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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bunnies in the Grass Cupcakes

Tomorrow is our big annual
 Easter Egg Hunt
and these Bunny Bum cupcakes
are going to be perfect for the lunch.

Bunny Bottom Cupcakes
Just make your favorite cupcake and your favorite 
white frosting.  

Butter Frosting
1/2 C. softened butter
4 C. powdered sugar
1 tsp. almond flavoring
2-3 T. water, milk or cream
(water will give the easiest to use frosting as it
will be a little stiffer, cream will make the softest)

Mix all in a mixing bowl and beat with the
wire whip until smooth and fluffy.  You want
this a little on the stiff side so that you can pipe it
and it will hold its shape.  I choose water when I 
want the frosting to hold its shape better.
Add more or less water as needed depending on
where you live.  We live in the desert west so we often
have to add more liquids to our recipes.

I frosted the tops of the cupcakes and then piped
using Wilton's 233 tip, which looks like grass for
the rabbit fur.  Pipe a little extra for the tail.

For the ears and feet just melt a little white chocolate
(I prefer discs to chips.  I think they melt better and
create a smoother finished product)
and pipe it into oblong shapes for the feet and
long pointed shapes for the ears.  Using a little pink
or red food coloring, color some of the white chocolate
to make the bottoms of their feet and use a toothpick
to make the pads of their feet with the pink.

I made the mistake of doing pink on the 
undersides of the ears, but since they are headed
down into the grass, only the back sides of their
ears should be showing.

Growing up our Easter Bunny always left
 trails of jelly beans and candy 
to help us find the baskets.  Sometimes
the bunny even hopped across our beds - we sure remember
that year.  That tradition continued in our home.

Well, I had better 
hop along
as I have more fun treats to make.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Country Bunny Tablescape

You know how some books that your mother read to you
as a little child just touch you and stay with you forever?

Well this lovely book
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
by Du Bois Heyward
is one of those books for me.  

We didn't have a copy of it when growing up so when
I started having children of my own I wanted so badly
to own a copy of it.  It took a lot of research as I didn't
quite remember the name.  This last year I gave each
of my children a copy to have for their homes.
This edition came with a little charm on the front
cover that is the Little Gold Shoes.

Today's tablescape is built around the Country Bunny.

It is a story of a common country bunny who has 24 little babies
that she has trained to care for everything in the house.

This bunny with a baby on her shoulder reminds me of this
wonderful mother bunny.

I have filled the table center with bunnies, especially
little baby bunnies to represent the bunnies in the book.

The Country Bunny's desire is to become one of the
Easter bunnies who deliver eggs to the children, so
our cute polka dot egg cups are filled with candy eggs.

Polka dot edged plates in pink and green make up the
place setting today.

The center of the plates feature a cute little country bunny
nestled in spring flowers.

Little square polka dot side dishes have a glittering
egg nestled on them.

Green bubble glasses are at each place setting.

I love these little foil covered bunnies that look like
they are chocolate bunnies ready to unwrap.  This little
baby is trying to pick up an egg that is his size.

This cute baby bunny has wings and sits on a rocker.

Pink and green napkins are layered together to pick up the
colors of the plates.  I think pink and green is such a pretty
color combination.

All kinds of bunnies and eggs fill the table from Mama bunnies
to baby bunnies.

If you haven't read this book, check it out.  Aren't they they
cutest, most well-behaved babies you have ever met?

As she goes to try out to be one of the Easter bunnies she must appear
at the 
Palace of Easter Eggs
Grandfather bunny.

Everyone laughs at her because she is just a little country
bunny not one of the long legged jack rabbits.  She proves to
them that she can be fast and that her little ones can care for the
home because she has trained them so well.

My favorite part of the book is when she tries and tries to reach
this little child who has been sick for over a year.  She fails
time and time again and finally Grandfather bunny appears
to her and makes her his Gold Shoe Easter Bunny and
with the gold shoes she can jump high enough to bring
the little boy his egg.

