for over 300 that come
on Halloween Night!

Halloween will never be this fun again!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spiders Under Glass Table


Beaulah and her witchy friends
and I have cooked up 
more Halloween fun than ever this year
in the kitchen and around the house

and today she invited her spider
friends to join us.

Eek, they are everywhere!!
It must be that time of year
when spiders come into the house seeking warmth.

My icky spider plates come
from Home Goods a few years ago.
They really are creepy!

Truth is, I despise real spiders so
why are fake spiders kind of fun!

Maybe because I am not scared of those kinds
and I can even eat some of them.

We even are serving 
Spiders Under Glass
at our spider table.

These horrible spiders carry their
black eggs on their backs.
But their bodies are soft
and deliciously chocolatey.

Oooh, give me the shivers!!

And how about trying to eat
with these boney utensils?

These spooky green spidery 
napkins were made from a runner that
I cut apart and serged the edges
and each one has a different spider
ring as a napkin ring.

 They add a little glitz and glam
to the table.

This spider web piece of fabric
was the inspiration for our
creepy crawly spider table.  I just
purchased 3 yards and had it run from
floor to floor across the table.  It is a
beautiful cutwork piece that I found at
Joann Fabric.  It will be great another year
on the island or the mantel.

Black and green are the color scheme
so I chose my trusty bubble glasses
for the table.

Those spiders have been busy settling
in for the winter winding their web
around my candelabra 

and laying their
eggs in my creepy talon bowls.

They even laid more eggs in the
green glass candle holders.

I just hope spiders don't
come down into our hair
while we are eating!  

They are leaving imprints and
inviting their friends everywhere.

But - - at night is when they really like
to come out and play.

Just hoping that these are the only
spiders that invade my house!

Have a fun-filled Halloween 
this Friday Night.

I will be bringing these spiders 
to party at

Tablecloth fabric - Joann Fabric
Green chargers - Hobby Lobby
Green boneware - Zurchers
White plates - Tai Pan
Spider Plates - Home Goods
Spider rings - Gardner Village
Goblets - Tai Pan
Cloches - Tai Pan
Candelabra - Home Goods
Talon bowls - Target
Spider decanter - Home Goods
Black gloves - Target
Spider bracelet - Gardner Village


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