Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Giving Thanks Tablescape

Where did November go?  It always seems
like November is one of the shortest months
of the year, especially when we have an early
Thanksgiving like we do this year.

It is still warm and wonderful here, perfect days
for working in the yard, so I decided to bring
some greenery in from the yard to brighten
up our Thanksgiving table.

I bought these plates a couple of years ago,
with the coordinating salad plates from Home Goods.
They are stunning white plates with gold lettering
saying "Eat, drink and be thankful" and "Give Thanks".
What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving that
involve giving thanks?

I laid a snowy white fur runner down the center 
of the table and filled it with greenery,
gold pumpkin shaped candles and figurines,
and some of my last roses from the garden.

I used my gold twig flatware from Pier 1 again,
with woven gold placemats.

These beautiful cream and gold napkins
tuck under a bread plate that is white
and gold chevron.

Did you know an easy way to teach your family
which bread plate is theirs?  Make a letter b
with your left hand for bread and a letter d
with your right hand for drink.  They fit perfectly
on their right side of the plate if your hands
were the markers for the bread and the drink
and a plate sat between.

We have had these gold goblets for years
and years and they always feel right for 
the holidays.

I created this Caramel Pumpkin Spice Trifle
for a dinner party this week, and it makes
the perfect centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table.
I will be posting the recipe on my next blog post.

As the world gets browner outside, having a little
green on the table really adds a nice touch.

The ceramic pumpkins and pumkin
candles all came from Home Goods
this year too.

I have never been a fan of pumpkin pie - it is the
texture - but I love pumpkin desserts,
and this is a perfect Thanksgiving or fall
dessert.  It has all the flavors of wonderful fall.

There are so many things to be thankful for at
this time of year and year round.  I hope
you all are filled with joy and gratitude
this Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Disney's Heroes and Villains Party

Cinderella and Prince Charming
welcome you to a
Disney Heroes and Villains Party
at their magical castle.

From the moment this castle at 
Wadley Farms was being built,
we wanted to throw a big party.

When Cinderella goes to so much effort,
and asks everyone to wear a costume,
she is quite serious, and Darth Vader guarded
the door to make sure all were in costume.

My magical daughter in law hand painted
the entrance sign.

Cinderella of course presented her famous
glass slipper atop a lovely pumpkin.

This fabulous cricut design on the pumpkins
was purchased on Etsy from Custom Goods Store
for only $1.49.  You will see it again in our decor.

The original invitation looked like this.
The one above was a reminder sent out on the
day of.  My niece made this one and Cinderella
made the castle one.

With such a large venue as the Wadley Farms
Castle, we wanted a lot of people, and we
wanted children to bring the magic, so friends
and family and their children and grandchildren
were invited.

Prince Charming awaits his guests!

We had the table linens and chair covers 
provided by Wadley Farms.

Cinderella provided the runners and Disney
themed centerpieces, along with candy
at each table to munch on.

She found her perfect carriage pumpkin
this year at Home Goods, and the glass slipper
was on a rotating mirrored pedestal.

Each table had a Disney themed centerpiece
and glittered votives with electric candles.

Cinderella has always been fascinated 
with Disney Villains (always fun to play
the part of a Villain) so she had plenty of
items lying around her place to decorate tables with.

Does this remind you of Lumiere?
Simply gold plastic flatware glued
into a silver candelabra.  The glue came
out very easily.

Cinderella has a large collection of
Villain dolls, and she sacrificed by taking
this one out of the display box.

Hook and Crock nutcrackers!

Mickey and Minnie magnetic salt and pepper shakers.

An Alice in Wonderland teapot from Disneyland,
and miniatures from Fancy Flours.

A ceramic castle in a Paris themed cloche -
representing Cinderella's fondness for
Disneyland Paris.

The gold flecked burlap runners were used at
my son's wedding dinner this summer.
The Disney castle was cut out again using
the same design as the pumpkin and one
was attached to each side of the runners.

One of Cinderella's little Elsa's.

We had a cooked to order pasta bar that
was served.  It was absolutely delicious and
fun to watch.

The food at Wadley Farms Castle was amazing.
Chef Craig was a bundle of energy and we
got to have a food tasting with him.  Everything was

Our guests "wolfed" it down.

Better than any tea party.

Even Ursula and Flotsam and Jetsam
enjoyed the food, the party, the prizes
and the dancing.

The Charmings had an assortment of Disney
prizes, which were given out throughout
the night. 

 I have to admit that Prince Charming
was charmed by a few young Disney fans,
and slipped a prize or two into their hands
as they stared longingly at the prize they

The setting was perfect for stunning pictures,
inside and out.
The lighting outside was perfect
when this Cinderella and her
prince arrived.

We were impressed with all of the costumes.

Star Wars was a popular Disney theme.

We started the dancing with Father/Grandfathers
and Daughters/Granddaughters dancing to
a magical Disney song, and followed
with Mothers and Sons or Grandmothers
and Grandsons. 
Next it was a couples' dance and then
everyone danced.
Children loved dancing, and that got
parents dancing too.  Our favorite was 
my granddaughter's suggestion -
The Cupid Shuffle. It is a
super easy line dance.  Try it at your next
party to get everyone dancing.

Another group of Cinderella's little ones.  
Love the BB8.  It was on wheels and
had a remote button to move it.

There she is up close.

Mr. and Mrs. Potatoe Head attended,
and they are happy as ever.

Anna and Kristoff are engaged to be
married after the first of the year (really!)

This dalmation said he had never been excited
to dress up for a party before, but he was
giddy all day.  Maybe it is because he is with
such a stunning and sweet Cruella.

These are just a few of the many wonderful costumes we
had.  Around 150 attended.

Cinderella and her granddaughter were in matching
dresses.  What a fun dress to dance in.  

There were tons of great costumes.  This couple had authentic 
outfits from Guadalajara Mexico, where he served as a
Mission President for our church.

Girlfriend shot!

This is my niece who always helps with my
graphics design.  I didn't even recognize her
as Sadness.

As Prince Charming was dreaming of this
party, he dreamed of a sword fight for
entertainment somewhere in the middle
of the party.  Dark and Jack went at it 
with lasers.  Of course Darth used the Force
to win.  This battle made Prince Charming's
(You can see the sword fight on my Instagram. 
I couldn't get it to load properly here.

Thanks for joining us at our Castle
for the best party we have ever given.

It was truly a dream party with
Wadley Farms, and our guests provided
all of the magic.

Cinderella will be posting 
this magical party with

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