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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bleach Pen Fun

Most mothers would say, "Don't play with that bleach
pen and don't get it near dark fabrics."

But I am going to tell you to get it out and
to have some fun with it.

My good friend Lila taught the Young
Women at our church this fun and
artistic design method.
See her fabrics and patterns
by clicking here.

She is now designing for Riley Blake.
Here is a peek at one of her new fabrics
she is showing on her site.

Isn't she talented?

We love having her teach us new ideas.

You can use this to repair holes or just to decorate.

On this pair of jeans
 I tried to check for large rips
that were manufacture made before I bought them,
 but on this pair
I switched them out for another design on the
pockets and forgot to look at the front again
for huge rips.  I am ok with small ones -
see how we give in to fashion
after a while!

The rips were just a little too big for me
and I had purchased them on vacation so
couldn't return them.  I couldn't even get my teenage
daughter to wear them, the holes were too big for her too.

I figured they were
a lost cause, until I heard about this.

I decided to cut them off into shorts, and to use the
bottom legs for the patches.  You could just use
another pair of old jeans to cut a patch.

Hope you can see the penned outline of the leaves.
You might want to draw your design on paper
first and get it the way you want it.

Then using a Clorox bleach pen (use a fresh one so that
it flows smoothly), make your design. 

I like to have a paper towel in hand to catch
any drips by wiping the tip before and
after I draw.

You can let it air dry (like the flower)
or speed it along with a blow dryer.

Then cut the design out leaving a border.

You will need to open the pant leg up to sew
the patch on.  Since I was making shorts I
opened from the bottom, but with pants, just
open as much as necessary. 

Pin and sew in place.
Sew the pant leg closed.
Hem if you need to.

Here's the finished shorts.

(Self portraits are a little difficult.)

You can apply this to t-shirts also.
I did an internet search for swirl designs
then practiced it until I felt confident that
I could make it.

Insert a large piece of foil or wax paper inside
the garment so the bleach doesn't seep through.

You didn't have to do this on the jean fabric
because it is so thick.

I chose a previously worn black t-shirt.

I drew this one with a silver marker since the
fabric was so dark.

Draw over the design with the bleach pen.

Let the shirt sit until you have reached the
desired amount of bleaching.

Black takes quite a while.
Rinse in cool water
and wash and dry.

If you do make a drip, incorporate
it into your design.

I dripped, so then I decided to add
decorative dots.

Can you tell which dot is an accident?

I have a new outfit to wear today.

Have fun, the designs and applications are endless.

I think I will do a turquoise t-shirt next.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fruit Pies In A Jar

It's back to school and even though the weather doesn't
feel like Fall, I start wanting to bake.


I saw these adorable fruit pies showcased by Yvonne
at  Stone Gable and have
wanted to try them ever since.  Click to get her
complete instructions and see hers, which are much prettier
than mine.  Everything Yvonne makes is beautiful.

I had the funniest experience as I made these cutie pies.  I
was absolutely giddy while putting them together.  I don't
think I have ever been that excited about baking something
before.  I think it was because they were so darling.

You simply press pie dough into a small mason jar and fill

with pie filling, seal it with a top and bake.

Yvonne's Pie in a Jar

4 - 4 oz. mason jars
pie dough (She recommends Martha
Stewart's pie crust.  I cheated and used
thawed Marie Callendar's frozen pie dough.)
2 C. fruit
2 T. sugar
2 T. flour
1 T. butter (I omitted this)
I also added a sprinkling of cinnamon in the
and 1 few drops of almond flavor in the
cherry filling

1 egg
sanding sugar

Press dough into clean mason jars.  Add filling and
top with butter.  Seal with a top crust.  Cut vents.
Mix egg with a little water and brush tops with
egg mix to make sugar stick.
Sprinkle with dusting sugar.

Place on a baking sheet to catch drips.  Bake at 375
for 40-45 minutes.

I made two kinds, strawberry rhubarb


Fresh Bing cherries.

Flute the edges and cut some small vents then
top with sugar crystals.

Or use a small cookie cutter to make a vent.

Place on a cookie sheet to catch drips.

Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes or until
golden brown.

My husband said he didn't really crave either of the fruit choices
so the next day I made him a mini pecan pie.

These are really a treat for those of you who love crust!

Eat while warm.  These were so fun and delicious.

We were actually going out to dinner with friends,
but I brought one in the car with extra spoons so we
could have a little "appetizer".

Both fruit pies were a lovely shade of dark pink
for Pink Saturday.

I have a pillow that says, "Life is short, eat dessert first."

I try to follow that advice whenever I can.

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Thanks Yvonne for the wonderful inspiration.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stormy Seas Tablescape

I designed this elegant tablescape to be
reminiscent of stormy seas
with gray skies and pounding surf.

Set on a black tablecloth with silver organza topper.

I started by layering textured whites and topped
them with a shell plate.

Then a starfish plate was added.

I even brought out the sterling silver tonight.
I chose Kirk Steiff Old Maryland Engraved
when I got married.  Our parents gave us each
4 placesettings when we married and another
one each year at Christmas until we had 12.
I chose to leave it unengraved.

Pewter goblets were chosen and also other
sea themed pewter.

Of course every sea captain needs a lantern.
This one dresses the table up a bit.

The silver organza remind me of the tossing surf.

This black tablecloth is 120 inches and made of polyester
so it is easy to care for.  You can find these at
for amazing prices (this was on sale for $14.95) and
it washes up so easily.
The organza toppers are incredible prices too.

Linens - linentablecloth.com
Shell dishes and shell themed pewter - TJ Maxx
White patterned dishes - Tai Pan
Pewter goblets - a gift
Pewter shell bowl - Cabo

It will be my pleasure to post this with

Between Naps on the Porch
for another

If you love tablescapes, come and visit her
and see all of the beautiful creations this week.

I am also posting this with
The Style Sisters
Centerpiece Wednesday.


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