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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Dream Kitchen - A Tour

Many have asked if the picture in my header is my kitchen.
It is mine.
We remodeled our kitchen a little over 5 years ago.

We designed and built this house 19 years ago and
had wanted to remodel the kitchen a few years before
we got around to it. 

To tell the truth, I was scared to death to live through
a remodel.  We had built and sold our whole lives
and had never lived in a house past 2 years and 9 months.
Now our children were at the age they didn't want
to move and we loved our neighborhood so we have
put down roots.

We kept toying with the idea but it wasn't until one
day my neighbor Mimi suggested that we meet with
her kitchen designer, Randy, that we jumped in with
both feet.

He gave us such wonderful drawings that we
decided we could do this!

Pardon the mess, had I known I was going to blog this "before"
photo, I would have had the kids clean up their snack.

This was in the era of the whitewashed maple.

Here is the view of the same corner.  We had a huge pantry
in that corner measuring 7x10 feet.  My husband said it
was so big I didn't know what was in there.  We took it
out and it changed the dimension of our kitchen.

Without adding any physical space we now had a huge kitchen.

You can see all of my beautiful goblets were still on display
in this corner.  I hated the desk as it always seemed messy
but I did love a place to store my over 200 cookbooks.

The desk was replaced with this fun
"kitchen gadget".

I had always wanted a fireplace in the kitchen and as
we went to the fireplace store my husband said, "What
about a pizza oven?"  Of course they didn't have
one but he came home and got on line and we had soon
ordered an Italian made pizza oven imported by

Andrea Mugnaini lives in California and imports these
wonderful ovens that can be installed in the inside of
your home or outside.  She offers classes on how to use
your oven and she even sponsors classes in Tuscany
several times a year.

We had the opportunity to go to Tuscany and take a week
long cooking class on cooking in this wood fired oven.
I will blog about that later.  It was such a fun trip
and we came home wanting to do more cooking classes
around the world (hasn't happened yet, but hopefully...)

Of all the things we did in our remodel, we love our
pizza oven the best.  We make pizza about 3 times
a month in it and it is the married kids most requested
meal.  We set up the ingredients around the bar and
it is make your own night.  We have served 70 pizzas
in one night for our church's lady's organization -
Relief Society.  Those women can eat!

I will blog about the pizza parties later too. 

It also houses my cookbooks, goblets and if you
can see through the metal grates, 
 my machine for
melting and dipping chocolates.

Here we have the upper cabinets emptied and down.
When I think of the dishes I gave away to "simplify"
not knowing I would become a tablescaper, I am
a little sick, but I sure gained storage space for more

Here is the same view of that wall, now with separate
fridge and freezer and the smaller pantry.

This beautiful island opens on the back side (when you move
the chairs) and has tons of storage for my dishes.

I can thank our neighbor Keith for this beautiful island.
He came over to look at our plans and give us advice.
He said we didn't want to build the island as we had
planned and took us to see his and to show us all
of the storage on the backside of his.

He convinced us.  Keith is incredible at home design
and we love him for helping us make our kitchen better.

These beautiful Murano hand blown glass chandeliers imported
from Venice were ordered on line.
Click here - Gallery 802 to see them.
Having been to Venice, the prices there are outrageous,
but these chandeliers cost about the same as the
hand blown glass bowl I brought home.

They were so inexpensive - under $200 each that my
husband was sure they weren't UL rated, but they were
and they have been great.  I love having little pieces
of Italy in my Italianate kitchen.

This is an action picture of my son running to throw his
body against the sheet rock.  They had too much fun
in demolition mode!

So the kitchen went down to the studs.  Our 8x8 sliding
doors were moved.

This incredible baking center took the place of the
sliders.  Our kitchen designer made each piece
look like a freestanding piece of furniture.

My good friend Paula who painted the canvas in
the gazebo painted the design on this piece.

We have an incredible view to the mountains but had
a bank of 4 small windows to look out.  We had
been to a homeshow a few years earlier where they
had a curved glass wall of windows.  I suggested
that to the kitchen designer and he poo pooed
that idea.  The day this wall came out, he came
over and saw the stunning view and said he was
wrong.  I ran upstairs and found the picture of the
curved glass wall.  He quickly agreed.

