Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mrs. Claus's Christmas Soda

Mrs. Claus wants to share her favorite Christmas soda
with you, if you are looking for something festive
for the little ones on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

This one is so simple, you will love it.

Mrs. Claus's Christmas Soda

1/8 C. Torani Flavored Syrup - Raspberry or Strawberry
(Mrs. Claus prefers something red)
Ice Cubes
1 Can Sprite, or Diet Sprite, if the elves are watching their calories
Whipped Cream (in the can)

Put ice in a tall glass.  Cover with 1/8 C. Torani Syrup.  
Add the Sprite, filling almost to the top. 
 Top with a generous serving of whipped cream.  

The whipped cream begins to melt into the drink, making
three beautiful layers.

Serve with red striped straws.  

Drink this anytime you want to feel a lift at Christmas.

(Often known as Italian Soda, but Mrs. Claus loves it so much,
she renamed it up in the North Pole.)

(To serve up to her little army of elves!)
It is so fun being in Germany now
where so many of our Christmas
decorations stem from.

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