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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Yoga Champion - Oh To Be This Flexible

 Feeling a little stiff with age? 
Imagine being able to move your body like this!
This is my lovely, flexible and very athletic
daughter-in-law Audra.

She just took first place in the Utah Regional yoga
competition and will be traveling to nationals
in March.

A very talented photographer and friend Nicole Hill
took this and other photos of Audra in her studio.
The lighting is so amazing and don't you love that
Click here to see more of Nicole's unretouched
photos of Audra on Nicole's blog.

These were photos taken after the competition by her
husband, our son.  Audra is a mother of two.  She
had to complete a certain number of required poses
in a set time period.

This one he took before she had completed it, her feet
actually come up onto her forehead.

What an incredible athlete! We are so proud of her.

You can watch the entire 3 minute routine at the competition
I don't care how young I was, I could never do
this.  She is amazing.


The Sewing Loft said...

Ugghhh!! My back cracked just looking at these pictures!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Absolutely beautiful! The photography is stunning too! Kerri

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Wow, I'm tired just looking at the still photos:@) I agree Jacqueline, what an amazing athlete and beautiful woman! Congrats and best wishes in the competition!

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

She is truly amazing and BEAUTIFUL! Good luck!

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh my stars! I would be in traction if I even half-way attempted any of these poses. :-)

She is gorgeous and extremely talented! I can only imagine the pride all of you have. Please give her my congratulations for such an incredible talent.


Sue said...

Wow! I watched the video, and I am amazed at her strength, poise and control! Amazing! I felt like I was going to start cramping just watching her:) The still photos are so beautiful! When I saw the top photo (from your blog) on my dashboard as a thumbnail, I thought it was something made out of chocolate:) Congrats to your daughter-in-law!

Red Couch Recipes said...


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Wow, what a blast from the past......I actually used to do those kind of things way back when. Now it's so bittersweet to see youth like that, and to realize my poor, old, battered body will never move like that again. No it's not a pity party, just reminding myself that at one time in my life I actually could do that. It's better to have been able to do that, then to never have done it at all. I was in gymnastics and I blew out my left knee at 15, which started a whole snowball effect of ailments. Now that I'm 50, it all seems like it was a dream. God Bless your daughter in law, and may she always stay in good health and form.


nicole hill gerulat said...

ahhhh... thanks, Jackie! She's amazing.

scrambledhenfruit said...

Wow! Strength, balance and flexibility- amazing!

lyn. said...

I am speahless...

Lavender Cottage said...

I am in awe of these poses. When first taking yoga with other ladies 55+ the instructor expected us to do some pretzel twisting and we flatly refused. She got the hint to keep it simple and I've enjoyed yoga this way since.
Congratulations to your daughter.

Charlene said...

OMG!!!!!!! GOSH GOSH!!!!!! Audra is amazing. I am so stiff I can not even begin to imagine. You must be so proud. Have a wonderful week. HUGS!

Sarah said...

Jacqueline, just finished watching the video of Audra. Totally amazing! I took yoga for some time but could never do anything close to this. I'm pretty flexible for someone my age, but certainly not a pretzel. LOL

All the best to Audra in the nationals. She is a beautiful and talented young woman. I know your family is proud of her.

Read Joni's recent post. I'm sad for the loss in your family. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.
Hugs ~ Sarah

Tanya said...

Wow! And ouch!

lostpastremembered said...

OK, I give... that was amazing. I wish I could do half as well. Yoga keeps you young, doesn't it?

I love the rug too... reminds me of one I have coveted for a while... padded felt ... sewn together with big yarn.. looks amazing.

Red Couch Recipes said...

I was just doing research on this and thought well I will check if her blog is back...thank heavens it was! I can't imagine what happened! When you get back let's talk about your exporting your blog. Joni -- Very Relieved!

The White Farmhouse said...

Congratulations to Audra! I have found myself in some of those positions, but it is usually proceeded by falling down and totally unintentional. It also takes a small army of midgets to get me out of that position too.

I was starting to freak out yesterday. It said your blog was GONE! I was in a panic all day!

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Amen! Oh she is something else. I hope to achieve this kind of physical perfection in the next life.

Congrats on her award and competition. I'm sure your whole family is so proud of her.

Aledia said...

She is truly amazing!!
Just wanted to let you know that you have a blog award waiting for you today over at my blog so check it out when you get the chance! :)

Life with L said...

She is amazing. How flexible she is. It was a pleasure to look at those lovely photos. I am sure you are as proud as can be. To be young again....but even being young, I could never do that. Thanks for sharing....Linda

Beth said...

Audra is an amazing talent! Yoga is really great for your body and mind. I enjoyed this post, Jacqueline.
Blessings, Beth

Manni said...

WOW!!! I wish I could do that, my body is hurting by just looking at her. Thats is amazing!!!! I do yoga, but not that kind :)lol!!!
Have a great weekend

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

That's increidble! I can't even dream of doing that yet...I'm still doing the basic pilates positions..not even yoga!

SavannahGranny said...

I just watched the video. This is awesome. I can't fathom anyone being able to move like this. And she is so beautiful and graceful. I know you are so proud of her. Hugs, Ginger

Lisa said...

Congrats to her! That is seriously incredible. Wish I had that kind of flexibility.

Lilianna Grace said...

I read this the day you posted it. It has been engrained in my brain ever since. How beautiful is she? She is truly an inspriation. I have recently taken up yoga and can't imagine EVER doing those poses! Thanks for sharing this post with us. :)


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