So without structurally changing the house, we picked
up 3 more feet in the kitchen here with the curved
glass.  We got several bids.  One was twice the
amount, so it paid to get a couple of bids.

I don't have a picture, but this was a broom closet.
Now it houses the phone and mail center so no
one ever has to see the paper mess.
The middle drawer has ribbons and cellophane
for gift wrapping.
The bottom drawer has placemats and napkins.

This bank of hand painted lockers replaced the
back side of the broom closet and our back entry.

Oh, now that most of the kids are gone, these could
hold more dishes!

We added a kitchenette in the basement so we
could eat while remodeling.
  It had a dishwasher, fridge and microwave
that also baked.  We didn't add a stove top so for
nine months we used an electric wok.  Did you
know that you can boil spaghetti and cook hamburgers
in an electric wok?  It worked incredibly well.
Of course, we grill year round even in the snow,
so we didn't starve.

We did the main floor, kids baths, and upper hall
in that 9 months.  It took us a couple years to do
our bath and bedroom and the kids carpets (we knew
what mess we would be getting into).  I am so glad
that we did the remodel.  We love every bit of it.

In later posts I will show you more of the main
floor changes.  We went from contemporary to Old World
and although elegant it is very warm and welcoming.

This window is what provides the natural light
for my blogging photos.  We love round tables
and don't have anything but round in our home.
This will be where I will be doing many tablescapes
now that summer is ending.

It was a designer's dream project.  It was hard to live
through, but we are so glad we did it.

Hope you enjoyed your tour.

I will be posting this with
Between Naps On The Porch

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Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow! Stunning! Just stunning!
I love it!
Everything came out so wonderful!
Thank you for sharing the pics!

april said...

Oh my gosh! A "dream" kitchen for sure! Absolutely breathtaking, Jacqueline. I would be sitting at that window all day. I again came across your comment on my blog and thank you so much.

Sherrie said...

I am in love with your kitchen! TFS your gorgeous and amazing kitchen transformation.

Lisa said...

Your 'dream' kitchen is now my 'dream' kitchen. Absolutely STUNNING!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm lovin' your wall of windows and look forward to seeing the tablescapes created there!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my, everything is just exquisite. Stunningly beautiful. I would be in heaven. Hugs, Marty

Gypsy Heart said...

I would absolutely be in heaven in this kitchen! It is just gorgeous and perfect in every way. I adore the rounded windows and view. I'm not sure I would leave this area to be in the rest of the house! :-)
Thanks so much for sharing ~


Allie and Pattie said...

Spectacular Jackie! The baking center and pizza oven are my favorites, but it's all just gorgeous!
xoxo Pattie

Sue said...

WOW! I can only dream...:)

scrambledhenfruit said...

So gorgeous- Especially love the pizza oven! That's a dream kitchen for sure!

Julie said...

Beautiful, what a kitchen! I would love the pizza oven!!

Shelia said...

Oh, my goodness! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I know you're loving it and you are certainly blessed!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susan said...

You have an INCREDIBLE kitchen! That rounded glass wall? F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Wowsers. Susan

Teri said...

This is the most beautiful kitchen - ever!! I am drooling all over my keyboard!

Red Couch Recipes said...

We have eaten many pizzas from your oven and love the pizza oven the best. Of course, it is all beautiful and it was fun to hear about some the decision making that went into it. It really is a beautiful kitchen. I also love the bowed window. Joni

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Your new kitchen is beautiful. The wall of windows is perfect with that view, and I would love a pizza oven like that! Enjoy! Linda

Tracy F. said...

Truly a dream kitchen---so beautiful! I love the twin crystal chandeliers---eye-popping!

Marlis said...

Wow that went from normal to wonderful. Nine months sounds like a long time, but having lived through building a new house, it all makes sense. Thanks for sharing, you truly have a dream kitchen. Your curved window is ingenious. It all came together so beautifully. congrats!!

xinex said...

Oh Jacqueline, your kitchen is gorgeous. It is so elegant. I especially love the floor to ceiling window in the breakfast area...Christine

Blue Creek Home said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! It looks like one in the pages of the best interior books and magazines.


Blondell said...