Mother Cottontail returns home just as dawn breaks to
bring Easter eggs to her children.

 Her home can always be recognized by the little gold shoes 
hanging in her cottage.

I hope you enjoyed 
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
table with me today.

I will be posting with

Green and pink plates - Home Goods
Ruffled place mats - Home Goods
Napkins and rings - Home Goods
Green polka dot square plates - Home Goods
Egg cups - local grocery store
Green goblets - Tai Pan
White chargers - Z Gallerie
Bunnies - Home Goods, Tai Pan
Book - Amazon.com
Flatware - Tuesday Morning

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did Someone Say Peeps?

Marshmallow peeps are so cute and come in such 
fun spring colors, but I have to admit that I 
haven't ever loved to eat them.  They are a hit
with the family so I buy them every year.

I saw these white chocolate dipped ones all
over the internet and since they looked so cute
I thought I'd give them a try.

Guess what?  A little dip in white chocolate really takes
the taste of marshmallow peeps over the top.

Yes, I really liked them.  I couldn't stop eating them.

Here they are presented in the baskets I have had for
my children for at least 20 years.  I have no idea where
I found these, but I have carefully protected them
over the years with their delicate wicker ears.

Talk about a fun and easy project to do with the kids.
My daughter and I whipped these up in just minutes.

White Chocolate Dipped Peeps
Melt 2-3 C. white chocolate discs in the microwave 
using a microwave safe dish and stirring every 30 seconds.
If you want to read my tutorial on melting chocolate in
the microwave click here.

Stir until smooth.  Use a kitchen shears to cut the peeps
apart.  Then holding them gently by the heads, dip their
bottoms in the melted white chocolate.  Scrape the excess
chocolate off the bottom and then sprinkle with desired
candy sprinkles or sugars.  Place on a piece of
parchment paper to dry.

They really like a little dressing up too.

Bag them up as little neighbor gifts.

Even if you are not a huge marshmallow peep fan give this a try.
They are cute and delish.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glittery Easter Tablescape

Silver glittery Easter Eggs inspired an unusual 
twist on this Easter Tablescape.  
They are hanging from the chandelier,

and are nestled on the table.

Silver and white are thus the color scheme of this 
dressy Easter table.

White and silver always add an elegance and together they
create an unexpected holiday table.

The eggs look so elegant nestled in footed bowls with
Spanish moss tucked in.

Our sweet silver and white bunny looks over the
table with approval.

She just has the cutest face

and she carries her goodies in her glittery Easter basket.

She is standing on a tray that also has a few silvery
glass eggs scattered around it.

These silvery glass eggs were the beginning of this
table as I found them early in the season at
Home Goods.  I don't think I had ever seen silver
Easter eggs before, especially jeweled ones.

More are nestled in the mercury glass urn.  

Don't you just
love the jewel encrusted tops of the eggs.  They 
would be gorgeous hanging on a tree too.

I carried the silver and white theme
through the glasses with
my pewter goblets and my bubble glasses.

Bunny's little Spring sign she carries matches the 
glittery eggs perfectly.  They look like they were made
to go together.

Silver beaded square place mats and fancy silver plated
flatware add to the elegant table.

I created napkin rings out of crystal flowers that I found
and used them with white and silver trimmed napkins.

Are you getting started on Easter?
I hope this unique table inspires you .
We are just beginning to decorate and this table was a great way
to get me going.

Come join Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen for her new
party Let's Dish where she's going to celebrate each week
table and dish related things - (Oh, that just feeds into
my addiction doesn't it!!!!)

I will be celebrating by posting with

White plates- Tai Pan
Bubble glasses - Tai Pan
Placemats - Home Goods
Glass eggs - Home Goods
Bunny and glitter eggs - Emporium at Thanksgiving Pt.
Flatware - Horchow
Pewter glasses - gift
Tablecloth - homemade
Napkins - Home Goods
Napkin rings - made from Z Gallerie flowers
Silver salad plates - Z Gallerie
Tray - Tai Pan
Footed bowls - Wal Mart


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