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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Table in Paradise

Despite all of the hurricane damage
in our home in Cabo, 
we didn't lose
any glassware or plates.  We were
blessed to have as little damage as
we did.

I spent 3 weeks here in January enjoying
the change in weather and celebrating
my birthday.

When we were cleaning out the garage
after all of the damage, I found two of
these decked out starfish and I just
had to feature them on our table.

I love how someone bejeweled
these little guys.

Today's table is on the lookout that
is off the living room and has 
views on all sides.

You get a great view down to the ocean
from here.  It is such a beautiful spot
and is stunning with the flowers
in bloom.  I love being surrounded
by flowers year round here.

It is so much fun to have traditional
plates and glassware to eat off of
so we have filled the house with
local items.

We always love to shop at
Artesanos.  This is my second 
set of plates from there.

The glaze has raised details that make
them really fun.

This is a faux stone top table
that fits six to eight.  It is a favorite
spot for breakfast.

I gathered accessories from around
the house to make our seaside centerpiece.

Two kinds of cobalt glassware,
also from Artesanos which is located
right outside of town along the 
frontage road are used for today's table.

Artesanos also has lots of pewter
but I brought these pewter napkin
rings and the napkins from home.

I have had these for a few years but
this is the first time I used them.

There is nothing like eating in the fresh
air, especially when you know it is 
freezing at home.  

Fill one of these up with 
fresh squeezed orange juice
and enjoy the sound of the ocean
and the breezes as you forget about 
any cares at home.

I joke and say that when I celebrate
my birthday in a warm climate,
I don't age!!

(Thanks to my friend Aly for some of these

I will be sharing this little bit of paradise

Monday, January 19, 2015

Como Va En Cabo?

After Hurricane Odile, our house in Cabo
was still standing,
although the paint was a little torn up
and the palm trees were stripped.

We sit on top of about a 300 foot cliff
on the edge of the Pacific with windows
on all sides so we were a target for
the 125 plus mile an hour winds.

Our property manager got over the next
day and this was what our living room 
looked like.  The windows were all blown
out.  Some sliding windows had the frames
blown out of the walls but were laying on the
floor intact with no glass broken.

The bluish glass on the floor was our round
table top for the dining table.

 These are blinds shredded and blown
in from another room.

Solid wood doors were blasted apart.

This was the kind of mess he drove through to
go check on the house.

This was the mess left in the marina.

Our property manager said that he would
have the glass back in a week and that they
would be able to have the house up and
running in a month and they were true to
their word.
He knew the hurricane was coming and
he went to the bank and got cash, then he
went to the glass company and paid him
for windows.  When he told us he would
have windows back in a week, we thought
he was crazy as there are tens of thousands
of windows missing in Cabo, but because
of his forethought, he was able to do just
as he said.

I just spent a few weeks there and as you
can see, the windows are all back, and
the house is up and running, thanks to 
a wonderful property manager.

All of the outdoor furniture and cushions
had been placed inside the house, but
with hurricane force winds, you can have 
all of the things in the house blown away too.

Our master bedroom which is on the lower level
had the mattress and bedding blown out the
window and it landed on the opposite side of
the house, up one floor in front of the garage.

The bedding was hanging from palm trees, all
shredded and destroyed.

What can be a beautiful paradise can turn
into a nightmare.  Our property manager and
his family spent 6 hours huddled in the
bathroom while the storm raged around them.

Fortunately the structure stood!  Homes here
are made of cement and most which were 
properly reinforced with rebar sustained little
structural damage.  It would have been a shame
to have damage to these amazing ceilings.

Fortunately with all of the flying glass our furniture
didn't receive much damage either.  

The dining room glass has been replaced.

The hurricane destroyed the
doors so we needed to replace those
and that motivated us to
make some improvements on the rest of
the wood in the home.  All of the vanity
and closets were updated to this lovely dark

This was the previous wood and we love 
the improvement.

Here is a picture of the built in closets
before.  Some of the louvers were falling apart.

Here are the closets after.  They did such a nice job.

All of the bedding needed to be replaced
but there wasn't much fabric available
after the hurricane, so I sent fabric
down and had pillows and throws made in bright
tropical colors.

All of the window coverings were replaced
and improved too.


 We added a few new accessories
as many of those were destroyed.

We plan to replace the kitchen
cabinets to match the rest of the wood
when we get a chance.

The flowers always get destroyed in a
storm, but they are back and in full bloom.

We go walking on the beach every day and 
were lucky enough to see baby turtles
make their trek to the sea.

Our favorite stores were still there.

And our favorite restaurants were all open too.

Cabo is back and doing well!

The Marina is up and running.

And even the mermaids have returned!

What we learned from this hurricane




Mother nature is tough and she
is brutal on everyone.  Be a little

I will be sharing this with 


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