This is the most beautiful kitchen renovation that I have ever seen. You are a lucky lady. I also have visited Italy and just loved it. Thanks for sharing all your photos.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your kitchen is now gorgeous...absolutely stunning! I love the cabinets, pizza oven and the rounded glass is fantastic.
Definitely magazine worthy.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I can't seem to shut my mouth...could I just move in with you?


Miss Merry said...

You have one of the prettiest kitchens I have EVER seen! It is a dream kitchen! Amazing, the pizza oven, the glass wall, well, everything is so special. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I loved your tour. Simply beautiful and your pizza party had my wiping the drool off the keyboard. Well, the mental drool, at least. I know you will enjoy your new kitchen forever.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kitchen remodel. It is a truly inspiring space to cook now, and I'm jealous. I'm also happy for you, because there's nothing I hate more than someone having a beautiful, gourmet, kitchen and not cooking, or even knowing how to cook. I grew up managing restaurants, and my dream kitchen is 60% stainless steel.


Beth said...

Your kitchen is fabulous, Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing your before and after photos. I enjoyed the tour! Glad you enjoy cooking and entertaining, as your kitchen is made for that.
Blessings and hugs, Beth

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Seriously GORGEOUS!!! Love so many details! Wow! Coming over from bnotp. Nice to meet you! :)

Atticmag said...

Your kitchen is so unique and I adore the pizza oven. It must be so much fun to use that. Looking forward to the pizza parties post.

Did you hear about our $100 value Roxy girls' bedding giveaway? Hope so (it ends tomorrow). Jane F.

Traci said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Really, it's beautiful! I found you from Met Monday.

Esme said...

This is absolutely gorgeous-You did a really lovely job.

Holly said...

My kitchen redo looks like child's play...yours is stunning...designer-perfect. I wish I would have thought of a pizza oven...brilliant!

Tasha Lehman said...

I'm in love! So beautiful! I want my kitchen to have that French country feel and the cabinetry is perfect! Lovely.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

I am blown away by your kitchen. It is simply gorgeous and every detail was thought of. I mean, that pizza oven is just to die for! And I LOOOOVE the chandeliers. The kitchen is especially great because it is unique- you won't find it in another home.

Life with L said...

Ok, Jacqueline...where do I start? this the most beautiful kitchen ever. It's exactly How I would want a kitchen if I had the space and high ceilings.
My husband know how much I wanted to blow out our kitchen. Unfortunately we have a bedroom upstairs, so there goes that idea of higher ceilings. We would have to remove the bedroom. he tells me...next house.
Pizza oven too, my husband would love that. He loves pizza. I love everything you have done. You have created a masterpiece and you deserve it. I am drooling. Linda

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a stunning dream kitchen...thanks for sharing it:)


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, I know you love that gorgeous kitchen. It is hard to live through a remodel. Good thing you had a basement to set up in. Such gorgeous details throughout. I did not know you could order those chandeliers cheaper like that. We went to Venice too and bought a little Murano glass pitcher and glasses set for over $700. Ridiculous, but really wanted it and that was one of the cheapest things we saw. Thank you so much for linking to my party!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

OK girl..Hand over that kitchen and no one gets hurt ha ha!! That is beyond a dream kitchen my friend..I just spend five minutes drooling all over my keyboard...I love the wall of glass or what's not to love about it all...Each piece is like a fine piece of detailed furniture...Give yourself a well deserve pat on the back...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Just gorgeous!!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I have always drooled over your header pic and now to see everything, wow, it is just stunning. I am in awe. Beautiful remodel. Hugs, Marty

ButterYum said...

Fabulous call on that curved window wall... it's not only stunning, but absolutely perfect. I adore your entire kitchen - such a huge improvement over what you had. I could happily live the rest of my days in there, cooking and baking my life away. Bliss.


Jemsmom said...

Oh my heart be still! That kitchen is gorgeous! My in-laws lived in Italy for a while and had a fireplace/oven in their kitchen. Great memories. You have created a showplace! I stopped by from Kim's!

Nancy said...

Dream kitchen could be an understatement! Absolutely stunning, stunning, stunning! Loved the pic of your son crashing into the walls! My boys would love to have participated! ;-)


The Cooking Photographer said...

Holy wow!!!! Ok, when I remodel I want you to help me! I'm seriously terrible at these things.


Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com said...

WOW! I totally love the pizza oven!

Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

Jen said...

I am in love with your kitchen. When my husband and I are ready to buy a home or remodel your kitchen will be my inspiration!

Mrs. Montemayor said...

Oh my, I am speechless! I had to show my husband. And he loved it too!

This really is a DREAM kitchen for me! Hopefully, these pictures stay around when I get to build one of my own...oh say, 15 years! :) Haha!

It truly is beautiful...I don't know how you would ever be able to leave this room. I'm still in awe of it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I just had a chance to look at your lovely kitchen, Jacqueline. Its magnificent! I love the pizza oven feature and your beautiful curved window. It really is a dream kitchen and it is apparent that you enjoy it very much! :)

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

I just found your blog and I'm one of your newest followers and have to say that your kitchen is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! I also can't believe what a wonderful deal you got on your beautiful chandeliers! I am checking out that site right away!

Judy @ Southern Style Home Decor.com said...

Beautiful kitchen! Beautiful isn't even the right word. My favorite is the pizza oven. I have always wanted and my husband makes homemade pizza like three times a week so we definitely would use it! Congratulations on turning your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

Auntie Bliss said...

Ooooo and Oooooo! I'm quite sure we'd all like to have this kitchen!
I've read around here and you are a sweet deserving person :)
I cut my teeth on chocolat too!

Manni said...

I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN.....I'm not yelling because of the caps. It just that is a dream kitchen : D
Thanks for sharing !!

Hanni said...

Wow, that is all what I can say, what a wonderful kitchen, a dream!
I love the curved windows, I have never seen that before, it really fits the part. Whoever did the remodeling, did a wonderful job. It looks so rich, I bet you have alot of fun cooking and entertaining.

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

This is unbelieveable! I am in kitchen envy! The curved window/wall was a stroke of genius. Thank god he agreed to do it for you.

Jodie said...


Thank you so much for the sweet comment! This kitchen is absolutely stunning! And, the pizza oven is amazing! I'm now a new follower, your blog is lovely!

Warm Wishes,

Courtney/Andrew Ennis said...

I have NEVER been brought to tears over a kitchen this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! THIS is what my biggest dreams are made of. IT IS PERFECT!!! I wouldn't change anything at all. This is the most beautiful kitchen i know i will EVER see in my life...AND DREAM!!!!!! I would love to see your whole house... it's something I could only dream of in my BIGGEST dreams. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Designs By Pinky said...

I can't seem to get enough of your blog...and HOME!!! The kitchen is gorgeously amazing!!!!! The stuff BIG dreams are made of! I can't seem to find what state you are in??? Just curious. Since you mentioned your views. Thanks so much for this tour! XO, Pinky

iSavortheWeekend said...

Gadzooks!! That is the most awesomenest kitchen I have ever seen in my life!! I am {{{green}}} with envy. How much fun you must have cooking in it :)

Edy said...

Jackie, it really made my day to see your blog! It is like going home; and remembering your fabulous pizza, I can taste it now, ummm. Your "remodel" really is amazing and your creativity is too. Miss you. Edy

paula said...

WOW! This kitchen is so lovely and adorable. Great place and so inviting! Kitchen, my favorite place in our house, you can always see me in there you can't see me on the other places of the house. :)

Philippine properties

Rachael said...

Wow Your Kitchen is TO DIE FOR!!! Is your house in Utah?

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for the tour! I loved it! A big WOW! Just makes you feel so good! So elegant and so welcoming!
Pink hugs,

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

Okay, I have finally gotten around to reading this! SO amazing! Having lived in Italy and being a pizza making fanatic myself, a kitchen pizza oven is definitely a big part of my dream kitchen. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to visit the pizza oven site. Hoping for a major kitchen remodel soon... fingers crossed :)

Kristel said...

This is by far, the best kitchen in blogland ever!!! Just the view itself is stunning, with the curved glass...just wow. You and your husband have incredible taste. Love every single detail of it. It looks like it came right out of a magazine...and an expensive one at that. I now have kitchen envy ;)

Debbiedoo's said...

OMgosh your kitchen remodel is unbelievable! And an indoor pizza oven to boot. FANTASTIC! I know you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours. I would love for you to send me more dessert pizza recipes!

Colette Joseph said...

Your pizza oven "hutch" is just too cool!


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